Palmer’s Zero Break

If you struggle with weak, dry, fragile basically brittle hair that is prone to breakage than look no further because Palmer’s has a haircare range formulated for the hair concerns I have just mentioned. Their new Zero Break range consists of three essential products: a Cleansing Oil Shampoo, a Strengthening Conditioner and a Reconstructive Multi-Phase Elixir. I will be going into more detail on each product and how it has been working for my hair in a bit but first I want to let you know what causes hair breakage and how Palmer’s Zero Break range helps to reduce it.


Hair breakage has many different causes such as diet, stress, hormones, health issues, heat damage, over-processing, over-washing (wash your hair at most twice a week), vigorously towel drying your hair, hair elastics (which is why I prefer to use an invisibobble), incorrectly brushing and combing the hair (brush from the roots down, and comb from the ends and work your way up), split ends (get regular trims) and the environment.

Ceramides are a type of natural lipid that holds the scales of the hair cuticle together. The cuticle is the innermost layer of the hair that serves to protect the hair shaft and provide strength. When hair is damaged from over-processing, styling or environmental damage (like this cold winter that has not been good to my hair) then the ceramides are stripped away resulting in dull, very dry and breakage-prone hair. The Palmer’s Zero Break range contains Hydro-Ceramide Technology that replenish the natural lipid of the hair cuticles helping to improve the strength of the overall follicle while reducing breakage, damage or splitting. Other key ingredients and protective oils that are found in the range are:

  • Coconut Oil– helps lock in moisture to strengthen and add shine to hair also helping it to grow healthier.
  • Sweet Almond Oil– repairs and prevents damage.
  • Avocado Oil– seals cuticles and fortifies growth.
  • Jojoba Oil– moisturises scalp and controls hair loss.
  • Macadamia Oil– adds shine and controls frizz.
  • Natural Vitamin E– moisturises scalp and hair.

Growing up my mum would heat up a combination of the above mentioned oils with additional oils and apply it to my hair and scalp as a hot oil treatment at least twice a month which resulted in thick, long, shiny and healthy hair.

As a grown up I struggle with hair breakage from always colouring my hair, heat styling, I’m also guilty of vigorously towel drying my hair and also in the colder months my hair becomes very dry and brittle. When I received Palmer’s new range I was excited to try it out in the hopes that it would be the answer to my current hair concerns and boy has it helped my hair a lot this winter! The first thing that made me fall in love with this range is the scent that I got as soon as I opened up each product, I’m just crazy about the pleasantly intense coconut scent.

Palmer’s Zero Break Cleansing Oil Shampoo

The shampoo comes in a clear 350ml bottle, it has a paper label wrapped around it with a coconut image emphasising the main ingredient, the bottle has a brown cap that you press down where instructed- to open, it has a small opening to dispense the product, because the opening is small you can control how much of the product comes through.




The actual product has a bit of a gel texture and is honey brown in colour (looks like honey in a bottle), the gel texture is slightly runny and has the most amazing coconut scent that you just want to eat it and bathe in it. The product is used the same way as you would any shampoo, first apply to wet hair, work into a creamy lather and rinse thoroughly. The shampoo foams up well considering that it is an oil shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling clean that I only need to wash it once. My hair smells amazing during washing and after rinsing. After rinsing the shampoo completely out of my hair, my hair feels soft and ready for the next step. The coconut scent engulfs my entire bathroom making it smell heavenly and taking me back to sipping cocktails out of a giant coconut in Khao Lak.


The Palmer Zero Break Cleansing Oil Shampoo retails for R114.95.

Palmer’s Zero Break Strengthening Oil Conditioner

The conditioner comes in the exact same packaging as the shampoo. Even though all three products have a paper like label around the bottle it doesn’t break and come off in the shower from the heat and water.



The actual product is white in colour like the inside of a coconut, it has a soft creamy texture that’s not too thick, because it’s not too thick a little goes a long way, if you have an oily scalp like I do then apply the conditioner only to mid-lengths and ends of the hair not to the scalp. The conditioner smells just as heavenly as the shampoo but not as intense. To use apply generously to wet hair, starting from the ends working your way up, comb it through to ensure that each strand of hair is evenly coated, leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with cold water. It’s like applying the inside of a coconut onto my hair, it feels so luxurious. My hair feels soft after rinsing and I find that with continuous use of the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels even softer and well prepped for the next step.


