Shower to Shower Stay Fresh Body Wash

Start fresh with Shower to Shower’s Stay Fresh Body Wash range. Shower to Shower extended their range with two body washes and a shower crème: Fresh Powder, Fresh Escape and Fresh Happiness. Each variant smells delicious, they are also pH balanced and enriched with tissue oil and multivitamins so you can start every day with fresh, smooth and soft-feeling skin. In addition the Fresh Happiness and Fresh Escape variants contain extracts to promote skin health and today I’ll be telling you about these two variants and how they have been working for me.


The Shower to Shower Stay Fresh Body Washes are presented in 500ml white and blue bottles with pops of colour corresponding to the variant, pictures of the variant and pictures of water dancing up across the bottle. The colour combo of the bottles and images on the packaging are appealing and stands out on the shelves. The left side of the bottle is slightly curved in so that you can firmly and easily grip the bottle for easy use in the shower or bath. The bottles have flip-top lids that are not very easy to open, especially in the shower when your hands are wet and it is quite flimsy as it easily broke off with the first use. The big bottles are not travel friendly especially with lids that are not safely securing the product in however, they are the perfect family size. When you open each bottle you immediately get a burst of fragrance that’s so inviting.


Shower to Shower Fresh Happiness With Citrus Burst 

Shower to Shower Fresh Happiness contains citrus extract and has a beautiful fruity fragrance with notes of orange and mango. I’m obsessed with how amazing this body wash smells making this my favourite variant from the two.


The Shower to Shower Body Wash is used like any other shower gel, simply apply a small amount onto your sponge and apply to entire body then rinse.

The body wash is orange in colour and has a gel formula that is slightly runny, a little foams up well and the scent engulfs my bathroom. The sweet, juicy, citrus scent is sooo delicious I could almost eat it. The body wash gently but thoroughly cleanses my body without feeling like it’s stripping the moisture from my skin.



Shower to Shower Fresh Escape With Soothing Aloe 

Shower to Shower Fresh Escape contains natural aloe extract and has a fresh herbal fragrance making it appealing both to men and women. Moe actually enjoys this variant because of the clean, herbal scent.


The body wash is green in colour, has a gel  formulation just like the Fresh Happiness variant, this variant engulfs my bathroom with a refreshing, invigorating herbal scent. Because this variant contains aloe extracts it’s perfect to help soothe sunburns this summer or any insect bites and mild skin irritations (not caused by allergies).



Both scents are invigorating and awaken your skin and senses so they are best to use before starting your day or after a workout.

The Fresh Powder variant which has a beautiful baby powder scent was one of my favourite variants at the event (I’m crazy about products that are baby powder scented). I was hoping that this variant was included in our press packs so that I could compare the crème formula with the gel formula and I think this variant would’ve been perfect to add extra, much needed hydration to my dry skin because of the crème formula. The Fresh Powder variant would also be perfect to use before going to bed because of the soothing scent. Shower to Shower also added a roll-on antiperspirant and spray deodorant to their range with the same beautiful powder scent as the Fresh Powder Shower Crème that perfectly compliments each other. I will tell you all about their Floral Fresh Powder  roll-on and spray deodorant next week.

Overall, I really like the body washes as they foam up well and make me feel fresh and thoroughly clean without stripping any moisture from my skin leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth, they both smell amazing without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin and a bonus is that they are enriched with tissue oil and multivitamins offering multiple skin benefits. With continuous use the tissue oil in the formula will hopefully help reduce the appearance of my scars and stretch marks. I highly recommend the Shower to Shower Body Washes they are perfect for everyday use and for the whole family.

Shower to Shower Stay Fresh Body Wash retails for the affordable price of R39.99 for 500ml and is available at Clicks.

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