Kevin Murphy: HYDRATE-ME

I would like to introduce you to one of the best shampoos and conditioners I have tried so far, Kevin Murphy HYDRATE-ME. I received the Hydrate Me wash and rinse which is for dull and dry hair, I’ve had highlights for a while now which often leaves my hair feeling dry and damaged so this range is perfect in hydrating and nourishing the hair. Not only does colouring the hair result in dull, dry and damaged hair but the climate and heat styling plays a big role too and this range really makes the hair feel incredible.


The Hydrate Me range is suitable for normal hair or hair that is naturally dry, coloured or exposed to harsh and dry climates.  The products quench dull, dry and damaged hair thanks to it’s amazing formula which contains antioxidant-rich blends packed with vitamins and nourishing oils the combination helps boost hydration, adds essential moisture, shine, and helps smooth the hair and delivers a silky soft feel. Both products are infused with Kakadu Plum which has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C of any known plant and helps smooth the surface of the hair to lock in the moisture.


The shampoo comes in a lilac 250ml bottle, what differentiates the Hydrate Me range from the other Kevin Murphy ranges is the purple packaging, each range is colour coordinated. The bottle stands out as it is quite different to any other bottle I have seen, it is rectangular in shape with a flip cap on the bottom side of the bottle (it reminds me of a wine box) the flip cap is easy to open and close. The bottle has the letter ‘k’ in the front engraved into it and off-white text stating what the product is and what type of hair it is suitable for. The back of the bottle has a list of ingredients, directions on how to use the product and what the product offers and the Kevin Murphy website is embossed on the side of the bottle where the opening is.



The actual shampoo is off-white in colour, it has a slight gel texture not too thick and not thin and runny and smells absolutely delicious like pink sentie sweets, it has a sweet powdery musk scent which is HEAVENLY and the scent translates to my hair and lasts till my next wash! You use it as you would any other shampoo by applying a small amount to wet hair and gently massaging it through the hair and scalp then rinse. Only a small amount is needed as it foams up well and there’s no need to wash your hair twice as it feels thoroughly clean after just one wash. After rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, my hair feels soft and I can run my fingers through it effortlessly which I don’t experience often with many shampoos, when using other shampoos my hair usually feels dry and knotted after rinsing.


The conditioner comes in the same packaging as the shampoo the only difference is that it is darker in colour, it’s more purple. I think the packaging of the conditioner should be lilac and shampoo purple, it makes more sense to me as I keep going for the darker bottle first.


The actual conditioner has a creamy texture, peach in colour and smells just as delicious and as intense as the shampoo. To use you apply it to freshly washed hair as you would any other conditioner, if you have an oily scalp apply only to the ends and not the scalp, allow the hair to absorb the benefits of the conditioner for 1-2 minutes, I sometimes keep it on a little longer then rinse. The conditioner spreads easily so not a lot is needed and it’s easy to brush through my hair. After rinsing it out my hair feels super soft, knot free and it is not weighed down.


After using this luxurious combo my hair feels soft making it manageable so it is quicker and easier to blow dry and style. My hair feels soft, silky smooth and has a healthy shine even the highlighted parts don’t look and feel dry and damaged. With constant use of this amazing duo my hair feels stronger and healthier. After using these products it looks like I’ve come straight out of the salon and my hair smells heavenly even if I miss a wash. Moe sneakily uses my Kevin Murphy products and thinks I won’t notice but I always know by the scent and the way his hair suddenly shines. He is in love with these products just as much as I am.


The bottles are quite small but because you only need a small amount of product it lasts longer, it also depends on how often you wash your hair. I love that shampoo and conditioner is replaced with Wash and Rinse. What I love about these products is not only does it make my hair look and feel better than ever it is sulphate and paraben-free which is why it doesn’t dry out the hair and most importantly it is cruelty-free which is very important to me I mention this a lot in my posts.

This luxurious brand is really a life changer, although it is a bit pricey it is worth it trust me! Have you tried any Kevin Murphy products?

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