Vaseline Lip Therapy

Winter is around the corner and with winter comes dry chapped lips I’ve already been struggling since autumn arrived but luckily I received Vaseline’s new Lip Therapy balms to ensure that my lips are hydrated and smooth this season. Vaseline recently launched four Lip Therapy balms in colourful and convenient tins. The four variants are: Original (blue), Aloe (green), Cocoa Butter (brown) and Rosy Lips (pink). I’ve always seen the Rosy Lips variant abroad in the tiny Vaseline tubs and it is also a staple in runaway shows, makeup artists apply it onto models lips before walking the runway. I’m so glad that it’s finally available in South Africa even if it’s not in the tiny tub packaging. I hope that the Pink Bubbly and Crème Brûlée variant will be available to us in the near future 😉.


My family and I have always been loyal to the brand, we always have a tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and other Vaseline products that we use daily and I keep a tiny tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in my car which I use for my dry lips, hands, dry patches on my face and scrapes and scratches. South Africans know nothing locks moisture in like pure Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, it’s been trusted for generations to care for our skin. So, imagine a lip balm that harness the same healing power.


The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your body so it lacks a top protective layer making it more susceptible to dryness. The new Vaseline Lip Therapy helps heal dry chapped lips with its special formula made from triple-purified Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy lips. Vaseline Lip Therapy instantly softens and soothes lips helping to restore – not just coat – your lip barrier, and provide long-lasting moisturisation and a natural, glossy shine.


The four variants come in 20g premium steel tins inspired by the original Vaseline. The tins are not difficult to open like most tin balms, creams…tin packaged skin care products in general that can often break my nails from trying to pull the top off, and the product is safely secured inside so it won’t open up in your handbag and mess everywhere. Each colour represents the variant/flavour/scent and it’s different functions. Below I will tell you about each variant and their function:

  • Original: It has a slight Vaseline Petroleum Jelly scent. It helps restore and prevent dry lips by locking in moisture.


  • Aloe: It has a fresh, crisp, leafy scent (I’m not sure how Aloe smells but I’m guessing this is it). It calms and soothes irritated skin and lips.


  • Cocoa Butter: Its infused with rich cocoa butter with a sensual cocoa and vanilla scent ensuring lips are kissably soft before and after you go to bed. It hydrates, nourishes and smoothes the lips preventing it from future dryness.


  • Rosy Lips: A dab of rose, vanilla and red berry scented lip balm. It gives lips a natural glossy shine with a soft pink tint perfect for a night out. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil which hydrates lips from within and prevents them from drying out.



At first I expected the lip balms to be hard and waxy where I would have to scrape it out of the tin but all four variants have a silky, soft, smooth texture that I’m obsessed with and they just melt onto the lips. The lip balms can be applied using your finger, a lip brush or even just dipping your lips into the tin. They all soothe my dry chapped lips and my lips instantly feel hydrated, moisturised, smooth and soft not only when applied but even after it wears off, my lips still feel nourished. They are lightweight so there isn’t a waxy heavy feeling on the lips and when you rub your lips together the lip balm feels very soft and creamy so there’s no stickiness, greasy/oily and grainy feeling. Vaseline Lip Therapy balms rub off after a couple of hours so need to be reapplied throughout the day but I find when I apply it before going to bed it still remains on my lips by morning. The three variants, Original, Cocoa Butter and Aloe are white in colour, apply on clear and have a bit of a shine on the lips. I did some swatches but all three look the same, the fourth variant, Rosy Lips is pink in colour and has a slight pink tint on the lips which is perfect for when you want a flush of colour for a night out or want some colour on your lips when you are not wearing any makeup.



Moe enjoys the Original because is doesn’t have much of a scent and the Cocoa Butter because he has always loved cocoa butter scented products. Moe uses a small amount so that it’s not too glossy on his lips yet it still provides all the benefits. I love all four variants but the Rosy Lips is my favourite as I love the slight tint, it makes me look more awake and healthy looking when I’m not wearing any makeup and when I do have on makeup it gives my lips a natural rosy tint and slight pout due to its glossy finish.



There are many uses for these beauties not only for dry lips. Below is how I like to use each one, my beauty hacks using Vaseline Lip Therapy balms:

  • I like to apply the Original on my dry cuticles, I also like to use it to set my brows in place by applying a small amount to my eyebrows and brushing them in place with a spoolie, it’s also perfect to create feathered/fluffy brows as it will help when brushing the brows up and keeping them in place and I also dab some on where I will be applying my highlighter and then apply the highlighter over so that it will pop and look more glowy. Lastly, I apply a small amount where I will be applying my perfume and then spray perfume over so that the scent lasts longer.
  • I use the Aloe variant on dry irritated patches on my face or body, I use it over any eczema flare-ups to soothe it and it’s perfect for when you have sunburn or redness, just apply a small amount over the red irritated skin on your lips or anywhere else on your body.
  • Cocoa Butter is also good for dry patches I like to use it on my eyelids as they tend to become very dry. I use this variant as a bedtime lip treatment by applying it before I go to sleep and wake up to luscious kissable lips.
  • The three variants mentioned above can also be used as a quick lip scrub to smooth and soften lips, apply a thick layer to the lips then add sugar and rub in gentle circular motions then remove with a damp face cloth which adds extra exfoliation and lastly apply Vaseline Lip Therapy of your choice. Lastly, I use any one of the three variants before applying a matte lipstick to ensure that my lips are hydrated and that my lipstick applies on smoothly and glides on evenly.
  • Rosy Lips can be used as an eyeshadow to create a glossy eye makeup look as it is slightly tinted and has a gloss finish. The glossy eye look is on trend at the moment and seen on the runway.


With four unique variants you can have one for every occasion, handbag and placed in different places (office, home, car etc) in case one is forgotten somewhere, you will always have a backup one around to top up your lips throughout the day. They are compact so can be put into your pocket and clutch bags too. I have them all spread out one in my car, one in my handbag, one on my bedside table and Moe keeps the Original in his pocket. It’s not only perfect for ladies but for men too besides the Rosy Lips unless you want the pink finish. All four variants are really amazing and smell heavenly, you can choose which variant is best suited for your specific lip care needs at the moment. We recommend Vaseline Lip Therapy, they are winter essentials.


Vaseline Lip Therapy keeps lips moisturised throughout the year no matter the season. Which variant if not all will you be getting your hands on? Which of my beauty hacks will you be trying out?

The recommended selling price is R25.99 for each variant.

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