L.A Girl Cosmetics and Palladio

Hi beauty babes! I recently received some L.A Girl and Palladio Products to try out if you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen that I’ve been using these products to create all my makeup looks (one of my pictures is featured on the Palladio Beauty South Africa Instagram page 😊). I received the L.A Girl PRO.prep HD Color Correcting Face Primer, L.A Girl Glow In’ Up Highlighting Jelly, L.A Girl Perfect Precision Lipliner and Palladio 4Ever + Ever Mattifying Loose Setting Powder with Green Tea. These products came just in time as I ran out of primer and setting powder and I was dying to try out the Highlighting Jelly but every time I went to Dis-Chem I couldn’t decide on a shade, the lipliner that I received is the perfect shade of pink, I just love pink on my lips.

I will be telling you about each product in the order that I use them.

L.A Girl PRO.prep HD.color Correcting Face Primer

The new L.A Girl PRO.prep HD.color Correcting Face Primer comes in 5 variants each one prepping the skin for makeup while correcting your skin tone. The nourishing formula contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin B to help hold moisture and improve skin appearance, while Chamomile and Cornflower Extract soothe the skin.

The 5 variants are:

  1. Yellow: which helps correct dullness for healthy, radiant-looking skin.
  2. Green: neutralises redness for an even-looking skin tone.
  3. Cool Pink: brightens skin for an illuminating glow.
  4. Colorless Pro Prep Moisture Nourishing Primer: preps skin for a flawless-looking application.
  5. Orange: cancels out dark spots and hyper-pigmentation for brighter skin.

I’ve always been a fan of L.A Girl’s Pro.prep HD.high-definition Smoothing Face Primer which you can read about here. It is one of the best primers that I have used so I couldn’t wait to try the primer from the new range. I was sent the one that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time, the Cool Pink variant.

The primer comes in a pink 30ml tube, I’m glad that the new range of primers come in bigger tubes as the old one was too small and didn’t last long. The tube has a black twist cap that is not flimsy and safely secures the product in so that it doesn’t leak in your cosmetic bag. The tube has a pointy applicator so you can squeeze out just the right amount needed or you can apply the product directly from the tube straight onto the face. I like to dot the product onto my entire face directly from the tube using the pointy applicator. The primer is light pink in colour and has a slight moisturiser-like scent.

The primer applies on pink but when rubbed in it disappears leaving only a slight glowy finish on the skin making my face look and feel moisturised and healthy. It applies on like a moisturiser spreading easily and it is quickly absorbed. It feels comfortable on my skin and my skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised creating the perfect base for my foundation. My foundation applies on smooth and evenly and also lasts longer. I sometimes like to use the primer on it’s own without any foundation as it gives my skin a healthy luminous glow.

I’m really impressed with the L.A Girl PRO.prep HD.color Correcting Face Primer in Cool Pink not only at how well it performs under my makeup and with my makeup but how good it looks on it’s own. I’m thinking of getting the Colorless Pro Prep Moisture Nourishing Primer next but I think I should get all variants as they will be a great addition to my makeup kit.

The L.A Girl PRO.prep HD.color Correcting Face Primer are R125.00 each and available exclusively at Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

Palladio 4Ever + Ever Mattifying Loose Setting Powder with Green Tea

Palladio 4Ever + Ever Mattifying Loose Setting Powder with Green Tea is a weightless finishing powder – a professional tool for setting makeup and reducing shine. A transparent powder that suits all skin tones is formulated to look invisible on camera. Wear over makeup or on bare moisturised skin for a naturally-matte, light diffusing effect. It takes away the shine, leaves skin smooth and makeup locked in all day. Infused with Green Tea, a natural antioxidant for skin. It is Fragrance-free, non-drying, this formula is safe for all skin types and safe for contact wearers. Infused with Aloe and Ginseng.

I honestly have never tried the Palladio brand before and was curious to see how their setting powder works. I was pleased to see that it’s safe for contact wearers as most powders can irritate my eyes with and without contact lenses.

