Ellips Hair Vitamin

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory, your hair sets the mood for the day, when you are having a good hair day you feel amazing and exude confidence. To ensure healthy hair and great hair days it is important to take care of your crown. You can avoid extensive heat damage, sun damage and hair damage as a result from colouring your hair by nourishing and strengthening your hair with the use of an oil or serum. Today I would like to finally introduce you to Ellips Hair Treatments, if you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen that a couple of months ago I shared pictures of these products on my instastories. I immediately tried the products when I received them and been wanting to tell you all about them sooner but then my SD card crashed which I told you all about in my first blog post for the year and my hair pictures were amongst the pictures that I tried retrieving, I also landed up in hospital and couldn’t complete my review, but at last I’m finally sharing my thoughts with you on the Ellips Hair Vitamins and close up pictures of my hair after using each variant.


Ellips Hair Treatments are natural leave-in hair oils and vitamins from Indonesia which are suitable for a wide variety of hair types. They are formulated with Moroccon Oil and contain Pro-Vitamin B5 along with Vitamins A, C and E – guaranteeing that hair remains nourished from within, whilst Moroccan Oil helps combat frizz and strengthens hair.


All products are halaal, cruelty-free (this is very important to me) and use gelatine based biodegradable capsules to ensure that they remain environmentally friendly at all times. Although they are called Hair Vitamins they are not drinkable hair supplements that work from the inside out but are rather hair oil treatments that are applied to the hair so please don’t mistaken them for drinkable capsules/pills, like Moe did (fortunately he didn’t drink any).


The Ellips Hair Vitamins are available in five variants, I received the three variants that are now available at selected Clicks stores which are: the Pink Hair Treatment, Yellow Smooth & Shiny and Purple Nutri Color. Each variant targets a different hair concern. I received a blister pack of each variant and a box of each containing two blister packs, each blister pack has six capsules and each capsule contains 1ml of oil treatment, they are also available in a jar of 50 capsules.


There are four simple steps to using the Ellips Hair Treatments:

  1. Use after shampooing on lightly towel dried hair.
  2. Open biodegradable capsule by cutting the tip off with a pair of scissors and spread the hair treatment on your palms.
  3. Evenly distribute through your hair. Avoid the scalp.
  4. Comb it through, leave it to dry, do not rinse. Style as usual.


Ellips Pink Hair Treatment 

The Pink Hair Treatment variant provides intensive moisture to hair that has been damaged from excessive heat styling. It is enriched with Jojoba Oil which provides hair with intensive care, nourishment and protection for chemically damaged hair and transforming dry and damaged hair into smooth, shiny locks.


I often use heat styling tools like a hair dryer almost daily, a hair straightener and curling tongs which can leave my hair looking dry, dull and unhealthy. I couldn’t wait to try this variant in the hopes that it will leave my hair feeling smooth, healthy and shiny.


When removing the capsule from the blister pack I immediately got a whiff of the oil inside the capsule. The capsule is easy to open with a pair of scissors, make sure to cut the very tip of the capsule as they are filled to the brim. After emptying out the capsule into your palm make sure to cut it in half to get every last bit out, trust me you don’t want to waste any. The oil is a bit runny which makes it easy to spread and coat each strand of hair when combed through. This variant has a beautiful sweet, floral scent which I absolutely love. The oil doesn’t have a sticky feel or a thick oily texture.

After applying the product to my hair it immediately made my damp hair feel soft and easy to comb through, the transformation is impressive. I apply the oil as soon as I get out of the shower and have lightly towel dried my hair, I leave the oil to dry after combing it through, during this time I carry on with my face and skincare routine and by the time I’m done my hair is ready for styling. I then blow dry my hair, not only does my hair feel extremely silky soft, shiny and healthy looking once I blow dry it, it also feels very light and smells great as if I applied perfume to my hair. The results are definitely better than going to the hairdresser, trust me! This is my favourite variant from the three.




My hair tends to get oily very quickly, surprisingly when I use this variant my hair lasts 2-3 days longer so I can get away with only washing my hair once a week 😉

Ellips Yellow Smooth & Shiny 

The Yellow Smooth & Shiny variant is a light and nourishing treatment that is ideal for fine hair without weighing it down, it fights frizz and smooths hair. This variant is enriched with Aloe Vera Oil to soften hair, nourish it, retain its moisture and to keep hair protected from the sun.


