An Introduction to Footy’s Cooldrink

It has been a while since I was actually able to sit down and write, with the current lockdown, trying to wrap our heads around the whole Covid-19 pandemic and catching up with all the backlog at work it has just been a really crazy time for us. Covid-19 has really taken its toll on all of us and all we can do is just stay safe and keep healthy during this time.

With that being said and on the subject of staying healthy Footy’s sent us their powdered cooldrink range which is made of natural ingredients and can be used in so many different ways which we will discuss shortly. You are probably wondering what is a powered cooldrink?

Footy’s is a new product that is not only a powdered cooldrink but a flavouring system which can make getting in your daily water intake easier or you can incorporate Footy’s into any recipe such as desserts, cocktails, slushies, gummies and more!

Footy’s is great for the entire family. All products are made with natural colourants, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar and no preservatives, which makes it diabetic friendly. Footy’s powder cooldrink is ADHD friendly, tooth-friendly and contains no artificial ingredients making their products ideal for slimmers, banting, the health conscious and individuals prone to allergies. Lastly, Footy’s is high in Vitamin C making it the perfect product for the winter season helping to boost our immune system especially during this pandemic.

Footy’s contains Erythritol which is the natural and healthier alternative to sugar and is often found in fruits, vegetables and grains. Erythritol has no calories and has no effect on blood glucose levels. Basically, it’s all the good stuff in regular sugar without any of the side effects and is tooth friendly. Another healthy natural sugar alternative that Footy’s contains is Stevia which is a little green plant that is much sweeter than sugar but does not have any caloric value or effect on blood sugar levels.

Footy’s is available in 6 delicious flavours. Allow us to introduce you to the Footy’s family.

  1. Stefan the Strawberry – Stephan is a strong and fit guy with a lot of attitude. He is always focused on his appearance, always standing out wearing funky sneakers, hair always done and the rocking the best shades. He is also very brave.


  1. Nico the Naartjie – Nico is the nice guy, always offering a helping hand and caring for others. He is the type of guy to put himself in the front line to offer his assistance and not forgetting he is a very intellectual person. Nico always eats healthy and enjoys reading.


  1. Paula the Passion Fruit – Paula is the life of the party, the energetic and bubbly person. Paula is the type of person that when she walks into a room everything around her just lights up.


  1. Ruby The Raspberry – Ruby is the typical girly-girl who likes all things pretty. Ruby is always up for the challenge to change the world and make healthy differences. She is also very caring towards the people around her.


  1. Lucy the Lemon and Luca the Lime – Lucy and Luca are twins and are the artsy people in the family. Lucy is always dancing and being very playful while Luca enjoys singing and wants to be in a rock band when he is older.


  1. Grant the Grape – Lastly we have Grant, Grant is the business guy in the family always planning and thinking about the family. Grant also ensures that the family makes all the healthy sustainable decisions.


Footy’s is available in 4 different packaging:

  1. Ready to drink – The ready to drink comes in a 425ml Bottle which has a “Push & Shake to activate” technology which we find fascinating when it mixers into the water.


  1. Powdered form which comes in 450g jars which delivers up to 34 servings and 170g jars which delivers up to 12 servings.


  1. A variety pack which has 5 x 15g sachets, one of each of the awesome tasting flavours. This is the perfect trial pack.


Footy’s allows you to experiment and spend fun, quality time with the family in the kitchen making amazing tasting treats. We enjoy making Footy’s milkshakes by adding Footy’s powder into a glass of milk and having delicious milkshakes and before working out we take the Footy’s powder and mix it into fat free plain yoghurt.

Make sure are following us on Instagram (@bcbalutto & @mfsarlie) and Facebook where we will be sharing fun ways to incorporate Footy’s into tasty treats and we will soon have a full review for you on our blog on each of the flavours and different ways to use each of them.


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