Yardley London BOND ST No.8 For Men

I want to introduce you to the Yardley London BOND ST No.8 for men which is part of the Yardley London BOND ST range.

Yardley Bond ST is inspired by Yardley of London’s 1910 iconic Bond Street address in London. After launching their first Bond ST fragrance in 2015, they’ve since added a selection of popular scents to their fragrance range for both male and female.


BOND ST No.8 is a sophisticated and bold fragrance for today’s confident man. This is the perfect perfume that will make heads turn. The one thing that grabs any women’s attention is a guy’s scent and this will definitely do the trick.


The light blue, almost turquoise and gold packaging is a real eye pleaser. When you open the box there’s a see through turquoise bottle with a gold lid just like the box that it is packaged in. The bottle has the Yardley Bond Street logo written in gold to match the lid. It’s a very unique looking bottle which to me might be the best colour combination used in the Yardley London Bond Street range.


Yardley BOND ST No.8 has Juicy Pear notes combined with Citrusy Bergamont and Mandarin to create a dynamic first impression to this modern and captivating scent. The core of the fragrance is intensified with aromatic Lavender, Orange Blossom and Smokey Elemi, with an after scent of warm and sensual base notes of Incense and Amberwood. BOND ST No.8 falls under the fruity, spicy and woody family which is a good all rounder perfume, either for the office environment or after work function. There is a deodorant which comes in the same scent as the perfume which you can use to top up your perfume or use on its own.


Yardley Bond ST ranges are really affordable so if you’re looking for an everyday great quality perfume that is affordable this is the way to go.

You can read more about the other Bond ST ranges for male and female in the below reviews.

Yardley BOND ST No.8 Retail Selling Prices:

  • Yardley BOND ST NO. 8 100ml Eau De Parfum Pour Homme       R399.95
  • Yardley BOND ST NO. 8 50ml Eau De Parfum Pour Homme         R329.95
  • Yardley BOND ST NO. 8 125ml Perfume Body Spray                      R34.95

BOND ST No.8 for men is available in a 100ml, 50ml bottle and 125ml body spray which can be found at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Foschini and leading pharmacies nationwide.

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