Epi-max Ultra & Man

Hydrate, nourish and revive dry skin this winter with Epi-max. I’m sure by now you all know that Epi-max is my go-to brand for my dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin. It is honestly the only skincare brand which works best for me and last year they launched two new product ranges: Epi-max Ultra (red) and Epi-max Man (grey) and today I will be telling you all about them and re-introducing you to two products from their standard range (yellow).



I have reviewed some products from their standard range (yellow), Epi-max Baby & Junior (lilac) and Epi-max Plus (blue) range and have went into detail as to why Epi-max differs from any other brand and aqueous cream, you can read all about it here. I also went into detail explaining how the skin becomes dry, what the most common dry skin conditions in children and adults are and how Epi-max helps which you can read about here.

Each range is easy to identify on the shelves as they are all colour coordinated: the original/standard range is yellow in colour which consists of body cream in different sizes, bathe oil, hand cream and lotion. The Epi-max Baby & Junior range is lilac in colour and has a teddy bear print on the packaging, the range consists of baby lotion, cream and bathe oil. Epi-max Plus which is my favourite range as it works best for people with skin conditions such as mine is navy blue in colour and consists of two products which are a body cream and foot cream, I hope that Epi-max will expand this range in the future with a bathe oil, mild soap, shower gel and maybe lip balm. The new Epi-max Ultra range is red in colour and consists of one product, an ointment, I also hope that this range expands. Lastly the Epi-max Man range is grey in colour and consists of a body lotion and cream specially formulated for men.

Epi-max Ultra Ointment 

I would like to introduce you to Epi-max Ultra which is a therapeutic ointment that soothes very dry, damaged or cracked skin by creating a protective barrier over the skin, it reduces moisture loss and helps the skin regenerate. The product is safe to use on babies, it is suitable for frequent use unlike a corticosteroid ointment which is often prescribed by a dermatologist for people who struggle with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and is not safe for frequent use. Epi-max Ultra is hypo-allergenic (less likely to cause allergic reactions), fragrance free, colourant free and preservative free which is why it is gentle enough for the whole family and for frequent use.


Epi-max Ultra Ointment comes in a sealed 40g tube, it has a red twist cap and red droplet on the tube making it easy to differentiate from the other Epi-max ranges. It is a milky white ointment almost  the same consistency as a corticosteroid ointment, it doesn’t have a scent, it leaves a shiny finish on the skin (like petroleum jelly) and it is very soothing and hydrating.



I get eczema rashes all over my body especially in winter so the tiny tube sample that I received in my press pack was not enough to use over a long period of time to tell you what the results are, however it moisturised and soothed my eczema flare-ups so they were not as dry and itchy as they were before applying the ointment. The ointment had to be reapplied throughout the day as it wore off quickly, the tiny tube that I received lasted about 2-3days even though I used a small amount as it does spread quite easily. What I love about this ointment is that it is a multi-purpose product, it can be used to soothe dry and cracked lips, soften cuticles and used on very dry knees and elbows, I would also use it as a beauty product to create feathered brows. Had I  received the full size tube I could tell you and show you how the product works with continuous use not only on my flare-ups but also using it in different ways as a skincare and beauty product.

Epi-max Ultra 40g tube retails for R75.00.

Epi-max Man Cream 

Epi-max Man is a pure cetomacrogol (non-greasy emollient or moisturiser used to treat dry skin conditions) and glycerine emollient moisturiser for all skin types and dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The formulation works by creating a protective barrier over the skin, reduces moisture loss and helps the skin regenerate. Epi-max Man can also be used as a soap substitute. Like all Epi-max products this range is suitable for frequent use, it is fragrance free, colourant free and preservative free.


I love that Epi-max created a mens range of creams and lotion as Moe always ends up using my skincare products and most importantly I love that they are suitable for men with skin conditions as their aren’t any brands that I know of that cater for men with skin conditions. Men’s skincare products always contain strong, overwhelming “manly” fragrances which is harsh and also an irritant if you struggle with sensitive skin or a skin condition, Moe has recently developed eczema as an adult so this range definitely came in handy. Epi-max Man consists of 2 products: a cream which comes in two sizes one that’s convenient to carry around 100g tube, a 400g tub packaging for home use and an easy to use 450ml pump bottle lotion.

Epi-max Man range is packaged differently for ease and convenience when shopping. The range is easy to spot on the shelves with its “manly” grey packaging that states in white text that it’s for men. The cream which Moe received comes in a sealed 100g tube. At first I thought is was a hand lotion as lotions normally come in a tube packaging but after trying some on my hand I realised that it’s a thick cream in a tube.

