The Perfect Hair

Hi ladies, have you heard of or seen The Perfect Hair products? Today I will be telling you about their products and the two products that I have been using: The Perfect Heat Protect Styling Serum and The Perfect Aloe Gel.


The Perfect Hair is an all-natural, proudly South African brand that is free from sulphates, petroleums, parabens and silicones, so there’s no nasties it contains all natural ingredients that are good for your hair and specific for your hair type. The brand caters to African hair types, you can choose products or a range/the perfect set for your hair according to your hair texture, there’s something for all of us curly hair girls from waves, curls to tight more afro hair. These products help and enhance what you have. The three ranges available according to your hair texture are:

  • The Perfect Wave: the ingredients in this range help to energize the scalp, it’s a great detangler and moisturiser, the superfruits found in this range prevent aging, colour fading and is great for treated and processed hair. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy.
  • The Perfect Curl: this range is infused with natural ingredients that will give yours curls the luxe treatment that they really want. A super-moisture boost from within making curls softer and more manageable.
  • The Perfect Kinky Coil: this range contains coconut oils deluxe. It cleanses and decongests the scalp and hair. The natural ingredients in this range adds moisture to the hair and aids in hair growth.

All three ranges consists of a:

  • Cleanser: a creamy conditioning cleanser (CoWash) that can be used instead of your shampoo which can strip your hair from it’s natural oils making it dry. The CoWash can be used once a week or as many times as you wish as it is gentle on the hair and nourishes the hair.
  • Deep-deep Conditioner: an intense treatment which should be used after the CoWash and left on the hair for 20mins or longer, it deeply penetrates the wet hair shaft and nourishes the hair from within. Use once a week for softer, smoother and easy to detangle hair.
  • Styler: the last step in each range, the styler moisturises curls making them look more defined and reduces shrinkage. For daily use you can add some of the Styler cream to water in a spray bottle and spritz onto your hair.

There are also additional products that do not form part of the ranges but can be used together with any range or on it’s own. These products are:

  • The Perfect Aloe Vera Gel: that is perfect for twists out and gives added hold without the crunch and without any flaking. I’ve tried this product and will tell you all about it in a bit.
  • The Perfect Hairline Repair Growth Serum: which helps with hair growth due to hair loss from current styling treatments such as relaxers, weaves and tight braids, the hairline takes a hammering. It should be used daily for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.
  • The Perfect Heat Protectant: this product is for curly girls wanting a shiny, controlled blow wave style without the heat damage. I’ve been using this product and will tell you all about it in a bit.
  • The Perfect High Shine Spray: this is suitable for all hair textures. This coconut oil-infused hair spray adds shine and anti-frizz factors to styling curly hair. It should be sprayed liberally onto hair before and/or after styling. It does not leave behind a heavy residue only a gentle fragrance and high shine factor.

The Perfect Heat Protectant 

The Perfect Heat Protectant is a pre-heat styling serum to nourish and protect the hair from heat damage when blowing drying/heat styling your hair (using curlers, flat irons etc). The nourishing serum contains Cashmere Croteins to help protect against heat styling, which causes brittle hair and breaking ends. The serum is also infused with Grapeseed, Vitamin E and ProVitamin B5 for a glossy, smooth, frizz-free finish.


The serum comes in a see through 100ml glass pump bottle (without the cap on it looks almost like a mini milk bottle) with a black and yellow label stating what the product is, what it is used for and the ingredients are listed at the back with instructions on how to use the product. To use the pump you first need to turn the pump in the direction of the arrow above it. Press down the pump to dispense a few drops into hands and rub hands together then distribute evenly to hair, comb it through to make sure it has been evenly distributed. The serum is white in colour, thick, creamy and smooth in texture and has a beautiful sweet floral scent that lingers in the hair till your next wash. I like to use 3-4 pumps of the serum from root to tip but focusing more on my ends.



Some serums can make my hair feel stiff, greasy and weigh it down but when I used this serum my hair was more manageable making it quicker and easier to blow dry and it felt amazingly silky soft, smooth, sleek, shiny and healthy afterwards. It didn’t feel stiff, greasy and my hair felt light not weighed down. This is one of my favourite products to use before heat styling I feel that it actually does protect my hair against  heat damage because my hair is no longer dry, frizzy and there is less breakage so I don’t have these little pieces of dry ends on my back and shoulder after blow drying or heat styling with a flat iron.


