NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo

Did you know that dandruff affects roughly 50% of men in their twenties? As we grow older we grow out of getting dandruff but not entirely. At least 2 out of 3 people including women suffer with dandruff at some point in their life. Dandruff typically appears as white flakes which are just dead skin cells that have been shed from your scalp and normally found on the back of your neck or shirt.


Most people think that dry skin causes dandruff because you find dead skin on your shirt or neck, but that is not actually true. Most dandruff sufferers have oily skin. Research has shown that a microscopic fungus called “malassezia globosa” is the culprit of dandruff. We all have this fungus on our skin. This fungus only becomes an issue when it grows faster than what it should. When the fungus grows this quickly our bodies’ natural renewal of skin cells is disturbed and becomes imbalanced this causes the skin cells to regenerate way too quickly. When the regenerated skin cells fuses with the oily skin, white flakes are formed called dandruff. That is why I need to introduce you to NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo with Bamboo Extract.


NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo with Bamboo Extract gives you the ultimate dandruff control! The anti-dandruff shampoo with NIVEA’s patent pending Active System formula spreads quickly and targets the direct causes of dandruff. The shampoo clears up to 100% visible flakes and prevents re-appearing with continues use, it works from the very first wash which I find very impressive. The Active System formula brings scalp back into its natural balance, it’s dermatologically approved and Ph-skin-friendly for everyday use which means it is not harsh on your scalp or skin and can be used daily. NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo’s formula is enriched with bamboo extract that strengthens the hair from the roots outwards.


Bamboo is one of Mother Nature’s most amazing plants, and has many uses. Bamboo has the highest amount (70%) of vegetative silica, Silica helps form the building blocks of collagen which is an important protein found in your body. Once silica starts lacking in your body it doesn’t only affect our hair but also our skin, nails and other organs in our body.


Shampoos that contain bamboo extract are actually amazing at washing away the dead skin cells that can build up on hair strands. It also helps by removing the build-up of pollutants, body oils, and chemicals on the hair. Using a shampoo that contains bamboo extract can help with the overall appearance and health of your hair, allowing it to become more manageable, shinier, softer and stronger.


NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo comes in a dark blue 250ml bottle with a silver twist cap that has a blue flip cap on top of it. I like the design of this type of cap due to the fact that when the shampoo runs out you can twist the silver part and completely empty out the bottle. An amazing feature of this packaging is the grips that are moulded on either side which helps when showering by preventing the bottle from slipping out of my hand and falling on to my toes.


NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo is white in colour and has a refreshing clean scent not like most anti-dandruff shampoos that’s loaded with either a lot of minty or medicated scents. The shampoo is thick and not (watery) runny that most of it actually lands on the floor. The shampoo spreads easily with just a little product and foams up really well. The scent is long-lasting on my hair and i can feel the freshness on my scalp. I enjoy using the NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo even though I do not suffer with dandruff I just really like the way it makes my scalp and hair feel, I know that you should not use these types of shampoos on your beard, but I just had to and I was not disappointed at all, as it has the same effect as it did on my hair, it’s not harsh on my face and my beard does not itch and flake.


The NIVEA MEN Anti-Dandruff Power Shampoo with Bamboo Extract retails for R69.95 for a 250ml bottle. You can find the Anti-Dandruff shampoo at most leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide.

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