Creightons Sunshine Blonde

Get salon worthy tresses with Creightons newly launched products.

Looking for a haircare range specifically for your hair type? Creightons (who design, create and manufacture a wide-range of haircare products) recently launched some new and exciting products. Whether you’re looking for intense nourishment and moisture for dry and damaged hair, silky soft locks or colour protection and enhancement, Creightons new and affordable haircare products will ensure salon-worthy tresses every day.

We all know that going blonde requires a lot of maintenance to ensure that the hair stays bright and healthy. With that being said expensive salon products are often needed to maintain the health of your hair and the colour, but is it though? I would like to introduce you to an affordable shampoo and conditioner that can be used as often as needed and won’t damage your hair but maintain your hair’s health and colour – Creightons Sunshine Blonde.

Creightons Sunshine Blonde Extra Moisturising Range

The best way to care for blonde hair is with Creightons Sunshine Blonde haircare products. The Extra Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner contain Pro-Vitamin B5 and Sunscreens to help protect & enhance your colour. They also contain Argan which helps prevent dryness, reduce frizziness and boost shine and Chamomile which strengthens the hair and protects it from getting damaged easily it also keeps the hair clean and fresh. This range rehydrates, brightens and smoothes hair while enhancing natural and colour treated blondes.

I love the bronze, gold, silver fade chrome packaging, it’s eye-catching making it stand out on the shelves and the colour of the packaging emphasises that it is for blonde hair giving golden sunshine results. Each long tube is 250ml with a flip cap that safely secures the product in so there is no leakage. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a beautiful tropical coconut scent that’s long-lasting on the hair (lasts for the whole week).

Creightons Sunshine Blonde Extra Moisturising Shampoo

The shampoo itself is pearlescent, it has a gel texture and not too thick or watery consistency that foams up well and thoroughly cleanses my hair while being gentle on the hair. You would use it as you would any normal shampoo by massaging it through wet hair and then rinsing thoroughly.

My hair feels dry after I rinse off the shampoo but once the conditioner is applied that changes. However my hair feels well cleansed there is no product build up and it feels lighter.

Creightons Sunshine Blonde Extra Moisturising Conditioner

The conditioner is also pearlescent in colour, it has a soft creamy texture that’s not too thick and only a small amount is needed. I made a mistake of using too much the first time and as I brushed the conditioner through my hair it started to thicken up. A small amount goes a long way and every strand of hair is coated evenly once I brush it through as it spreads quite easily. My hair instantly starts feeling soft, light and is a lot more manageable than it was before applying on the conditioner. I feel that my hair sucks up the conditioner as blonde hair often gets very dry and is in need of all the hydration it can get. After thoroughly rinsing the conditioner from my hair my hair is left feeling soft, smooth, manageable and easy to style without breaking.

Overall I’m in love with this range and so glad that I received it to review as it has been a life saver since I went blonde. The shampoo lasted me two and a half months. The conditioner lasts longer as only a small amount is needed. I have since purchased the shampoo as it’s the only affordable product that seems to really work for my blonde hair ensuring that it is manageable, bright, shiny, silky smooth, soft and most importantly healthy. Creightons Sunshine Blonde Extra Moisturising range gives me salon quality results without the salon prices. It is such an affordable range that really works. I highly recommend this range if you are blonde or thinking about going blonde but are scared of the commitment and spending a lot on the maintenance. The results speak for itself!

Creightons products are made with the highest quality formulations and packaging and are available across the globe. They are 100% cruelty-free and where possible their products are vegan friendly and contain natural extracts.

The Creightons Sunshine Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner retails for R99.95.

All Creightons haircare products are available at Dis-Chem.


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