Kangol Cosmic Winter

I would like to introduce you to Kangols Cosmic Winter range inspired by the galaxy and definitely out of this world. The range consists of ten products from brow products to body products, each product has a fun galaxy/space themed name. Although this range was launched for winter it is not limited to just one season and can be used all year round. The ten products that the Kangol Cosmic Winter range consists of are: two Oh My Brow duo liquid liner/retractable pencils, two lipsticks one is limited edition, a Milkyway Body Balm, Cosmic Winter Perfume and four shimmery galactic nail polishes.


Kangol Oh My Brow Duo Precision Shaping Pencil With Brow Tint

Kangol Oh My Brow Duo is a dual-ended brow product, one end has a precision shaping brow pencil and the other end a felt tip (brow tint) that can also be used as a liquid eyeliner to create the perfect winged liner. They are available in two colours: Jet Setter Black and ‘Bae’sic Brown (I love the creative names and play on words).


The dual-ended brow products come in a black long tube with a picture on each end showing which side is the pencil and which is felt, each shade has an iridescent sticker on the felt end lid stating what shade it is. The pens have pull off lids which click back on, they don’t easily open up in my cosmetic bag safely securing each product on each side so you won’t have to worry about it messing and staining your cosmetic bag making it safe to take on your travels. Let me go into detail and tell you about each end of the product, each shade and how they have been working for me.



Pencil: the brow pencil is a teardrop shape and it’s retractable. The shape of the brow pencil allows for me to shape my brows using the sides of the pencil to outline each brow, define my brows by creating hair like strokes with the pointed tip, while the flatter part is used to shade in my brows so I get beautiful natural ombré eyebrows.

The pencils are soft and creamy but not too soft that it breaks off when applying, I’ve experienced this before with other brow products where the top piece breaks off, making it difficult to work with. It applies on smoothly, it’s easy to blend the product in with a spoolie (remember to always blend in your brow products to avoid solid unnatural looking brows), the colours are soft that each shade looks natural on but the colours can be built up according to how dark, defined and bold you want your brows by just applying more pressure when applying it to your eyebrows.


Felt: the felt tip is a brow tint or rather a liquid liner that can be used to fill in any patchy areas of your brows by creating soft-light-handed hair like strokes. It’s perfect to create really intense fluffy brows which are very in right now. To create fluffy brows brush spoolie onto soap then brush brows upwards with the spoolie, the soap keeps the brows in place then use the felt tip and create hair like strokes upwards filling in any brow gaps. I find that the felt works better as an eyeliner as it has a bit of a shiny finish and it’s more intense in colour even with light handed strokes.

The felt applicator is long and pointy, the lid pushes it down when closed allowing the liquid to coat the felt applicator for you next application. I was a bit sceptical about the long felt tip as I’ve used an eyeliner with a long felt applicator before and the felt tip was soft and bent everytime I applied on the eyeliner and created a big mess. This is not the case with Kangols eyeliner, although the applicator is long it is strong yet gentle on the eyes and won’t bend during application. The liquid liner formula is watery but not too watery and messy and it dries down quick so it won’t smudge. The eyeliner offers sharp wings every time with its pointed tip.

If you are not an expert at applying liquid liner I suggest that you don’t use this one as it dries down quick and if you make any mistakes it’s difficult to fix it by trying to wipe it off as it won’t budge. I actually love that about this eyeliner because it doesn’t smudge, flake or rub off even if you have oily eyelids like mine. I’m super impressed, the first time I used it I went to the beauty expo and they were offering facials so I decided to have one but first they had to remove my makeup and boy did they struggle! My winged liner was not completely removed after using water and some makeup remover products, this actually made me think that the Kangol Liquid Liner could possibly be a dupe for Huda’s new Life Liner.

If the liquid liners/brow tint had a matte finish they would work beautifully on the brows. I love that the Jet Setter Black liquid liner doesn’t skip when dragged on the lid so it allows for quick and easy application. The ‘Bae’sic Brown liquid liner formula seems to be different to the black as it does not offer the same intensity and starts peeling when you go over the liner to build up the colour causing a bit of a mess and some frustration.



