Kangol Double-lish Liner Eye + Lip

Hey beauty babes! What better way to celebrate spring with a colourful makeup look? Kangol has the perfect 2-in-1 eye and lip liners to achieve a quick and easy colourful look for the season and I will be telling you all about them and how I have used them to create my colour block makeup look. Not only will I be telling you about the Kangol Double-lish Liners but also about the Kangol Cosmetic Sharper to help keep your Double-lish Liners on point.

The Kangol Double-lish Liners come in 5 beautiful colours, they are 2-in-1 for the eyes and lips. You can use it as normal eyeliner on the waterline for a pop of colour, you can use it to create a graphic makeup look, or a simple winged liner and you can also use it as eyeshadow and lip liner or to fill in the entire lip as a lipstick and top it off with a gloss. I’ve used it in all the ways mentioned above to show you how versatile these Double-lish Liners are and how much fun you can have with them.

Kangol Double-lish Liner Eye + Lip

The Double-lish liners are matte black pencils, with white text on them, clear caps that unfortunately keep falling off and need to be pushed tightly down to stay put. The end of each pencil has a colour cap that corresponds with the colour of the actual product. The shade names are on the plastic cover that you would remove in order to use the product, I would’ve liked the names to be on the actual pencils as this would make more sense. The tip of the pencil looks big almost like a crayon but once sharpened it looks like a normal eye pencil.

The Kangol Double-lish Liners come in four beautiful shimmery colours and one matte colour:

  • Island Bling: a stunning shimmery grass green with a bit of chunky silver glitter particles. This colour stains the eyes a bit but nothing that a face wash and water can’t remove.
  • Summer Daze: a pretty metallic baby blue.
  • Gold Star: is a very stunning peach with gold shimmer, it’s one of the lightest colours in the range. When mixed with Summer Daze they transform to a pretty purple shimmer.
  • Killawat: a pretty shimmery silver with some chunky silver glitter particles, the lightest colour in the range. This shade is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Show Time: a pretty reddish berry colour, the only one from the range that is not shimmery but matte. I used this shade to line and fill in my lips and topped it up with Kangol Extreme Colour Gloss in the shade Holly Berry.

All five liners have a soft creamy texture, they are all very pigmented even with the slightest hand and each colour is buildable by layering the pencil on.

I used the four shimmery colours as eyeshadow and they all blend in easily with just the tip of the finger but it is important to blend it as soon as it is applied, once it sets it becomes a little difficult to blend it seamlessly. I used Island Bling to create the winged eyeshadow look by just drawing it on lightly then filling in the lids and blending.  I used Summer Daze on my waterline but unfortunately it slides off because that area is wet/moist so I applied it in-between my lower lashes and just below my lower lash line so that it is more visible. I then applied Gold Star just below Summer Daze, the two colours mixed in the middle and transformed to a stunning shimmery purple which I unfortunately couldn’t capture in the pictures. To finish off my eye look I used Killawat on the inner corner of my eyes and blended it towards the green and bottom lash line colours. Lastly, to finish off my entire colour blocking look I used Show Time to line and fill in my lips and then topped it off with Kangol Extreme Colour Gloss in the shade Holly Berry for popping lips. I love how all the colours, shimmers, matte, gloss and glitter all work together.

I also transformed my look by adding a bit of Kangol Kolour Gloss n Glow Lip Gloss to the lids to bring out the chunky silver glitter particles of the eyeliner. All the drama needs to be on the lids lately since our eyes are the main focus right now because our lips are hidden with a mask.

The four shimmery Double-lish Liners are a little crumbly when applying it on, so be careful when working with them. Rather start with the eyes then apply the rest of your makeup like foundation last. Because the product is so creamy and a bit crumbly it’s difficult to get a sharp tip when sharpening them.

I often use retractable pencils as pencil liners can sometimes irritate my sensitive eyes after they have been sharpened as they become a bit scratchy and bits of the actual pencil can go into the eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t experience any irritation and itchiness with these eyeliners. Even though the eyeliners are shimmery and contain glitter in them  the glitter stays put and doesn’t go into the eyes or move around to the face.

Aside from the pencils being crumbly and the name of each shade is not printed on the packaging I’m impressed with how pigmented the liners are, creamy and blendable yet they stay in place and are smudge and crease proof, and lastly I love how versatile they are. I would also love to see these liners in a liquid form 😉 .

The Kangol Double-lish Liner Eye + Lip retails for R69.00 each.

Kangol Cosmetic Sharpener

The Kangol Cosmetic Sharpener needs to be in every Beauty Queens cosmetic bag!

The sharpener comes in a beautiful pink box with some holographic print on and the back of the box tells us what to use the double ends for.

  1. A thin end for all your Eye, Lip and Brow Liners.
  1. A slightly bigger end for all your concealers and larger pencils.

This handy container also collects all the shavings so your bathroom/cosmetic bag isn’t always in a mess.

The sharpener is pink, long and rounded and double sided. The top opening is for small pencils while the bottom bigger side is for chunky pencils. All the shapernings stay inside in the centre and you can just open and empty it out into the bin. It reminds me of pencil sharpeners that we used in school.

The Kangol Cosmetic Sharpener works well and goes hand-in-hand with the Kangol Double-lish Liners so you can’t get one without the other.

The Kangol Cosmetic Sharpener retails for R49.00. Kangol Cosmetics are available  exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide.

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