The setting powder comes in a small 6g tub with a see through bottom, a big black screw top lid which safely secures the product in. When opening the tub there’s a small sticker over the little holes which states that the product is infused with green tea. I love that there’s a protective sticker as it helps prevent the powder from going through the holes and also keeps the product germ free in the store so no one can dip their fingers into it.

To get started you first have to remove the protective sticker, close the tub, turn the tub upside down and give it a little tap on the bottom to get some of the powder through the holes. I like to then spread the powder evenly in the tub by shaking it a bit before opening it up. The powder feels extremely soft, fine and smooth and just melts into the skin. It has a very slight scent.

How to use: Apply a small amount to a fluffy brush, tap off the excess product, and apply to face after applying makeup. Gently press the brush onto skin, using a rolling motion to work the powder in until achieving complete matte coverage. A little goes a long way in applying the product. Focus on the t-zone, this is where oil tends to accumulate the most then do a very light dusting of powder all over your face. For oily skin types, apply a little extra powder in your t-zone.

I also like to use a beauty blending sponge to apply the powder on, take a face cloth or a tissue and squeeze any excess water from your beauty blending sponge so that it’s not damp but not too dry either, then take the pointy side and dip into the powder and apply a thick layer under the eyes after applying on your concealer, apply around the nose, under the cheek bones just above the jawline, on the chin and also over the eyebrows after your brow product has been applied and blended. This technique is called baking, once applied continue with your makeup routine as usual. The powder will help catch any eyeshadow fall out and will set your makeup giving you a flawless, matte finish without drying your skin. Once done with your makeup routine dust off the excess powder with a clean fluffy brush, with this powder there is hardly any excess powder to dust off as it is very light and fine and absorbs into the skin upon application. If I’m not baking then I dip my beauty blending sponge into the powder and press it into my skin focusing on my t-zone.

The product is so soft and instantly mattifies the face. I have a very oily t-zone and was so surprised at how quick the product absorbed into my skin and instantly left it matte and smooth without drying out my skin and leaving it looking white and pale. It sets my cream and powder makeup products amazingly as none of the products transfer, smudge and crease after applying this product over my makeup, it also does not interfere with the colour and texture of my makeup. I also use the setting powder over my bare moisturised skin and my skin looks naturally smooth and matte throughout the day. Not only is this product a beauty product but it also has skincare benefits and who doesn’t love multitasking makeup?

I’m so glad that the Palladio Mattifying Powder is my introduction to the brand as I’m absolutely impressed with how well it works and now I’m dying to try more of their products. This has to be the best setting powder I have ever used and highly recommend it for makeup artists as there is no flashback and you only need a small amount for instantly mattified skin so the tub will go a long way.

I wear contact lenses as I’m blind without them and not once has this product irritated my eyes. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and matte throughout the day and also locks my makeup in. I swear my foundation does not transfer, I can touch my face and none of my makeup transfers to my fingers or has moved anywhere!

This product has been such a game changer for my oily skin I can’t imagine not having this product in my life now! If you are a makeup artist like myself you have to add this product to your kit.

The Palladio 4Ever + Ever Mattifying Loose Setting Powder with Green Tea is R225.00 and available exclusively at Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

L.A Girl Glow In’ Up Highlighting Jelly

L.A Girl Glow In’ Up Highlighting Jelly is formulated as a water-based gel for an extra dewy glow. Special glossy polymers provide a wet-looking sheen that dries down to a long-wearing, highly-pigmented shine. Available in eight bouncy shades.

I have been eyeing the L.A Girl Glow In’ Up Highlighting Jellies for the longest time but could never decide on a shade so I’m really glad that L.A Girl Cosmetics decided on a shade for me 😊.

The Highlighting Jelly comes in a cute, small 8.5g tub, the bottom of the tub is see through so you can see the shade of the highlighting jelly and the screw top lid is black with gold chrome text and safely secures the product in the tub. The name of the shade is at the bottom of the tub. The packaging really stands out on the shelves. When the lid is removed there is a protective foil seal over the highlighter keeping it germ free and safe from people poking their fingers into the product in the store. That jelly texture makes it very tempting!