Jet Setter Black: this is a soft black shade perfect for anyone who has dark hair and/or dark brows. My eyebrows are naturally dark brown so I feel that I can get away with dying my brows black so the colour lasts longer and its bolder. The problem with dying them black is that I struggle to find a good soft black brow pencil as the ones I’ve used before are too intense and make my brows look drawn on and unnatural. Kangols Jet Setter Black brow pencil is absolutely perfect, it is soft black so it looks very natural.


‘Bae’sic Brown: the pencil is a soft dark brown which is perfect for brunettes. When I first swatched the ‘Bae’sic Brown pencil and liquid liner on my hand it looked red with abit of orange and I thought that it might be perfect for red haired babes but when I applied the pencil to my brows it’s a soft natural brown but the liquid liner still looks a bit orange, reddish, brown and has a shiny finish. The liquid liner works best for winged eyes.


I love how convenient the Oh My Brow product is as I don’t have to carry a separate brow and liquid liner on my trips. Brows and eyes sorted with just one product.

Kangol Oh My Brow retails for R99.00 each just think you are getting two products in one at such an affordable price.

Kangol Lipsticks

Two beautiful shades of lipsticks form part of this amazing space-tacular range: Nebula which is limited edition and Solar Flare.


The lipsticks are housed in shiny black tubes/bullets that have the Kangol logo in matte black on the lid (I still love the contrast), the names of each shade are at the bottom of the tubes and the top of the lid is see through so you can peak at the colour. The limited edition shade has an iridescent sticker on the lid stating that it is limited edition. Both lipsticks have a beautiful pleasant sweet vanilla scent which is Kangols signature lipstick scent.


Nebula: this is the limited edition shade, it’s a pretty plum with purple glitter particles, it has a soft  creamy texture and it is very pigmented. It applies on smoothly and evenly in just one swipe and does not feel grainy from the glitter particles. Nebula has a shiny, soft, sparkly finish. The glitter gives the illusion of fuller lips as it sparkles in just the right places (centre of lips and cupid’s bow). Although this shade is super intense it doesn’t stain the lips and because of its soft creamy texture it is not long-lasting. I love how comfortable this lipstick feels on.


Solar Flare: I’ve been wanting a colour like this for the longest time but never found one until now, this is a stunning bright, bold, reddish orange colour and reminds me of beautiful African sunsets. Solar Flare has the same soft, creamy texture as Nebula, it also applies on smoothly and evenly. This shade is highly pigmented, so there’s no need to layer it, it has a shiny finish as well and is not very long-lasting because of the beautiful texture and shine. This shade stains the lips because of how insanely pigmented it is but it is easy to remove the stains with makeup remover or micellar water. It feels just as comfortable on as Nebula.


Because both colours are so pigmented and creamy they do tend to get on the teeth and can mess around the lips when eating or drinking. All you have to do is set the lipsticks with some translucent powder to try and keep them in place throughout the day. First line your lips with the same colour lip liner as the lipstick or a nude colour, apply the lipstick, then fold a tissue in half and put it in between your lips and press onto it to remove any excess product to prevent it from messing on your teeth, lastly put the tissue over your lips and apply translucent powder over with a fluffy brush.



The Kangol lipsticks retail for R85.00 each.

Kangol Milkyway Body Balm 

Kangols Milkyway Body Balm is a glitter body butter that has hints of Kangol Cosmic Winter scent which I’ll tell you about next. I have been using body glitter/shimmer for as long as I can remember even when they weren’t such a huge beauty trend as they are right now so I was so excited to see Kangol launching such an amazing product. I couldn’t use this product in winter as I was all covered up but could only start using it since last month when my shorts, low cut tops and dresses came out of hiding.


The Milkyway Body Balm comes in a cute 50ml tub, the twist on lid has a holographic milky way label on it which looks so beautiful in the sun. When opening up the lid the balm is protected with a protective cover that can easily be lifted off using the small tab. Upon pulling off the protective cover you are hit with the most pleasant sweet scent which I can’t describe. The balm is peach in colour and packed with fine silver glitter that slightly colour shifts from silver, blue and purple just like the milky way. Although the tub is tiny it will last long as only a small amount is needed.



