NIVEA Urban Detox Mask

NIVEA recently launched 1 minute facial masks in two variants depending on what your skin needs: Pore Refine and Moisturise. Given our busy lifestyles we don’t often have the time to take care of our skin the way that we should, that’s why NIVEA created face masks that deliver fast and effective results in just 1 minute! The new NIVEA Urban Detox Masks work fast so they fit easily into your busy schedule now there’s no excuse not to mask.


Both face masks come in 75ml white tubes, each variant has a different colour on the front of the packaging, the Pore Refine is turquoise while the Moisturise variant is blue this is how you can differentiate the two. The tubes have flip caps that are easy to open, they don’t feel flimsy and safely secures the product in with no leakage so they are safe to travel with. The cap has NIVEA embossed on it, there’s a small opening for the product to come out so you can control the amount of product squeezed out without wasting any. You can cut the tubes open to get every last bit out when the products are almost finished, I don’t like wasting any products so I love when I’m able to cut open the packaging to get every last drop. Let me tell you all about each variant and how they have been working for me.


NIVEA 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Pore Refine

I was most excited about trying the Pore Refine Mask as it is a self-heating mask and I’ve never used one before.



If you need a deep cleanse then the NIVEA 1 minute Pore Refine Detox Mask is for you. The self-heating formula opens the pores for a really deep cleanse. Pores are refined, impurities are removed and skin is visibly tightened. The translucent gel-formula with Magnolia Extract detoxifies the skin by reducing environmental stressors. Your skin will be noticeably clear, smooth and healthy looking.

How it works: Apply generously onto a cleansed, wet face. Massage in small circles avoiding the eye and lip area. I sometimes like to apply my face masks to my lips too if they are not too harsh but don’t apply this around your eye area. To increase the heating action massage in additional water. The mask does not dry or harden. After 1 minute rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


The mask has a thin consistency so it spreads easily, it heats up as soon as it comes in contact with the skin, it’s not a scary overwhelming heat or burn but rather a gentle heat sensation. It feels like honey on my skin but just a thinner texture, it also feels very light on the skin and has a glossy finish. When additional water is added it heats up again but not as much as it did when it was first applied and it slightly lathers up as you can see in the second picture below. The mask has a beautiful subtle scent that most NIVEA skincare products have (NIVEA’s signature scent), I think it’s from the Magnolia Extract.



My skin feels detoxified, it definitely feels cleaner, soft, smooth and matte (not dry and tight) after using the mask. The mask is perfect to use before applying makeup as it creates a smoother, clean and mattified canvas to work with and/or it can be used after removing makeup or before going to bed after a long day.


NIVEA 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Moisturise

I struggle with dehydrated skin so I was excited to give the Moisturise mask a try.


If your skin is dehydrated, moisture-deprived, looks dull, lifeless and lacks radiance, then you need a boost of moisture! The NIVEA 1 minute Moisturise Detox Mask is the answer. The nourishing, creamy formula with Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid detoxifies skin by reducing environmental stressors and intensively moisturises leaving skin soft, smooth and radiant.

How it works: Apply generously onto a cleansed face avoiding the eye and lip area. Again I apply this to my dry lips but avoid the eyes. Leave on for at least 1 minute, the mask will absorb quickly. You can then either massage any remaining product gently into the skin or you can remove excess with a cotton pad.


The mask is light green in colour, it has a refreshing clean scent, it has a soft light creamy texture and it feels a little tacky when applied but the tackiness goes away after a couple of seconds. It applies like a face cream, although it’s light green in colour it’s completely clear once applied onto the skin and has a shiny finish (you can see in the picture below). After just over a minute most of the product is absorbed I then massage any little remaining product into my skin and onto my lips. I have tried the mask both ways by first massaging in the excess product into my face, lips and neck area and I also tried it by removing the excess product with a cotton pad. Honestly both work the same by providing equal amounts of hydration to my skin I don’t see or feel a difference using it either way, I do however prefer to massage in the excess product rather than wasting it by removing it with a cotton pad but if the shine is too much and you struggle with very oily skin which I sometimes do then I suggest removing any excess product with a cotton pad.


My skin feels hydrated, moisturised and smooth to the touch, it also has a dewy, healthy glow without feeling oily and sticky. I don’t use a toner or apply on a moisturiser after using the Moisturise mask, I leave it on overnight. In the morning my skin feels hydrated and looks radiant and healthy. I feel that the Moisturise mask is more like a moisturising treatment cream rather than a face mask which makes this mask perfect to use before going to bed as it is very rich and hydrating, if you use it in the morning your skin will look oily throughout the day so it’s best as an overnight moisturising treatment and the Pore Refine Mask can be used in the morning.


I love both NIVEA Urban Detox Masks each perfect for my current skin concerns and very effective. I like to use a face mask at least once a week, these 1 minute masks are so gentle yet effective so they can be used as often as needed.

For a facial in only 1 minute, try out these two NEW time-savers from NIVEA.

NIVEA 1 Minute Detox Mask retails for R99.99 each for a 75ml tube.

Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

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