Yardley London English Blazer Azure

Yardley London’s English Blazer remains one of the largest and most successful brands in male deodorants in South Africa and is currently ranked 4th in male deodorants in both aerosol and roll-on’s in South Africa and remains a consistent performer in the industry.


English Blazer understands that South African men want a signature scent that best represents their unique personality. Extending from its more popular ranges which starts from the Original to the more recent Royal (which you can read about here), Yardley in total has 10 different signature scents in the range which are all really great smelling perfumes. The new addition to the Yardley range is the Azure which has been crafted with the same finesse in the scent department and superb special attention to the picture perfect packaging.


Yardley English Blazer Azure is for that one of a kind and true modern gentleman with a distinguished and unique style. Created for the one who defines his success not by what others think of him but what he has achieved for himself and knows what he wants.


The Azure blue packaging is in simple words perfection not taking away from the others in the range but this one really is perfect. While taking the pictures for this post I could not stop admiring the colour of the packaging and trying to capture the actual colour is next to impossible but do yourself a favour go out to the shops and buy it for yourselves to have a look at the colour and add it to your collection. The Eau De Parfum spray and Roll-on comes in a see through Azure blue bottle with a silver cap while the Deodrant is a full Azure blue spray can. The Yardley English Blazer’s emblem is printed in silver on the front of all 3 products in the range with the Azure name under the emblem.


English Blazer Azure is a truly unique signature fragrance that has fresh ginger and spicy nutmeg notes which I would normally not be a fan of as I like sweeter top notes in a fragrance rather than woody but this one in particular got me changing my mind. The core of the fragrance is intensified with warm amber and sensual cashmeran notes and expertly rounded with smoky vetiver and velvety musk maybe that’s why it’s got me falling in love with it. English Blazer Azure falls under the woody, spicy and ambery family which is a great combination perfume. The aerosol and roll-on with 24 hour protection smells exactly the same as the Eau De Parfum. The Azure range is perfect for a night out on the town, it’s definitely a scent you want to savour rather than using it everyday. The deodorant can be used to top up throughout the night so that you will continue smelling great and feeling confident. Using all three products together in the range makes the scent last longer so keep that in mind when buying these.


The English Blazer Azure shopper would be on of the following four shopper types:

  • Opportunistic Adventurer: an impulsive and slightly indulgent shopper, always on the lookout for a good deal.
  • Dollar Defaulter: a practical, no frills kind of shopper.
  • Strategic Saver: a value-for-money shopper who buys on broadsheet.
  • Habitual Sprinter: an information seeking shopper who makes quick decisions and seeks a simple purchase option.

If any of these points describe you then Yardley English Blazer Azure is the one for you and don’t forget that EID is coming up and that you can get yourself a really affordable perfume to wear for the day.

100ml RSP: R369.95
50ml RSP: R299.95

125ml RSP: R36.99

50ml RSP: R19.00

Yardley English Blazer Azure is available at selected Edgars, Foschini, Clicks, Dis-Chem, and leading pharmacies nationwide.

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