Labello Crayons

I’m a fan of tinted lip balms as they provide me with the hydration my lips desperately need with a hint of colour to make my lips pop and bring life to my face. Labello recently launched a range of lip crayons that not only provide long-lasting moisture to your lips but intense colour. Labello Crayon Colour Lip Balms is unlike any other tinted lip balm, it offers high colour coverage instead of sheer tint while the unique formula with caring oils provide long-lasting moisturisation and care for the lips so you can experience the care of a Labello lip balm and the look of a lipstick in one product. The range has three gorgeous colours that suit all skin tones: Rosy Nude, Coral Crush and Black Cherry.


The packaging of the Labello Crayons are eye catching on the shelves amongst all the usual lip balms, it has a chunky crayon shape in the colour of the actual lip balm, the click on lid is see through so you can see the actual shade of the lip crayon and the bottom part of the tube is white with a silver ring around and twists to get more lip crayon out.


The lip crayon has a pointy tip which allows for precise application and you can use it to first line the lips and then use the flat part on the sides to fill in the lips, all three variants have the same deliciously sweet fruity scent (I would’ve loved them to have a corresponding fruit scent eg. Coral Crush with a peach scent), the product has a creamy texture and glides on the lips smooth and evenly. I thought they would give a bit of a sheer tint but all variants are actually highly pigmented  while moisturising the lips and they also have a slight shine finish. You can also layer the product on to increase the colour intensity. If you have dry chapped lips I suggest that you first exfoliate your lips before applying on the Labello Lip Crayons as the colour highlights the dry areas by gathering more around the cracks.


Let me tell you more about each of the stunning shades:

  • Rosy Nude: This is a perfect pale nude with a hint of pink undertones. This shade is perfect for everyday use.


  • Coral Crush: This is my favourite shade from the three, it’s a beautiful bright coral, a very summery colour.


  • Black Cherry: This is a pretty purple, it’s bold and more intense than the other two variants and looks more like a lipstick. It’s perfect for a night out. I would wear this colour more in autumn and winter.


To be honest when I first seen the new Labello Lip Crayons I thought they might just be tinted lip balms and didn’t expect much colour payoff but boy was I surprised upon swatching them. The lip crayons do not provide long-lasting colour because of their creamy texture but all three variants tend to stain the outline of the lips once they have rubbed off or faded so needs to be reapplied throughout the day, however they do provide long-lasting moisture. What you see is what you get with this product which means that you get the same colour on your lips as the colour you see on the tube packaging and it does what’s stated on the packaging. The three shades are universal shades so they suit all skin tones, I would love to see a pink addition to this range, the lip crayons are perfect with or without makeup and are convenient, you can just pop them into your handbag and they are small enough for your clutch.



I love that the shades can go from day to night, the two lighter shades can be taken into a nighttime look by adding a bold winged liner or eyeshadow while Black Cherry is perfect on it’s own for a night out thanks to its deep intense colour, it’s definitely a statement lip crayon. All three variants work perfectly as a cream blush, they can be used on the cheeks for a flush of colour just apply a little to the apples of the cheeks and rub upwards with your fingers, to make sure it is completely blended in pat it into the cheeks with your fingers. I love doing this when I’m in a hurry or want a natural dewy look without applying on any foundation, this product is really versatile and should be in every ladies purse.


The Labello Lip Crayons are really the perfect product to moisturise the lips and get the awesome colour payoff of a lipstick. This is a product I look for especially when traveling as I don’t carry any makeup with me I prefer a pop of colour on my lips and cheeks when traveling rather than heavy foundation and what makes this product even better is that it can be used in more ways than one – on the lips, eyes and cheeks and you don’t need a mirror or makeup brushes to apply them. This is an all year round product not just great for summer.

Last month I had a poll on my Instagram stories to find out which colour is your favourite from the three and surprisingly the beautiful bold, statement colour Black Cherry took first place with Coral Crush coming in second. Whenever I wear these lip crayons I’m always getting compliments and asked what lipstick do I have on and when I show them that it’s Labello Lip Crayons they are so surprised and immediately ask where can they get it from :). The Labello Crayon Colour Lip Balms have become one of my favourite multi-tasking beauty products.


Labello Crayon Colour Lip Balms retails for R69.99 and are available at Clicks and Dis-Chem.

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