Yardley Raincoat Mascara

We all have a favourite mascara that is not necessarily waterproof so with the summer rain, pool parties and beach vacations no one has time for their mascara to run. We might start the day off looking fab but end it off looking like Carrie so when your favourite mascara let’s you down instead of chucking it out waterproof it with Yardley’s new Raincoat Mascara.


Yardley’s new Raincoat Mascara is an invisible, clear top coat mascara that coats and seals your favourite mascara making it waterproof. The Raincoat Mascara is not only perfect to apply over your mascara but it is also perfect to keep your brows in place all day errrday..talk about brows on fleek. This mascara is ideal for the hot summer days that we are experiencing, for those pool and beach parties this festive season, or if you’re caught in the summer rain, Yardley’s Raincoat Mascara has got you covered this summer come rain or shine.


The colour of the packaging stands out even though it’s a normal thin 7ml mascara tube. The tube is turquoise in colour, has white text (the colours work well together making it eye catching) and water drips emphasising on water-resistant. It has a comb like applicator, the head is slightly slanted to reach all lashes and brows and the ultrafine bristles make it easy to apply over any mascara and brow product. The formula is flexible and doesn’t harden the brows and lashes making them feel uncomfortable, heavy and flakey but rather adds a glossy shine to lashes and shapes and sets the eyebrows.



The Raincoat Mascara has a thin gel texture, make sure to remove any excess off the wand before applying it onto the lashes as this tends to make droplets on the lashes if too much product is added at once as you can see in the picture below, however the droplets can be brushed off.


This multi-tasking product is so easy to use all you have to do is apply on your favourite mascara (I used Yardley’s High Definition Mascara), allow it to dry completely and then apply the Raincoat Mascara to lock in your look all day. The ultrafine bristles allow the product to evenly coat each lash effortlessly without taking away from your mascaras finish. You could actually use the comb like wand to separate your lashes if your mascara is clumpy. I also used the Raincoat Mascara on it’s own on my eyelashes and it nicely separated my lashes and gave it bit of curl, because it dries down clear it looked so natural or as if I went for a lash lift, so it is also perfect to use on it’s own if you want a very natural look.


This product can also be used to define and keep brows in place. I used it without applying on any brow product but it can be used over your brow products, it won’t rub off any product judging from how it did not remove any of my mascara. For hygiene purposes you can wipe the wand first with a wet wipe before dipping it into the tube and applying it to the lashes just to make sure no germs make its way into the eyes as our eyes are very sensitive.


I love that this product doesn’t make my brows and lashes feel heavy and hard, it doesn’t flake throughout the day which some brow gels do and it doesn’t mess up the effect of my favourite mascara. It keeps my mascara put throughout the day no matter the weather. The transparent mascara is a bit difficult to remove as it locks in the mascara so well, to remove I use an oil based micellar water, but a cleansing cream or coconut oil can also be used for easy removal.

I’m a huge fan of Yardley’s mascaras so I want to quickly tell you about The High Definition Mascara that I used before applying on the Raincoat Mascara. The 6ml tube is thin and long, it’s black in colour with silver text, the wand is also thin and has small bristles that works at lengthening, separating each lash and defining them and the formula is not thick and clumpy but the perfect creamy consistency. I think that the mascara might have fibres as I can see some on the bristles, fibres make lashes longer and fuller.




The mascara adds beautiful length and curl to my lashes without any clumps so it gives a natural look. Below is a picture using both products I just wanted to show you how separated, curled and defined my lashes look. This mascara together with the Raincoat Mascara is the perfect everyday combo as The High Definition Mascara looks so natural on and with the help of the Raincoat Mascara it won’t run and smudge.


The multi-tasking Raincoat Mascara is perfect to take with you on your travels as you can use it to lock in your mascara and shape and set the brows without having to take any additional products.

The Raincoat Mascara is available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgar’s, Foschini and leading pharmacies nationwide. It retails for R99.95.

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