The balm is buttery soft and creamy so it’s easy to scoop out of the tub. A little spreads easily, it doesn’t feel grainy despite all the glitter particles, it applies on smoothly, the peach colour disappears and all you are left with is soft, moisturised, shimmery skin with a glow. The glitter is quite intense but I struggled to capture it on camera. This body balm is perfect for a night out or if you are like me then any time of the day for a beautiful summery glow. The body balm doesn’t rub off throughout the day and because it’s a balm it can be worn to the beach and pool parties as it doesn’t come off in the water unless rubbed.


The tub is cute and small making it easy to pop into your handbag. I absolutely love this product not only does it give my body such a beautiful shimmer and glow but moisturises it as well and makes me smell amazing. I’m pleasantly surprised that the scent doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. To intensify the scent first apply on the Milkyway Body Balm and then the Cosmic Winter perfume over for a long-lasting scent that won’t fade throughout the day. Kangol launched a new Summer Glow Body Balm for summer that is a beautiful bronze colour which I’m excited to try and will tell you about soon. I can’t wait to look like a bronzed Goddess ;).

The Kangol Milkyway Body Balm retails for R99.00.

Kangol Cosmic Winter Perfume

Kangol Comic Winter perfume is not just a perfect winter scent I feel that it works just as well if not better in summer as it has soft floral notes.


The perfume comes in a navy blue milky way print box, the box opens up to a beautiful 50ml holographic milky way print rectangle bottle that has a crystal like lid. I’m obsessed with the colour shift of the bottle and the big crystal lid, the packaging is out of this world!


The perfume starts off with strong citrusy notes then settles into beautiful floral notes. The reason why I said in the beginning that this perfume works even better in summer is that winter scents are more rich and heavy. Winter perfumes have more woody, earthy and comforting scents while summer scents are more fresh, crisp, light, fruity or floral and this best describes the Cosmic Winter perfume. It’s light, sweet and floral. Cosmic Winter works well over the Milkyway Body Balm as it creates a more intense but not unpleasant long-lasting scent throughout the day. The two compliment each other really well. Cosmic Winter is perfect for everyday use and for any occasion.

You can make your perfume last longer by spritzing it onto your clothes, spray directly onto your skin behind your ears, your neck, your pulse points which are your wrists (but don’t rub your wrists together it neutralizes the scent), inside your elbows, below your midriff and behind your knees, spray directly onto your hair or onto your hair brush then brush it through your hair (trust me, this makes the scent last until the next day or two) and lastly apply vaseline to your pulse points before spraying your perfume over but in this case you can use the Milkyway Body Balm as it will work better than vaseline because it has hints of Cosmic Winter.

The Kangol Cosmic Winter perfume retails for R165.00.

Kangol Cosmic Winter Nail Polishes 

The best way to describe the four nail polishes that form part of the Cosmic Winter range is Galactic! The colours beautifully represent the galaxy. All four nail polishes are shimmery, the glitter representing the stars in the galaxy. The nail polishes come in Kangols signature square bottles with a black lid. The brush applicator is thin allowing for precise application.


The four shimmery shades are:

  1. Mystic Violet: this is a pretty violet purple that has multi-coloured glitter particles.
  1. Meteor Blue: this is a stunning navy blue with silver and blue glitter particles. One of my favourites from the four. 
  1. Cosmic Green: is a gorgeous jade green with silver glitter particles. Another favourite.
  1. Galactic Gold: this is a pretty yellow gold with silver glitter particles.


Firstly how awesome are the names of each nail polish? All four nail polishes are very pigmented, one coat offers even and full coverage but I prefer two, they apply on smoothly even though they are packed with glitter and they do not feel grainy on the nails or to the touch. The formula is consistent with all four nail polishes, it’s not too thin and not too thick that it applies on clumpy. What surprised me the most with these nail polishes is that they weren’t difficult to remove like most shimmer nail polishes. I love the glossy shimmer effect, these nail polishes are perfect for any season and any occasion. They look good individually but even better when each colour is applied to each nail like I did :).


The Kangol Cosmic Winter Nail Polishes retail for R79.00 each. 

I feel that Kangol accurately depicted the Galaxy with this beauty range. I’m absolutely impressed with the way the colours of the packaging and products and names of each product corresponds with the galaxy.

When the range launched Kangol gave a free beanie when you spent R400 or more. The beanie kept my head warm in winter while looking cute and stylish. Look at the iridescent detail, how pretty is it?



All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths stores nationwide.

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