This is what Moe thinks about this product: The Epi-Max Man has a thick consistency yet absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any white or oily residue. The one thing about the cream that I really like is that it is fragrance free so you are not left with any overwhelming scents that irritate the skin and clash with your cologne. This winter I have been struggling with eczema which I had not suffered with before but Epi-Max has come to my rescue, I have been using the Epi-Max Man cream on the flare-ups and it has left my skin feeling hydrated. I find the tube to be very convenient as I can keep it in my laptop bag which I can then use throughout the day when I feel that my skin is becoming dry.



We would like to see more products added to this range like a soap, shower gel and maybe hair and beard products that are fragrance free and cater to all men, especially those with dry skin conditions that can’t use harsh products.

Epi-max Man retails for: 100g cream tube R48.00, 400g cream tub R78.00 and 450ml lotion pump bottle R70.00.

Epi-max Lotion 

I would like to reintroduce you to two products from the Epi-max standard range. The Epi-max lotion is a pure cetomacrogol and glycerin emollient lotion suitable for all skin types and dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.


The lotion now comes in a 450ml pump bottle which is more convenient and prevents germs from going into the bottle. I’ve noticed that people are always poking their fingers into the cream tubs at the shops making it unhygienic and you don’t get the full amount of product, I suggest that Epi-max put a protective seal over the tubs like they do with the ointment. The lotion is white in colour, it does not have a scent, it has a thin texture, it spreads easily so not much is needed and it is fast-absorbing and leaves my skin feeling moisturised without any residue. However, my skin does not feel very hydrated and nourished as I have extremely dry, eczema prone skin. I prefer to use it as a hand lotion and keep on my bedside table to apply to my hands before going to bed and after washing my hands which I do a lot throughout the day (I’m a germaphobe).



The lotion is lightweight, because my skin is very dry which often results in rashes I need a product which is rich, nourishing and offers long-lasting hydration which is why Epi-max Plus is the best range for my skin as it contains added Urea and if my skin has very bad flare-ups my doctor has recommended that I mix a small amount of my prescribed corticosteroid ointment in with my Epi-max Plus cream and apply on affected areas. I do however like to use the Epi-max cream, lotion and bathe oil (yellow range) as a soap substitute when my skin is in a very bad condition and needs extra hydration which is always in winter. Using this range as a soap substitute helps to add and lock in moisture into my skin leaving it feeling hydrated for much longer and less irritated and itchy.

Epi-max Cream 

Epi-max Cream is a pure cetomacrogol and glycerin emollient cream for all skin types and dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. This too can be used as soap substitute.


The cream comes in different sizes we received 125g tub which is small and convenient. I love to take it with me when travelling, going to the spa to apply after I’ve had a shower and in my car as it fits perfectly in the cup holder. The cream is white in colour, does not have a scent, it has a thicker texture compared to the lotion and the texture is the same as the Epi-max Man cream in the tube. A little goes a long way as it spreads easily, it doesn’t absorb as quickly as the lotion but absorbs nicely into the skin when spread and rubbed in completely after a couple of seconds. The cream leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and hydrated but the hydration doesn’t last as long as the Epi-max Plus cream so it needs to be reapplied throughout the day if not then my skin becomes dry, itchy and sometimes flares-up.



I love using this as a hand cream and to apply on any dry patches on my face or body..that’s the thing with this brand it’s so gentle on the skin that I can also use the body cream on my face. I never go anywhere without my Epi-max cream as my hands always need to be moisturised and hydrated especially after washing them. If I’m not carrying the 125g tub then I ALWAYS have the 75g tube with me, you can check all my handbags, you are sure to find a tube of Epi-max cream in them.

Find out about the rest of the products in this range as well as a product from the Epi-max Plus range by clicking on the link below: https://aobmblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/epi-max/

You can also read about the entire Epi-max Baby & Junior range below: https://aobmblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/epi-max-baby-junior/

What I love about this brand is that all products are hypo-allergenic, fragrance and colourant free and contain cetomacrogol and glycerine which are non-greasy and treat skin conditions but most importantly Epi-max does not test on animals and it’s a proudly South African brand.

Moe and I highly recommend Epi-max for everyone especially people who struggle with dry skin and dry skin conditions such as us. I have tried almost every skincare brand on the market (true story you can even see by the amount of skincare reviews I have) and Epi-max is the one I continue to use religiously as it’s more effective and more affordable so please don’t raise the prices anymore on your Epi-max Plus cream and please make a 125g tub as I’m always carrying the huge tub with me when travelling, a smaller tub will be easier to travel with and won’t break my ziplock bags.


Epi-max is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Medi-Rite pharmacy, Pick n Pay, Spar and Independent pharmacies.

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