Shower to Shower Floral Fresh Powder

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season and you are well rested and ready to take on the new year. We are looking forward to sharing our new and exciting adventures with you this year. I would like to start of the year by introducing you to Shower to Shower’s Floral Fresh Powder range, I was going to post this last month after telling you all about Shower to Shower’s Stay Fresh Body Wash range but unfortunately I got really sick and also my memory card crashed making it a mission to retrieve all my pictures for this post. But all is well now and I’m ready to tell you all about Shower to Shower’s new Floral Fresh Powder range that smells absolutely heavenly.

The new Floral Fresh Powder range consists of a roll-on anti-perspirant and deodorant spray which combine fresh powder notes with hints of flowers, it offers 48hours of protection for that “just showered” feeling of freshness to keep you confident throughout your busy day. The range is formulated with soothing and calming SOOTHEX an ingredient formulated for sensitive skin and freshly shaven underarms as it won’t irritate the skin, SOOTHEX enriches and lightly moisturises the skin while providing effective 48hour protection.


Before getting into each product and how it has been working for me I would like to tell you the difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant. Deodorants protects against odour (spray) while Anti-perspirants protect against sweat and odour (roll-on). While deodorant can keep you fresh anti-perspirant helps control sweat keeping you dry and fresh. Which is why the Floral Fresh Powder deodorant states on the packaging that it offers all day freshness while the anti-perspirant states that it offers STAYDRY freshness and active protection. I like to use an anti-perspirant roll-on after having a shower to keep my underarms dry and fresh and then use a deodorant throughout the day to maintain the freshness.

Shower to Shower Floral Fresh Powder Anti-perspirant 

The Floral Fresh Powder anti-perspirant offers 48hr active protection to keep you fresh and dry. It is also alcohol free which together with the SOOTHEX makes it perfect to use on my sensitive skin.


The colour combination of white, baby blue, powder pink and small pink flowers dancing from the bottom to the top of each product really makes this range stand out on the shelves.

The anti-perspirant comes in a 50ml roll-on bottle, it is curved at the back for easy grip, it has a big baby blue screw on and off lid and a big roll-on applicator which helps to evenly coat the underarms in one swipe. The anti-perspirant applies on clear and not creamy like most anti-perspirants. The scent is intense and can be a bit overwhelming at first but after a couple of minutes it settles.


I feel fresh and dry all day when applying the anti-perspirant immediately after coming out of the bath or shower, there is no need for me to reapply it throughout the day, if I need to freshen up then I use the deodorant.

Just a quick tip: scents always last longer if you are using the roll-on with a deodorant or deodorant with a body spray or perfume of the same scent.

I’m very impressed with the anti-perspirant roll-on as it provides me with all day freshness without irritating my sensitive skin despite being fragranced. I also apply it onto freshly shaven skin and I’m pleasantly surprised that it does not irritate my skin and that I do not break out into rashes like I do with most roll-on’s when applied to freshly shaved underarms. I’m happy that I can finally use a scented roll-on as I always stick to non-fragranced products that won’t irritate my skin. I’m crazy about the floral powder scent and with each movement I make and every breeze I get bursts of the scent.

Shower to Shower Floral Fresh Powder Deodorant 

The Floral Fresh Powder deodorant offers 48hr of fresh protection to keep you smelling showered fresh all day.


The deodorant comes in a 150ml spray can, slightly curved on the top for easy grip, it has a pull off lid that easily broke when it fell. The spray top is curved in the middle with grips and contours to the finger allowing you to easily grip and spray without your finger slipping.



To use all you have to do is shake the can well, hold can upright 15cm from body and spray under the arms. Before reading the packaging I thought that this might be a perfumed body spray.

The scent of the deodorant is not as intense as the anti-perspirant roll-on and it is not long-lasting so needs to be reapplied throughout the day if using it alone without the roll-on. I would’ve liked to see a perfumed body spray in this range as well as it would work perfectly to enhance the scent of the anti-perspirant and deodorant by spraying it directly onto clothes.


Overall, I’m impressed with the anti-perspirant not so much the deodorant as it didn’t offer me long-lasting freshness as it wears off after a couple of hours and the scent slightly differs to the heavenly floral powder scent of the roll-on. I’m obsessed with the scent of this range and recommend it to anyone who loves the smell of baby powder, fresh linens and flowers.

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