Kangol #Photoshopped BB Cream

For years I’ve been a fan of BB Creams as I don’t often wear foundation as it can sometimes feel heavy on my skin and not look very natural. I used BB Creams before I knew anything about foundation, it’s only been a couple of years that I really got into using foundation. I’ve tried many brands of BB Creams and reviewed quite a few especially before travelling/going on holiday as they are my go-to vacay product, I’ve never carried foundation with me on any of my travels only always a BB or CC Cream because who has time to apply on a full face/heavy makeup on vacation when you could be using that extra time to explore. Before I introduce you to Kangols new exciting range of BB Creams and Beauty Blending Sponge’s I would like to first tell you what a BB Cream is and how it works.


What is a BB Cream?

A BB Cream is a ‘blemish balm’ or ‘beauty balm’ an all-in-one product which acts as a moisturiser, primer, SPF, foundation, skin treatment and concealer. BB creams are basically light foundations or tinted moisturises with skincare benefits, so you get all day skincare and light coverage in a single product.

How does it work? 

BB Creams typically contain SPF which fights against premature aging. Its concealer properties  even out the skin tone and perfect unevenness and lastly its light-reflecting properties make the complexion look bright and radiant.

Kangol #Photoshopped BB Cream

Kangol BB Creams are lightweight allowing your skin to breathe, they are moisturising and have skincare benefits such as SPF20 and can be used on all skin types and if you have very oily skin you can set it with Kangols compact powder (which I haven’t yet tried but hoping to 😊).


Kangol #Photoshopped BB Creams come in three shades: light, medium and dark that can be used alone or mixed together to create a customised shade making them perfect all year round. This winter I struggled with my foundation shades as my skin became very pale I wish the BB Creams launched sooner as they would’ve been perfect for winter but will be even better for summer 😉.




Kangols #Photoshopped BB Creams come in thin black 30g tubes that are framed/see through in the centre so you can see the colour of the product. The tube has a twist lid which safely secures the product so that there is no leakage in your cosmetic bag. The opening is quite small so you can control how much product you choose to squeeze out so none of it goes to waste. Because the cream is slightly thick and creamy and the opening is tiny there is no leakage in the cap. The tubes are so slender making them easy to travel with as they dont take up much space. The BB Cream feels like a moisturiser, goes on like a moisturiser, has a slight moisturiser scent and its slightly thick and creamy so not much is needed as a little goes a long way and lastly it blends in well or rather melts into the skin and adjusts perfectly to match your exact skin tone.





The BB Cream has a soft matte finish and leaves my skin feeling smooth. The BB Creams offer light coverage which is very sheer and not very buildable but you can gently pat and blend in more BB Cream in areas that need a little more coverage. It feels very comfortable on my skin, it feels like I just applied on my usual moisturiser, it’s not heavy, oily or drying and doesn’t clog my pores. Because I have oily or sweaty eyelids I find that it creases a bit under the eyes and lids but a translucent powder works perfectly to set it and prevent further creasing throughout the day. The BB Creams can be applied using any of the Kangol Beauty Blending Sponge’s, their foundation or stippling brush or your fingers, I prefer to use my fingers as the heat from my fingers warms up the product allowing it to spread easily and blend in easily resulting in a more natural, flawless and radiant look.

I can immediately see the difference once the BB Cream is absorbed/blended into my skin, it evens out my skin tone and brightens my face making me look more awake and it looks very natural, see for yourself.


