Another South African first – proudly local brand continues to commit to innovation during pandemic

The global pandemic led to a surge in demand for PPE and sanitising products and companies had to respond swiftly – and innovatively – in order to keep up with public demand and consumer convenience in the curb to stop the spread of COVID-19. As numbers continue to spike around the globe, these continued issues have spurred manufacturers, the likes of Salil Dhingra and the leadership at EF-Active, to develop new, affordable and accessible products for the consumer.

The proudly South African brand recently released a locally-developed hand cream (the first in South Africa) to combat the effects of frequent hand sanitising and washing, all while leaving hands moisturised and sanitised. The product has been formulated with 70% alcohol and developed to nourish and hydrate irritated and dry skin, creating a water-resistant shield on the skin for longer lasting protection and convenience. The product is paraben and sulfate free and has added benefits of Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

“Consumers who are not accustomed to continuous use of hand sanitisers can now use this daily hand cream, which offers the added protection of sanitizing as well,” comments CEO, Salil Dhingra.

Adding to the conversation, Dhingra adds: “COVID has ultimately changed our perceptions, our ways of living and has shifted ways in which we conduct our businesses. The effects of the pandemic will be felt for many years to come. Having established ourselves within the hygiene sector and taking into consideration that the virus may still be around for a substantial amount of time, our efforts moving forward will be to continue moving along with consumer demands and pushing the boundaries of innovation and manufacturing. We want to continue exploring new ways of capturing the market and to become an established household name.”

EF-Active has already established itself as a trustworthy brand, with an impressive market penetration in South Africa and into Sub-Saharan Africa. “We aim to have consumers engage and share in our investment in keeping us all safe, not only as lockdown restrictions lift but well into the future.”

EF-Active features a growing range of hygiene multi-purpose products which includes uniquely scented aerosol sprays in various sizes; a revolutionary Mistizer for fogging small enclosures in under 20 minutes and more. The products are available at leading retailers including Dis-Chem and Clicks.

Sanitising products will continue to play an integral part in our lives for many years to come and with restrictions lifting across South Africa, the need for continued precautions remains a priority.

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