The hot summer weather has not been kind to my hair, as a result my hair has been extremely frizzy and dull when not using the Ellips Smooth & Shiny treatment. This variant is perfect for hot summer days.


The Smooth & Shiny hair treatment has a lovely sweet scent, the scent reminds me of walking into a hairdresser, you know the smell that you get of freshly washed and styled hair as soon as you open the door to a hair salon? This smells like that. The oil is thin in texture so it spreads nice and evenly throughout my hair.

My hair feels extremely soft after application and it’s very easy to brush through while damp. This variant makes my hair extremely manageable making it quick and easy to blow dry. After blow drying, my hair was left feeling soft and shiny but still had a little frizz and was not as sleek as I hoped it would be. I just got a new hair dryer so I’ll be trying this variant again to see if the frizz was not because of a wonky hair dryer and will share the results with you on Instagram. The Smooth & Shiny variant also made my hair feel a bit greasy and stringy making it my least favourite from the three variants. I’ve used it twice already and had the same results, both times my hair felt greasy and limp. I’m not giving up on this variant just yet, I will be using it on my natural curls for shine and also use half a capsule to see if that would make a difference.



Ellips Purple Nutri Color 

The Purple Nutri Color variant is suitable for coloured or highlighted hair. This variant has a Triple Care Formulation, a unique combination of vitamins, amino acids and additional active ingredients infused with an array of conditioning elements to provide targeted care for highlighted and coloured hair. It repairs sun damaged hair and protects it from the sun and external environmental aggressors that cause colour to fade over time. The Nutri Color variant also nourishes hair and keeps coloured hair shiny, healthy and full of life.


The Nutri Color hair treatment has a beautiful sweet scent (they all smell amazing). I used this variant after colouring my hair, the hair dye that I used made my hair dryer than the Atacama Desert which is the driest desert in the world and my hair was extremely stiff and hard, I could just cry thinking about it. It had me worried that my hair will remain in that condition even after styling, I then started regretting using that brand of hair dye (I will never use it again). I applied the oil, brushed it through and left it for a while before blow drying and when I was ready to blow dry my hair, my hair was miraculously soft and manageable making drying quick and surprisingly easy. This variant left my hair smelling amazing, soft, smooth and most importantly look and feel healthy as if I didn’t just ruin it with a bad box dye.


I’m so impressed with the Nutri Color variant and use it every time I colour my hair, it makes the colour look more vibrant, last longer and leaves my hair feeling silky soft, shiny and healthy.




I was surprised that there is actually a lot of oil in the tiny capsules, at first I wasn’t sure if one capsule would be enough for my medium to long hair but one capsule filled my entire palm with product and was more than enough for my hair. You can use half of the capsule if you like and save the rest for your next wash or use a little to tame dry, frizzy hair after styling or on your split ends,  when ever needed. If you are saving half for later store it in a little container and make sure it is completely closed to prevent it from possibly drying out. The capsules were hard when I first received them but now with the heat they have softened up, one of the capsules got extremely soft that the oil started seeping out so make sure that you store them in a cool place.


Overall I’m impressed with the Ellips Hair Vitamins,  I’m always sceptical about using oils on my hair because my hair tends to get oily very quickly and I’m also scared of oils leaving my hair limp, greasy and feeling like there’s product buildup on my scalp. I’m pleasantly surprised that I haven’t experienced any of that with these hair treatments in fact it’s just the opposite (besides the yellow variant). Although it’s not mentioned on the packaging I believe that the Ellips Hair Treatments are dry oil which means it’s lightweight, non-greasy and quick absorbing which explains why it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and weighed down.

The Ellips Hair Vitamins are perfect to take with you when travelling as you don’t need a big pump or spray bottle that takes up space in your luggage. The capsules are so convenient you can carry them in the blister pack or remove them from the blister pack and put them into your toiletry bag and when you’re done with them you chuck away the capsule/blister pack so there’s no extra products and containers to carry around.


The Ellips Pink Hair Treatment, Yellow Smooth & Shiny and Purple Nutri-Colour treatment capsules are now available at selected Clicks stores. The blister pack of 6 capsules retails for R39,99, a box of 12 capsules are R74,99 and a jar of 50 capsules are R285. The full range of Ellips products are available on www.ellipshair.co.za and Takealot.com.

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