NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Overnight Serum

Say goodnight to uneven skin tone and wake up to more even and radiant skin with NIVEA’s Perfect and Radiant range. NIVEA understands that dark marks and uneven skin tone is a common struggle, skin impurities (caused by air pollution), acne and daily exposure to the sun can cause dark spots and pigmentation marks that make your skin look dull and uneven. That’s why NIVEA has extended it’s Perfect and Radiant range, I would like to introduce you to NIVEA’s first Overnight Serum which works at night to ensure that you wake up to Perfect and Radiant even toned skin. For optimal results it is recommended to use it together with NIVEA’s Extra Protection Day Cream. Both the Even Tone Overnight Serum and Extra Protection Day Cream are suitable for normal to combination skin with dark marks and pigmentation as the main skin concern.


NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Overnight Serum

Your skin regenerates and repairs itself during the night therefore special care is needed to restore your skin’s even tone and radiance. NIVEA’s Overnight Serum is designed to assist with the stimulation of skin cell renewal revealing visibly more even looking skin that feels silky and supple. The concentrated powerful serum with Lumicinol and Magnolia Extract diminishes skin tone irregularities. It effectively reduces the appearance of dark marks and discolourations for a more even skin tone.


The Serum comes in an eye catching navy blue box with a touch of pink (same box packaging as the Perfect & Radiant Night Cream) that holds a long 40ml pump bottle with a silver slanted lid and NIVEA embossed onto the lid. The silver pump works well and you can control the amount of product that comes through (pea size per pump).




It is recommended to use a small amount of the serum every evening on cleansed face and neck. The serum is white in colour and has a slight floral scent that is not overwhelming and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. The serum has a light yet creamy texture and spreads easily so only a small amount is needed for the face, neck and chest. I like to use 3-4 pumps. It is lightweight making it fast absorbing yet it is hydrating and moisturising, the hydration is not instant but after a couple of minutes my skin feels hydrated and soft. I haven’t been using the serum in conjunction with a night cream as it does not recommend or mention it on the packaging, so I’ve been using it on it’s own for 3 months now and it works well alone. My skin doesn’t feel like it needs extra hydration from a night cream and it doesn’t feel tight. In the morning my skin still feels soft, hydrated and supple.


The results from continuous use of the serum is reduced appearance of dark mark’s and discolourations, skin looks visibly more even, improves cell renewal and firmness and leaves the skin feeling silky soft and supple. These are definitely the results that I have gotten from 3 months of continuous use and my products (night serum and day cream) are not close to being finish so they last long.

I have been using the Perfect and Radiant Toner, Micellar Water and 3 in 1 Face Cleanser with the serum and day cream to get the best results.

The Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Overnight Serum retails for R174.99.

NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Extra Protection Day Cream

While the Overnight Serum works while you sleep it’s best to also use a product that works during the day. The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Extra Protection Day Cream works at enhancing skin complexion and visibly reduce the appearance of dark marks while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The extra sun protection SPF 30 + UVA & UVB filters protect your skin against dark marks and helps reduce premature skin aging.



I have reviewed the Perfect and Radiant Day Cream and Night Cream, the before and after pictures speak for itself have a look and read my thoughts on the products here. The day cream that I reviewed before only contained SPF 15 while the new formula contains extra protection of SPF 30 other than that they work the same.


The Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Extra Protection Day Cream retails for R119.95.

Before starting my journey with this range I had some dark marks around my mouth and jawline but they weren’t so bad so I didn’t feel the need to take a before picture. The marks that I had have faded using the Perfect and Radiant Day Cream and Overnight Night Serum with conjunction with the Perfect and Radiant cleansing products that allowed for optimal results. I feel confident not wearing any foundation because my skin looks and feels amazing, my skin tone is a lot more even now and my skin feels supple and has a beautiful glow. I’m always getting compliments on my skin when I’m out and about and even when I post selfies on social media. I definitely recommend the range if you struggle with dark marks and uneven skin tone. I will soon be trying out the new Perfect & Radiant Sensitive addition which works the same way as the products I’ve just reviewed but is designed to calm skin irritations. I will let you know how the sensitive range works.

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