The Perfect Heat Protectant retails for R229.99.

The Perfect Aloe Gel 

The Perfect Aloe is a refreshing, all natural leave-in gel, enhanced with Aloe Ferox, Aloe Vera and Grapeseed Extract. These ingredients are designed to give you all-day hold, super definition and banish frizz. It is free from silicones, sulphate, alcohol and parabens.


The hair gel comes in a see through 250ml glass jar with a black and yellow label stating what the product is, what it does, instructions on how to use the product are on the side of the bottle and a list of ingredients at the back. The black easy to use twist on and off lid safety secures the gel in the jar. The opening is quite big so my hand can easily fit into the jar. The gel is green in colour, has a thin texture not a thick slimy Aloe Vera texture so it will be easy to get the last bit of gel from the bottom of the jar by tilting it, the gel has an aloe vera scent and doesn’t feel sticky like most gels and aloe vera products.



I’ve used hair gels in the past (school and varsity days) and my experience with them wasn’t great my hair always felt stiff, crunchy, looked wet and the gel would flake throughout the day which is not a very good look as it made it look like I have dandruff or worse, lice. Since I’m older I stay away from hair gels but I was actually excited to try The Perfect Aloe Gel as it promises not to flake and leave my hair feeling crunchy.

To use I apply a small amount of the gel to wet or damp hair from root to tip and comb it through to make sure that it is evenly distributed if I have time I will use a diffuser to dry my hair or if I’m in a rush I leave it to air dry. The first time I used this product I left my hair to air dry but was worried that it might look flat and wet or it might be big and frizzy, I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Surprisingly my hair did not dry flat and didnt have a wet look and also wasn’t big and bushy. My curls were soft, defined, there was no frizz at all, my curls didn’t shrink and didn’t look dehydrated but shiny and healthy and I could run my fingers through my curls without it becoming frizzy, feeling crunchy and sticky and without losing any of my curls. This product really impressed me it was as if I didn’t apply any product to my hair it didn’t weigh my hair down, my hair felt so light, it tamed any frizz, defined my curls, my hair was bouncy and looked amazing and it also left my hair with a refreshing aloe vera scent. This is a perfect quick and easy to use product, no additional products are needed. You can apply less product for softer curls or more for a more controlled look and tighter curls. The next day my hair still felt soft and looked healthy all I needed to to do was dampen it a bit and reapply the gel and voila! my hair was good to go looking fresh as day one.



This gel is unlike any other gel on the market I have never seen my hair look so amazing using a gel. It’s a must-have for everyone with curly hair no matter the texture this gel will work on all curl types. It can be used for twists for more defined curls, laying down baby hairs, scrunching or just the way I used it. With the hot weather no one has time to blow wave their hair or worry about how their curls will look after a swim in the ocean or pool, this product makes life easier for us curly hair babes with its effortless application (just apply and air dry) and fabulous results.

The Perfect Aloe Gel retails for R199.99.

I’ve become a fan of this brand not only because the products that I have being using works so well for my hair by nourishing each strand but because they are all natural with no nasty ingredients that will strip the hair from it’s natural oils and leave my hair feeling and looking dry and damaged. I’m also a fan because it is a proudly South African high-end brand that caters to our curly hair ladies. I’m in love with the glass packaging it really makes the brand stand out from any other brand, the glasses are recyclable and locally sourced.

Ladies with curly hair know the struggles and how difficult it is to find the perfect products for our hair, with this brand there’s no need to pile on a ton of hair products because The Perfect Hair products are effective and contain all the natural oils you would normally use on it’s own on your hair. The products are effective on it’s own or used as a range and the quality is absolutely amazing that only a small amount of product is needed each time making your products last longer. The name of the brand describes exactly what it will do for your hair, it will give you The Perfect Hair.


All products are kid-friendly, natural and highly effective for scalp health and stimulating hair growth.

The Perfect Hair products can be purchased at Edgar’s, selected Clicks stores nationwide or

Have you tried any of The Perfect Hair Products? If not what are you waiting for!

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