I recently wore the medium shade BB Cream to the Women’s Health Fit Night Out Event where it was a full afternoon of intense exercise and I was pleasantly surprised that the BB Cream stayed put throughout the workout classes and even after the event it still looked good. Even though there isn’t a wide variety of shades just the basics, you can customise it by mixing the shades together to get your perfect shade for winter and summer. I also like to use the light shade as a concealer or brightener under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, centre of my forehead, along my cheek bones and on the centre of my chin. I use the dark shade for contouring by applying it close to my hair line, right under my cheek bones, along my jawline, on the curve of my chin and along the bridge of my nose. For the brightening and contouring I prefer to use the Kangol Beauty Blending Sponge’s to make sure it blends in seamlessly. The BB Creams can also be used with other beauty products, below is a picture of me using the medium shade with eyeliner, a lick of mascara, cream blush and Kangols cream highlighter and lastly some tinted lip balm for a very quick natural, no makeup makeup, healthy look. I have a secret little trick to share with you, if my foundation doesn’t match my skintone perfectly I like to mix a bit of BB Cream into it to slightly lighten or darken it.


What I love most about BB Creams is that it’s effortless you don’t need to first prime your face, apply concealer and you don’t need to wash it off at the end of the day like you would a foundation. Making it the perfect all-in-one beauty must-have for when you don’t have time or don’t feel like applying on any makeup, or want a very natural ‘I woke up like this’ look but still want to lightly conceal dark circles and even out your skin tone. I love that Kangol took the stress out of having to find your perfect shade and BB Cream to match your skin type by creating three basic shades that can be blended together and are suitable for all skin types.


At first I was disappointed with how thin the tube is thinking that the product won’t last long but after using it and seeing that a little spreads so easily and gives me my desired light coverage I’m happy with the thin packaging and the amount of product inside. And when the product is almost finished you can easily cut open the tube to get out every last bit. Kangols #Photoshopped BB Creams are perfect for every season. I highly recommend them if you want a very natural no makeup look, it will definitely have people thinking that your pictures are photoshopped when in actual fact it’s all natural baby! 😉.

Kangol #Photoshopped BB Cream retails for R149.00 each.

Kangol Beauty Blending Sponge’s

I’ve reviewed Kangols Beauty Blending Sponge’s in detail when they first launched you can find out all about them here. The recent Beauty Blending Sponge’s that I received are different in colour and shaped differently to the ones I’ve reviewed before. The packaging is also slightly different with the plastic tube being shorter and wider and the label black which stands out more than the previous white label and makes it clearer to see the face chart and read the instructions at the back of the label. Kangols got your back with two Beauty Blending Sponge’s in each pack that are slightly different in shape. One can be used to apply skincare products while the other beauty products and or setting/baking powder.


When using these sponges for the first time you need to first submerge them in water and leave to air dry, the sponge will expand almost 3 times bigger than its normal size and will be softer making it easier to use. It is important to always wet your beauty Blending Sponge before use and squeeze out any excess water so that the sponge is not soaked but damp when using it. This allows the sponge to bounce easily on the face for  flawless application and prevents it from soaking up product. Wash after each use with water and a mild soap and always leave it to air dry.


Both the green and pink Beauty Blending Sponge’s have a pointy tip that can be used to apply makeup in the hard-to-reach areas (concealer or colour corrector under the eyes and highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and brow arch). The bottom of the pink sponge is flat but slightly curved making it perfect to apply and blend in moisturisers, primer, foundation, concealer, colour corrector, contour, highlight and blushes. The flat part of both sponge’s are perfect to pack on setting powder.



The Beauty Blending Sponge’s work well but are still abit hard when damp and tend to soak up a small amount of makeup. I do however find them perfect for applying on my translucent powder for baking and setting as it picks up a good amount of powder thanks to the flat part and packs it on nicely under my eyes, center of the forehead and you can swipe it effortlessly under the cheek bones with the new flat shape. It makes baking so much easier. I’m obsessed with the newer shapes and bright bold colours of these sponges. If you are ever unsure of how to use a beauty blending sponge Kangol has a face chart with instructions on the packaging.


Kangols Beauty Blending Sponge’s retail for R95.00 for a pack of two which is really affordable.


I’ve been really impressed with the variety of products that Kangol have launched this year. So stay tuned for more reviews on Kangols new exciting products.

All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths stores nationwide.

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