When you open the tub you are met with a beautiful smooth jelly, it looks absolutely perfect and all I wanted to do was to dip my finger into it for the most satisfying feeling ever. It has a slight scent that’s not overwhelming and the highlighter feels just like jelly. I absolutely love the gooey texture, you can also feel that the highlighter is water based.

I received the shade Cosmic Glow which is a beautiful shimmery purple that colour shifts from purple to blue under different lighting. It contains pink, purple and blue glitter that’s not too chunky and does not feel grainy and also gives it that stunning out of this world cosmic glow.

It’s so easy to apply and no makeup tools are necessary, all you have to do is dip your finger into the jelly and dab it onto your cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow and chin. If you want to apply it to the inner corner of your eyes dip a small fluffy brush into it. I find that this product works better and you have more control over it when using the tip of your fingers. It dries down quickly so needs to be blended in upon application, it stays put throughout the day and the glitter doesn’t spread throughout the face. It feels so light on the skin and also has a bit of a cooling feeling when applied because of its water base and jelly texture. In the picture below I applied the highlighter on my brow bone, inner corner of my eyes and on my cheek bones.

I’m obsessed with the blinding glow I get from this highlighter, it’s not the usual shimmery type but more in your face sparkle because it has glitter particles so when it’s blended in you are left with a purple glittery glow. The glow is definitely buildable instead of blending it in completely just dab it onto the areas that you want to intensify, like I did on the inner corner of my eyes in this purple look that created using all the products I’ve reviewed here. In my Editorial/Avant Garde look below and my purple look I used the highlighter on the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, cupids bow, chin and for a galaxy lip look I dabbed a generous amount onto the centre of my lips. Also look at the last picture to see how beautifully it sparkles in the sun.

This highlighter is definitely not an everyday highlighter, maybe the other colours in the range would work as an everyday highlighter but this is more for a night out when you want to stand out in the crowd by glowing like the stars or for the gram. I want to get my hands on more of these, I’m currently eyeing the pink and white shade 😉.

L.A Girl Glow In’ Up Highlighting Jellies are R135.00 each and available exclusively at Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide.

L.A Girl Perfect Precision Lipliner

L.A Perfect Precision Lipliner helps keep lip colour vibrant and last all day. You can use it to line, define and enhance or fill lips for the perfect pout. It has a fine pointed tip for precise application. Sharpen as normal to smoothly and delicately outline without bleeding or smudging. L.A Girl Perfect Precision Lipliner is available in 15 shades to create your favourite lip looks.

The L.A Girl Lipliner is like any other pencil type lipliner, the pencil is black with chrome text and the end of the pencil corresponds with the colour of the actual lipliner. The pull off cap doesn’t fall off so the lipliner won’t smudge in your cosmetic bag. To get the tip pointy again for precise application all you have to do is sharpen it with a normal sharpener using the small opening.

I received a pretty pink shade simply called Pinky. It doesn’t have a very soft, smooth texture, it’s not very pigmented and it is very matte, a bit drying on the lips and it has a slight pencil scent.

I found that I have to apply some pressure when applying the lipliner just to get some colour showing on my lips, the colour is very subtle but buildable by applying more pressure and layering it on. It has a very matte finish that makes my lips feel like the Sahara desert so I suggest using a moisturising lipstick/lip balm or lip gloss over like I did. Although I’m not impressed with the texture, pigment, feel and finish of the lipliner I do love the colour a lot and the fact that it lasts all day when used on its own as a lipstick, it doesn’t smudge, bleed or transfer. To use as a lipstick I like to use the pointed tip to outline my lips and the side of the lipliner to fill in/colour in my lips and continously go over it until I get my desired colour intensity.

The L.A Girl Perfect Precision Lipliner’s are R65.00 each and available exclusively at Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide.

Overall, I’m really impressed with all the products that I received and they have since formed part of my daily makeup routine. Check out all the makeup looks that I have created using these products on my Instagram page.

Which of these products are you keen on trying?

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