Nair Hair Remover

Hi beauty babes, I don’t know about you but I like to have smooth, hair free legs and underarms not only in summer but winter too. It makes me feel human and confident under all the layers of clothes. Today I would like to introduce you to two new products that have been keeping me hair free, silky smooth and moisturised through this cold, dry season.

Nair brings you two new products: Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream and Nair Moisturising Hair Removal Cream

Nair Hair Removal Creams gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from legs, underarms and bikini area. Nair helps moisturise and exfoliate your skin while it removes hair, leaving it soft and smooth to the touch. Nair Hair Removal Cream caters to all hair types.

Both new variants include the soothing ingredient of Baby Oil while Nair’s specially formulated ingredient for sensitive skin babes such as myself includes Camellia Oil and Ylang-Ylang.


Both variants come in white boxes, the moisturising variant has touches of lilac with water droplets while the sensitive variant has a touch of turquoise with feathers, each image corresponding with what each variant delivers or is suitable for. Enclosed is a big 80ml tube with a screw top lid which safely secures the product in making it great to take on your travels.



The Hair Removal Creams are easy to use, you just apply a thick even layer covering all hair that needs to be removed without rubbing the product into the skin, leave for 5-6 minutes maximum 10 minutes and remove with a wet face cloth. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully. Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, even after prior use so it is important to do a patch test first.

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream with Camellia Oil

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream with Camellia Oil is specially formulated for sensitive skin, it contains natural extracts and gently, yet effectively removes unwanted hair from legs, bikini area and underarms. Camellia Oil and Ylang-Ylang, helps moisturise and exfoliate skin while removing the hair leaving skin soft and smooth to the touch.


The actual product is pink in colour, has a pleasant sweet scent at first but then you get hints of the hair removal scent, the scent is not overwhelming like other hair removal creams but it’s definitely there. Some hair removal creams come with a plastic spatula to apply and remove the cream however, this one does not come with one but I prefer to apply it with my hands as I have more control over where I want to apply it and it also allows me to apply it on nice and thick.


I kept the cream on for the minimum recommended time and was pleasantly surprised at how well this variant worked  without irritating and burning my skin. It removes all my unwanted hair with ease and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth. The hair takes longer to grow (up to a week) and even when it starts to grow back my legs and underarms still remain soft.

I’m so glad that I have finally found a hair removal cream that doesn’t just claim to be for sensitive skin but it actually works for my sensitive skin without any irritation and eczema flare-ups which I have experienced with many hair removal creams, one even burnt my underarms leaving behind nasty scars. I’m really impressed with this product and wish it came in a big pump bottle so I can get a lot more uses out of it as the tube doesn’t last very long.


Nair Moisturising Hair Removal Cream with Baby Oil

Nair Moisturising Hair Removal Cream with Baby Oil is nourishing – moisturises and exfoliates the skin while removing the hair.


The hair removal cream itself is white in colour, has a slight pleasant baby oil scent and a subtle hair removal scent. It is not too thick or thin in texture.


I was a bit scared to use this variant as it isn’t formulated for sensitive skin but decided to give it a try since my experience with the sensitive variant was amazing. I was so surprised at how effective this variant is in just 6 minutes without irritating and burning my skin. My legs and underarms feel smooth, soft, moisturised and is left with a slight glow thanks to the baby oil in the formula. It also provides long-lasting smoothness for up to a week. I can’t believe that a variant that is not suited for sensitive skin has worked so well for me.


I’ve also tried both variants on my bikini area, I left them on for the minimum recommended time and I’m really happy with how well both variants have worked without causing any irritation. If you do decide to use them on your bikini area I recommend that you only do the surface (NOT vaginal/genital area) as it would not be safe.


I have had many bad experiences with Hair Removal Creams in the past because of my very sensitive, eczema prone skin so it is rare for me to find any product let alone a hair removal product that is not only effective but also not harsh on my skin. I love that the oils in each formula provide moisturisation, smooth and glowing skin. Nair has delivered not only in quality and effectiveness but also catering for people like myself without burning and peeling off my skin.

I’m really impressed with both variants and will continue to use them. So if you’re looking for a quick, effective way to remove unwanted hair with long-lasting results then I highly recommend the two new Nair Hair Remover variants.


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