The Essential Winter Grooming Guide for Men

We were invited to Sorbet Man Cresta for an interesting and insightful chat on grooming tips for your beard and hair during our cold winters and this year seems like it’s going to be a freezing cold winter. The Bluebeards Revenge range is one of the best brands which is going to make sure that our grooming routine is as prepared as we are for winter.


Important tips which we as guys need to consider during winter:

  1. Exfoliating your skin: The cold temperatures outside naturally create warmer temperatures inside, especially as you enter a building and they’ve turned the heaters and air conditioners up. The results of these temperature changes and the dry heat, is that it sucks all of the good moisture from your skin and leaves it feeling dehydrated and irritable. The quickest and best way to tackle this is to scrub away the dry, dead cells with regular exfoliation. Exfoliating can also ease the shaving process, reduce wrinkles and get rid of rough dry patches.


  1. Take proper care of your hair and scalp: Dandruff is more common during winter! The colder climate tends to dry your scalp out at an alarming rate and the excessive shampooing and conditioning might actually be making it worse. Rather than washing your hair on a daily basis use shampoo every other day to allow your hair to find its natural balance with regards to essential oils. This will help to protect it from the weather, while stopping your scalp from drying out quite so quickly and by using conditioner once a week; you keep your hair healthy and soft. For those with symptomatic hair-loss, massaging coconut oil into your scalp at night will help. Remember to cover your bedding before getting under the covers. If you’re bald, don’t always treat your head as you would your face. The skin is different and might not need the the same type of moisturisers you use on your face.


  1. Condition your beard: It’s not uncommon for men to grow out their facial fuzz just for the annual freeze. Once your masterpiece has sprouted, be sure to keep it safe from the cold by conditioning it with barber-grade beard oils. These elixirs help to replenish the essential oils that are often stripped from facial hair during excessive exposure to harsh weather. Make sure you take the time to wash your beard too; using a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically formulated for facial hair. This will help to soften the hair, while also treating the skin underneath. It’ll also help to keep beardruff at bay.


If you’re not sure what  to do with your specific type of hair, or have a few other questions or concerns the best advice is professional advice. Visit  Sorbet Man Cresta and let the barbers and therapists give you the solution to all your hair and skin matters.



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