NIVEA Care Shower Sunshine Love

You can now get that carefree summer feeling all year round when stepping into your shower with NIVEA’s new Sunshine Love shower gel that is infused with a summery fragrance and NIVEA sun scent. You’ll be instantly taken back to the beach, just close your eyes and picture the sand between your toes, the warm sunshine on your skin and a sun kissed scent.


The new NIVEA Care Shower Sunshine Love packaging stands out from any of the other NIVEA Care Shower product’s as it reflects that summer feeling with its bright bold yellow and turquoise packaging. The colours instantly make me feel happy as it brings back summer memories but it doesn’t end there as the refreshing summer scent of the shower gel takes me back to the beach but I’ll get more into that in a bit after telling you a bit more about the packaging. The bottle is a clear yellow colour with turquoise and white text, the colours work well together and is eye-catching on the shelves of any store, the bottle is curved yet easy to hold in the shower without slipping out of your hands and the turquoise flip cap is easy to flip open with your thumb while firmly holding the bottle. Love Sunshine is available in two sizes, 250ml which is perfect to keep in your gym bag and take with you on holiday or business trips and 500ml which is perfect for the family.


Immediately when flipping open the cap you get a  beautiful whiff of sweet summer scents that just makes me want to sniff the shower gel all day long, that’s how amazing the scent is! According to NIVEA the fragrance is designed to create a warm yet fresh joyful sensation and that it does! It has notes of Tangerine, White Flower, Rose, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood and Vanilla which I smell the most. The scent of the shower gel is just so beautiful it truly smells like summer in a bottle, it’s something that you have to smell for yourself as I can’t accurately describe how amazing it is.

NIVEA Care Shower Sunshine Love is clear in colour, has a light gel texture that foams up well gently cleansing my skin leaving it feeling soft, refreshed and smelling delicious. Only a small amount is needed for it to foam up and cleanse my entire body and the summery scent lingers in my bathroom long after having a shower and on my skin throughout the day. The formula contains Aloe Vera which is great for summer especially if you get sunburnt, this product is definitely going with me on my next holiday. Aloe Vera soothes and heals sunburnt skin making this product a good companion for vacations as not only will the Aloe Vera aspect be helpful but the shower gel will gently cleanse off sand, chlorine and salt water without further drying the skin.




This shower gel has become one of my favourites, the combination of the light caring formula and unique summer scent offers an indulgent shower experience for both the skin and senses. What’s also great about this product is that it is not harsh on my sensitive skin. Well done NIVEA for creating a product that will always take me back to my favourite season all year round.


NIVEA Care Shower Sunshine Love retails for R36.99 for 250ml and R54.99 for 500ml. Available from retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

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