Essence: Trend Editions and Permanent Products

Hi ladies, I always like to see what new products are being released overseas in the hopes that they will soon be available to us in S.A and this year I had seen so many exciting new products that Essence have come up with, soon after their release in Germany S.A has brought some of…

Yardley London

Recently Yardley has been launching a lot of new product’s. I remember my mum always being a huge supporter of Yardley product’s and throughout the years she has always purchased the same Yardley lipstick in the same shade ‘Sienna’. I was recently sent a few products to try out and review which are: Yardley London…

Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded Mascara and Magnif’Eyes Mono Eyeshadow’s

Hi my fellow gorgeous secret agents! Today I’ll be sharing Rimmel’s top secret weapon’s with you so you can always look super-stylish when on those top secret mission’s 😉. Find out more about the Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Reloaded mascara and Magnif’Eyes Mono Eyeshadow’s, make-up that won’t budge when you’re under stress. I really like Rimmel product’s…

From Day To Night With Essence

Essence recently launched new Spring/Summer product’s which I have been dying to try out as you all know I’m the biggest Essence fan I absolutely love the quality of their product’s and the affordability. I recieved a few product’s to try out and I bought quite a bit of product’s to add to my collection….

Mii Cosmetics

Poise Brands is the exclusive distributor of Juliette Armand, Mio and Mama Mio skincare in South Africa and has recently launched a new cosmetic brand, Mii Cosmetics. I have used some of the Juliette Armand and Mama Mio products which I absolutely love so I am sure the new cosmetic brand is just as amazing….