Neutrogena Skin Detox

I would like to introduce you to the new Neutrogena Skin Detox range, a range of three cleansing products that targets 100% toxins and daily pollution to help protect, purify and polish skin for a radiant complexion while still being gentle on the skin. The range consists of three cleansing products: a Triple Micellar Water, 2-in-1 Clay Wash-Mask and Cooling Scrub. The range is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin.


Our skin is exposed to pollution every day this compromises our skin by drying it out and weakening our skin barrier allowing all types of toxins to enter into our pores, these toxins and impurities build-up and clog the pores making our skin age faster, causing pimples, dark marks, uneven skin tone and leaving it looking dull and tired. Neutrogena’s Skin Detox range cleanses and protects the skin from everyday pollution. The range is formulated with skin-saviours such as clay and glycolic acid that cleanses, purifies and brightens skin without stripping any moisture from the skin. I’ll be telling you about each product from the range in the order that they should be used, you could also win yourself the range so keep reading to find out what I think of each product and how you could win them.

Neutrogena Skin Detox Triple Micellar Water 

I’m a huge fan of micellar water I use it to remove my make-up before washing my face and as a toner to remove any make-up or dirt residue that my face wash has missed and prep my skin for the next step in my skincare regimen. Neutrogena’s Triple Micellar Water is a one-step gentle cleanser that:

  1. Removes make-up, even waterproof mascara
  2. Deeply purifies skin while helping preserve its essential moisture balance and
  3. Softens skin for a healthy-looking and radiant complexion

There’s no need to rinse it off, it is alcohol and fragrance-free so it doesn’t dry and irritate the skin, it’s ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested so it won’t irritate the skin and eyes and doesn’t clog pores.


The Triple Micellar Water comes in a 400ml clear bottle with a turquoise background and pink label stating what the product is, what differentiates the Skin Detox range from the others is the turquoise packaging, the bottle has a flip cap that safely secures the product so that there is no leakage and a small opening to dispense the product from. The micellar water is clear in colour, has a bit of bubbles and has a slight pleasant refreshing scent. The 400ml bottle offers up to 200 uses so its value for money. The Triple Micellar Water is easy to use, all you need to do is apply a small amount to a cotton pad and gently wipe over eyelids, face, lips and neck. There’s no need to rub or rinse as it effectively removes dirt and make-up. This product can be used to just remove your make-up or as a toner and/or as a pre-cleanser prior to washing your face. I like to use it as a make-up remover/pre-cleanser and toner.


The micellar water has a cooling sensation on my face when applied, even after using it my face still has that sensation making it feel fresh and clean. Surprisingly the cooling sensation does not irritate or burn my eyes like most products with this effect do. I have tried many brands of micellar water and honestly this one has quickly become my favourite. I just love how gentle it is on my skin yet effective and I am crazy about the cooling sensation, you have to try it for yourself!

Neutrogena Skin Detox 2-in-1 Clay Wash-Mask 

The Neutrogena’s 2-in-1 Clay Wash-Mask deeply purifies skin for a radiant complexion. The detoxifying clay formula specifically targets all types of known impurities and pollution, it is enriched with glycolic acid to gently help draw out trapped dirt, oil and make-up residue while preserving skins essential moisture balance. This 2-in-1  formula can be used as a daily cleanser or as a detoxifying mask 2-3 times a week to deeply purify pores for a soft and radiant complexion. It does not clog pores. I don’t know about you but I love products that can be used in more ways than one, such a time-saver and convenient to take on your travels.


The 2-in-1 Clay Wash-Mask  comes in a turquoise and white 150ml tube that has a green label stating what the product is. The tube has a flip cap that safely secures the product in so there is no leakage and there is a small opening to squeeze the product out from. The product is mint green in colour, has a soft smooth creamy texture and a pleasant refreshing scent different to the Triple Micellar Water. This product can be used daily as a face wash and after using the Triple Micellar Water just to cleanse the face from impurities or to get rid of any make-up residue. The mask can be used 2-3 times a week after cleansing using any one of the three products or after using all three: the Triple Micellar Water, Clay Wash and/or Cooling Scrub for a deeper intense cleanse.



To use as a daily face wash: first wet face, apply a small amount and rub in the palm of your hands and gently rub it onto wet face avoiding the eye area and rinse thoroughly. Only a small amount of product is needed as it spreads easily. I always prefer using a face wash that foams up as I feel that I can see it and feel it cleaning my skin better, even though this clay wash does not foam up, I still feel that my skin is thoroughly clean thanks to the cooling effect it has on my skin. My skin feels refreshingly clean and soft after using this product.

