Yardley Intense Matte Lipstick

Make a statement with Yardley’s new Intense Matte Lipsticks. Yardley recently launched their new Intense Matte Lipstick range which consists of 10 show stopping shades from nude to vampy colours to suit your mood and look. I’m absolutely obsessed with lipsticks they are one of my favourite and most versatile makeup product as they can instantly change up your look to suit your mood with just one swipe on the lips, cheeks or lids. This range has the perfect shades for Autumn/Winter and their shades are universal to suit all skin tones.


Yardley’s Intense Matte Lipsticks offer intense colour payoff, 16 hours of long-lasting wear, they have an ultra-matte finish, it’s transfer proof and non-drying thanks to it’s highly comfortable formula infused with antioxidants, Vitamins E and F to help maintain lips’ hydration and ensure soft and smooth application.


The lipsticks are housed in a matte black tube that has a shiny silver strip at the bottom of the lid which says ‘Yardley London’, it has matte silver text on the side stating what lipstick it is and how long it lasts ‘Intense Matte 16hr Lipstick’ and the bottom of tube has a sticker in the colour of the lipstick shade (it exactly matches the colour of the lipstick inside the tube) and has the name of the shade printed on it. The inside of the tube is silver and it’s a normal twist tube. The packaging has a very nice feel emphasising the finish of the lipstick and it has an elegant look.


The lipstick itself is slanted and flat to get more surface of the lips when applied unlike other lipsticks that are curved, the curved shape can often mess the outside of lips and doesn’t cover the entire lip surface in one swipe.


The 10 matte shades are mostly shades of browns and purples with two red shades, one pale pink and a pinkish peach shade. Let me tell you about each shade:


  1. Temptress: Nutty brown nude. This has become my everyday go-to lipstick.
  1. Vamp: Deep/dark purple, just as the name implies its a vampy purple. Vampy are deep dark sexy colours like deep purples, browns and black. This colour is so dark it almost looks black, I love it! Definitely not an everyday colour but perfect for when you want to unleash your inner vixen. This is definitely for someone who is not afraid of dark colours. Out of all 10 lipstick shades this one stains the lips a lot because it is extremely pigmented.
  1. Willful: Purplish pink, it stains the lips a bit because it is highly pigmented.
  1. Rouge: Crimson red, this is a beautiful shade of red. Yardley has such a wonderful selection of red lipsticks in different finishes. I love wearing this shade with my black framed glasses it makes me look like a sexy secretary 😉.
  1. Dark ‘n Stormy: Deep dark vampy brown, it was love at first sight when I saw this colour. It’s definitely deep and dark like the name suggests making it perfect for a night out.
  1. Angelic: Pale pink, a pink nude for lighter skin tones. I was worried that this colour might be too light for me but I seen it on some darker skin tones on the Yardley Instagram page and it looked beautiful. I actually love it on! It looks like Nicki Minaj’s signature Barbie pink lip shade that she often sports.
  1. Infamous: Brownish purple on the label but it’s a beautiful plum on my lips. It’s highly pigmented and a bit messy to apply.
  1. Daring: Pinkish peach (also love at first sight). This is such a beautiful bright and bold colour. It’s very pigmented and tends to mess around the lips. You don’t want this colour to mess around the lips as it stains and wiping it with your finger just spreads it everywhere and onto your clothes if you’re not careful, rather use an ear bud to wipe the outside of your lips if it smudges. Yardley Stayfast Nail Vinyl in ‘Coral Confession’ matches this shade perfectly.
  1. Drama Queen: Violet purple. Highly pigmented making it a bit messy when applying. This is also one of the colours that I’ve been using the most it’s perfect for day and night.
  1. Iconic: Cherry red, a very beautiful and universal red. This red is brighter than ‘Rouge’, I absolutely love this one it is definitely a statement colour, it’s classy and sexy. It’s very pigmented so it messes the teeth and stains the lips abit.




All 10 lipstick shades are highly pigmented, they apply on smoothly and evenly in one swipe so they don’t need to be layered on, they have a very slight scent and have a soft creamy texture. I love the beautiful creamy matte finish it feels so comfortable on my lips as if nothing has been applied. The lipsticks don’t smudge during wear, they dont feel dry on the lips they actually feel hydrating unlike most matte lipsticks so there’s no need to apply on a lip balm first, they are all long-lasting and don’t transfer. The lipsticks don’t necessarily last as long as it claims to as they obviously rub off in the center of the lips when eating and drinking but there aren’t any cons. Some of the more intense colours stain the lips a bit but can easily be removed with coconut oil or an oil based micellar water or makeup remover. I actually like it when lipsticks stain the lips so when the lipstick rubs off while eating and drinking the colour of the lipstick will still remain on the lips. The bolder darker colours also tend to be a bit messy so always apply lip liner before application, apply concealer around the lips and set everything with a Yardley setting powder. What I like to do is line my lips using the flat tip of the lipstick then fill it in rather than getting lip liners in all the shades.



There’s an Intense Matte shade for any occasion, look you want to achieve or to suit your mood. All colours work well on all skin tones that’s what I love about Yardley they cater to all skin tones and the quality of their products are exceptional with an affordable price tag. The range offers such a variety of beautiful shades that can take you from day to night. These lipsticks have become my go-to products. Which shades will you be getting your hands on?


The Yardley Intense Matte Lipsticks retail for R109.95 each and are available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgar’s, Foschini and leading pharmacies nationwide.




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