The Palmer’s Zero Break Strengthening Oil Conditioner retails for R114.95.

Palmer’s Zero Break Reconstructor Multi-Phase Elixir

The Palmer’s Reconstructor Multi-Phase Elixir helps repair over-processed or damaged hair. The product comes in a clear 250ml spray bottle, it has the same paper like label with the coconut image and colour scheme as the other two products.


The hair elixir has two layers/phases, the top layer/phase is white and looks slightly creamy it is a Ceramide-infused cream to reconstruct and repair hair cuticle and the bottom layer is golden brown and looks oily, the bottom layer/phase is a blend of Protective Oils (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Tahitian Monoi, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Natural Vitamin E), it also has pieces of coconut at the bottom (which you can see in the picture below) showing how organic the product is.


The spray top works perfectly at dispensing product and doesn’t clog up. The only problem I have with the packaging is that some of the product leaks out from the base of the spray top. To use you need to shake the bottle to combine each Phase and activate the product (the picture above in the third panel shows how the product looks when the layers are mixed, check out my Instagram to see a video on how I mix the product) then spray on to damp hair, comb through to make sure it’s evenly distributed and style hair as usual do not rinse the product out. It can be used before heat styling as a heat protectant or as a leave in conditioner for curls. The product is milky white when sprayed onto my hand but invisible on the hair and has the same delicious coconut scent as the other two products in the range. I like to first divide my hair into two sections and use 5-6 squirts onto my hair (2 ½ – 3 on each section), then comb it through and blow dry my hair. My hair feels so soft after applying the product and easy to comb through while wet, styling is also quicker and easier as my hair is more manageable.



The Palmer’s Zero Break Reconstructor Multi-Phase Elixir retails for R169.95.

I’m in love with the end results, my hair smells sooo delicious and has a beautiful shine, I took some close up pictures which you can see below to show you how amazingly shiny my hair is after using the products, my hair also feels extremely silky soft and smooth. The results are absolutely amazing even better than having a wash and blow at a hair salon. The scent is so intense I get a whiff of it with every movement that I make and the scent stays on my pillow which I love. The scent lasts on my hair till my next wash so even if my hair is oily and dirty it still smells great. What surprised me with this range is that even though the products are loaded with protective oils they do not make my hair feel oily, greasy and weighed down instead my hair feels light, soft, smooth and looks shiny and healthy. There’s no build up so my scalp does not become dry, itchy and quickly oily like it usually does (especially in winter) if I skip a wash.



The range is perfect for natural curly hair. It has been so cold that I haven’t been brave enough to leave my hair to air dry to see how the products work on my natural curls but in summer I’ll have to repurchase the products, use them and leave my hair to air dry and I’ll post pictures of my curls on Instagram for you to see if my curls are soft, defined and frizz free.

What I love about this range and the brand is that they use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. The ingredients used in their products contain no silicones, no sulfates, no mineral oils, no parabens, no MI, no phthalates, no gluten, no GMOs, no dyes and no harsh chemicals. Palmer’s is a family owned and operated company, all products are made with fair trade coconut oil and most importantly there are no animal ingredients and Palmer’s is against animal testing (extremely important to me).


I’m coconuts for the entire Palmer’s Zero Break range!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

I didn’t receive the Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack in my press pack but it’s a Palmer’s product that I like to use once a week when my hair feels extremely dehydrated and in need of nourishment. One sachet is enough for two uses depending on your hair length. I replace it with my Zero Break Strengthening Oil Conditioner once a week for deep conditioning and extra nourishment. This needs to be left longer in the hair 10-20 minutes and makes a huge difference when you just need a quick treatment and can’t afford to go to a hair salon.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion

I received a cute sample of the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion in my press pack. I love the scent, although it is not as intense as the Zero Break range. I like to use it as a hand lotion it hydrates my dry winter hands and makes my hands feel soft, look moisturised and smell amazing.



All Palmer’s products are available at Dis-chem and selected Clicks stores.

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