To use as a face mask: apply an even layer onto clean, dry skin avoiding the lip and eye area, I like to use the face mask after using the Cooling Scrub or Triple Micellar Water when I’m too lazy to first cleanse with the Clay Wash. Allow the mask to dry for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly. Even though it’s only on for a minute my skin feels deeply purified from all toxins and my pores feel clean not clogged up. What I don’t like about using this product as a face mask is that my skin tends to feel a bit dry afterwards but I feel that my eye cream, face cream and sunscreen absorbs into my skin a lot better which I do like as the products are not sitting on top of my skin and are rather deeply absorbed so they can work their magic. Another thing that I like other than the refreshing, cooling sensation is that it’s such a quick and effective face mask so it fits perfectly into my busy schedule and I’m now able to mask at least twice a week.


Neutrogena Skin Detox Cooling Scrub 

I’m obsessed with face scrubs but I’ve struggled to find the perfect face scrub that’s non-abrasive yet effective, until now. Neutrogena’s Cooling Scrub polishes and purifies skin for a radiant complexion. The cooling gel formula specifically targets all types of known impurities and pollution. Formulated with gentle micro-exfoliators and enriched with glycolic acid, the cooling scrub polishes skin and purifies pores by drawing out trapped dirt, oil and make-up while it helps preserve skin’s essential moisture balance. Skin is left feeling deeply purified, soft and radiant. It does not clog pores. A face scrub shouldn’t be used daily, I like to use it 2-3 times a week I use it every other day after cleansing with a face wash, in this case the Neutrogena Clay Wash.


The Neutrogena Cooling Scrub comes in a 150ml turquoise and white tube, with a blue label on the front stating what the product is, it also has a flip cap that works well at safely securing the product in so that there’s no leakage (the caps on each product are not flimsy) and it has a small opening to squeeze the product out from just like the 3-in-1 Clay Wash-Mask. I love that these products come in tubes as it’s easier for me to cut open when the products are almost finished so that I can get every last bit out and nothing goes to waste.



The Cooling Scrub is a translucent light blue colour, with tiny white microbeads and medium blue microbeads, it has a gel texture and it has the same refreshing almost minty scent as the 2-in1 Clay Wash-Mask. The scrub should be used after using the Clay Wash, to use you first wet face, apply to hands, add water and massage gently onto face and neck avoiding the eye area. I like to also use face scrubs on my dry lips especially on the sides as they tend to crack there and I like to focus on my t-zone area like my nose because I tend to get a lot of blackheads there, my forehead, chin and also my jawline as I get a lot of hormonal breakouts around this area. Only a small amount is needed as it spreads quite easily and lathers up really well (you can see in my Instagram video) which I didn’t expect it to do.  The Cooling Scrub feels slightly grainy on my face but non-abrasive, it has a very satisfying cooling/tingling effect and it gently yet effectively exfoliates my skin making it feel fresh and thoroughly clean without stripping the moisture from my skin. It’s definitely not called a cooling scrub for nothing the tingling cooling feeling on my skin is sensational!

I absolutely love the Neutrogena Cooling Scrub, I like how clean and soft my skin feels after using it, it definitely gets rid of dead skin cells and unblocks my pores preventing breakouts, I can really feel it working. The different sized microbeads have different jobs like the tiny white ones clean the pores from within while the bigger blue ones remove all the dead skin cells from the surface leaving my skin glowing.

Overall I’m crazy about this cleansing range and highly recommend it. I love how refreshingly clean my skin feels after using this trio even if I just use one of the products from the range and I love how my skincare products just melt into my skin after using these cleansing products. The best part is that the cooling sensation has not caused any skin irritation and the range has also not caused flare-ups and breakouts so it is really suitable for sensitive skin.

The Neutrogena Skin Detox products retail for R119.95 each.

You could win the entire range by simply following these easy steps:

  1. Follow me on Instagram @bcbalutto and Neutrogena SA @neutrogenasa.
  2. Like my video where I show you how to use each product.
  3. Comment and let me know which product you’re keen on trying and tag a friend.

The competition is open to S.A residents only please make sure that you follow all the steps correctly, I will be checking. If all 3 steps are not completed you will be disqualified. Good luck beauties!

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  1. Lerato Tlou says:

    After washing your face with this product do you apply anything or you just leave it like that?is there any need of moisturisation?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These are just cleansing products so you will need to apply a moisturiser after. So after I use these products I then tone, apply on my eye cream, serum, face cream and sunscreen in the morning.


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