Yardley London Lip Lustre Lip Gloss

I’m pretty sure that the very first beauty product that all of us ladies owned growing up is lip gloss, remember the roll-on ones that we would layer on until it looked like we’ve just eaten a bucket of really greasy chicken? It looked like our lips were mining grounds for oil. We’ve come a very loooong way since then and lip gloss is now trending and will always be one of my favourite beauty staples. If you are looking for a classic old school lip gloss without the oiliness and stickiness then look no further Yardley London recently launched their new Lip Lustre Lip Gloss range which consists of five classic shades ranging from soft nudes to deep red.

The new Yardley Lip Lustre Lip Gloss offers a super glossy, wet finish, with a lightweight feel and a touch of sweetness. It can be worn alone for a glossy natural look or as a lip topper over your favourite lipstick for a high colour, gloss look.


The Yardley Lip Lustre Lip Glosses are housed in cute 5ml tubes, they have a black twist lid which safely secures the gloss in the tube so there’s no leakage and the bottom of the tube is clear so you can see the actual colour of the lip gloss inside the tube. It has the usual doe foot applicator which works well with the formula, the lip gloss is not too thick and not thin and runny and has a beautiful sweet scent.


Let me go into detail on the 5 variants which are High Society, Stiletto, Moonshine, St Tropez and Unleashed.

  • High Society: is a peach with very tiny silver glitter particles, the glitter doesn’t feel grainy on the lips and applies on smoothly and gives a very light peach tint on the lips which is barely visible and looks almost clear, the glitter is also very subtle but adds to the lustre finish of the gloss with its very subtle sparkle. This shade is perfect to wear on it’s own with or without makeup but looks even better over a peach or nude lipstick.


  • Stiletto: this is a coral with tiny gold glitter particles, it applies on smoothly without feeling grainy but when I press or rub my lips together it feels a little grainy. This shade is one of the pigmented in the range, it has a beautiful sheer coral tint finish on the lips, some of the pigment settles into the lip lines a bit but if you rub the lips together or pat it with your finger it spreads out. The glitter is visible and spreads nicely throughout the lips giving a beautiful shine and sparkle. The glitter tends to stay behind on the lips once the gloss has rubbed off or faded.


  • Moonshine: this is a stunning grey with tiny gold and purple glitter particles, this shade reminds me of the moon for some reason (maybe the name or how I imagine the moon to look up close). It’s a very pretty and unique shade. It applies on smoothly, the glitter spreads evenly throughout the lips and the gloss has a clear finish with a very subtle hint of grey. The glitter colour shifts on the lips and has such a beautiful sparkle that adds to the shine of the gloss. It feels a little grainy when I press or rub my lips together. This is a very pretty gloss and works perfectly as a lip topper especially over dark colours. One of my faves to wear alone as well, the pictures really don’t do this gloss justice. The glitter stays behind on the lips when the lip gloss is rubbed off or faded but it looks beautiful, the mixture of gold and purple is magical.


  • St Tropez: this is a mauve purple (greyish pale purple) with tiny gold and purple glitter particles, it applies on smoothly and the glitter spreads out evenly on the lips. Like the other variants this also feels a little grainy on the lips when the lips are rubbed or pressed together. This gloss has a very slight mauve tint on the lips, the glitter looks beautiful and sparkly adding to the shine of the gloss. Like the others the glitter stays behind after the gloss is rubbed off. This colour looks gorgeous alone but even more stunning over a nude or any shade of purple and grey lipstick.


  • Unleashed: this is a red with fine gold and purple glitter particles, this is the most pigmented lip gloss in the range. You can slightly build up the colour by layering it on, it’s a little grainy on the lips, it has a nice sheer and even coverage but the pigment tends to gather up in the lip lines after a couple of minutes but spreads out when lips are rubbed together or if you just pat your lips with your finger. The glitter is not very visible but gives a gorgeous sparkle and shine to the lips. The colour tends to transfer a bit onto the teeth when layered for more colour payoff so make sure to wipe or lick it off (they don’t actually taste as sweet as they smell). This is a statement lip gloss, the perfect colour for a night out and can be used as a lip topper over a red lipstick like I did over my Yardley Intense Rouge lipstick in ‘Miss Scarlet’ in my Yardley London Valentine’s Day YouTube tutorial which you can watch here. This shade also looks great on it’s own when you want to do a red lip but with the comfort of a gloss knowing that it won’t smudge or feel dry and stain around the lips like a lipstick or liquid lipstick would do.



The glitter in each variant spreads evenly throughout the lips and doesn’t gather up in one spot or in the lip lines, the glitter however tends to mess a little around the lip area throughout the day but the glitter is so fine it doesn’t look very visible so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball. I love that the gloss finish can be intensified by layering the Lip Lustre Lip Gloss on. Like all lip glosses the Lip Lustre is not long-lasting and needs to be reapplied throughout the day however, they are very hydrating and moisturising even after the gloss has worn off they leave the lips feeling hydrated and moisturised throughout the day, making this not only perfect for summer but winter too.


All variants are lightweight and feel very comfortable on the lips you wouldn’t know that you have a lip gloss on until you rub your lips together, look in a mirror or your hair gets stuck to your lips when the wind blows. The lip gloss does not feel or look sticky, oily and greasy. My lips look plump and juicy every time I wear this range whether it’s on its own or over a lipstick, lip gloss gives the illusion of full and plump lips. All five shades in this range are universal which means that they are perfect for all skin tones. They are also perfect for daily use from day to night and for any occasion. For during the day I wear these on its own or over a nude lipstick and for a night out I wear them over a bright, bold or dark lipstick. I love how these lip glosses intensify a lipstick when used as a lip topper, it makes the colour of the lipstick more vibrant, sparkly and the lips fuller and plump. They also look really beautiful when used on it’s own, my lips look glossy and kissable.


Overall, I love the glossy, wet look finish and sparkle, I love that this range can be used with or without makeup (I mostly use it without any foundation) and most of all that it has hydrating properties so my lips are hydrated, soft and supple throughout the day even if I don’t reapply the product. I also love that it’s small and can easily fit into my jean’s pocket and also a clutch bag and it’s perfect to take on holiday. I would really like to see pink shades, a pale pink and bright pink would work well in this range and would look great on all skin tones. Please Yardley London can we get more pinks throughout your range?


The Yardley Lip Lustre Lip Gloss range is free from parabens, paraffin, petrolatum and alcohol. It is also vegan friendly.


The recommended retail selling price is R79.95 each. Available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Foschini and Pharmacies nationwide.


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