Kangol: Halloween Limited Edition Range

Last week a day before Halloween I received some exciting new products from Kangol, their Limited Edition Halloween range. I wish that the range had come sooner so that I could have had a review for you before Halloween and maybe created a special effects halloween look using the face gems (this year I’ve been all about blood and gore for halloween check my Instagram) but don’t worry the products are still in store (I went to check 😉) so you can still get the limited edition range before they run out. The products that form part of their limited edition range are gorgeous face gems in four different colours and styles: black, purple, pink and green. I received the green face gems and Kangol launched three shimmer lipsticks which took me by surprise and got me so excited as I didn’t expect it because I haven’t seen them post anything about the lipsticks on social media.

Limited Edition Face Gems 

I received the stunning green face gems, pictures don’t really do justice to these beauties they are so pretty, colour shift from green, blue and gold and sparkle in the sun. I took a short video to show you the different colours and how it sparkles in the sun which you can see on my Instagram page.


The limited edition face gems comes in a different packaging to the standard range which is in a black cardboard folder. The limited edition range states on the packaging in chrome rose gold that it’s ‘limited edition’ and the cardboard folder which is enclosed in a see through plastic protecting the face gems has prints of diamonds and the new Kangol logo. The back of the packaging has easy to follow instructions on how to apply the gems.


I wore my face gems this past weekend at a Halloween festival, it’s so quick and easy to apply and remove. All you have to do to apply it on is carefully peel the gems off the plastic insert (they are very sticky so be careful not to break any gems off), apply it to the face as indicated on the style card or as desired and they can be reused if you remove them carefully and place it back onto the plastic insert. It’s recommended to apply it onto clean skin but I applied it directly over my foundation as I had another event to attend later that day and had to remove my face gems before so I didn’t want to have to apply foundation, touching up my foundation where the gems were applied was quicker and easier for me.


Surprisingly the gems stuck well and didn’t come off, only a little bit of peeling on the edges as it was very hot that day but all I did was press it back down and it stayed put for a couple of hours till I removed them. They were still sticky (but not as sticky as they were when I put them on) when I removed them which means I can reuse them and none of the gems fell off Yay. If it doesn’t stick on so well with your second use don’t worry lash glue can be used to stick them on again or you could even remove the individual gems and create your own look by placing them onto your face in your desired pattern using lash glue to stick them on.


I created a pretty green, blue and gold eyeshadow look to go with the face gems but when I was almost done my eyes decided to act up with allergies so I wiped the eyeshadow off (because my eyes started tearing up and swelling thanks to the constant change of weather bleh), the gems don’t even need anything extra they look perfect with a simple makeup look because they stand out. I opted for a natural lip so that nothing over powers the face gems so I wore the new Kangol Limited Edition Shimmer Lipstick in the shade ‘Celebrity Skin’ and love how everything came together so well. Everyone was looking at my beautiful face gems and even requested some pictures, some of the pictures that were taken of me were featured on Lipton Ice Tea and 947 radio station instastories 😊.


The Face Gems retail for R89.00 which is super affordable I’ve seen very plain face gems for over R200.00 😯.

Limited Edition Shimmer Lipsticks 

I love Kangol’s lipsticks they apply on smoothly and feel very comfortable on the lips even the matte ones so I couldn’t wait to get these shimmer lipsticks on my lips! Kangol launched three Shimmer Lipsticks in beautiful shades which I will tell you all about in a bit.


The Shimmer Lipsticks come in Kangols usual black lipstick tube packaging with ‘Kangol Lip Stick’ printed in white on the bottom half, the very top (flat part) of the tube is see through and the name of shade is right at the bottom of the tube (flat part). What differentiates the packaging/shimmer range from Kangol’s standard lipsticks is that the top half of the tube has a silver glitter gradient and the Kangol Kangaroo logo print which makes it stand out from the rest (the glitter gradient is so pretty and almost looks frosted).



The three shades are:

  • Celebrity Skin: this is a light peach with silver glitter. It’s the perfect shimmery peach nude shade and goes so well with my skin tone, it makes me look bronzed because it’s slightly lighter than my skin. Wearing lipstick and/or nail polish in a shade lighter than your skin tone or bright shades can make you look sun kissed (just a quick tip for summer😉).
  • Champagne Tears: this is a pinkish peach shade which is a shade in between ‘Celebrity Skin’ and ‘First Class’. It has silver and light pink glitter. It is such a pretty colour and would look great on all skin tones.
  • First Class: this is a medium pink shade with silver and medium pink glitter. This shade is between pink and a light red. It’s a very pretty colour which is darker than the other two and would look great on all skin tones.



All three lipsticks are creamy in texture, apply on smoothly and evenly, they are pigmented and feel comfortable on my lips like nothing has been applied. They all have a very pleasant sweet vanilla scent as do all Kangol lipsticks but these seem more intense but it is not an overwhelming scent. The shimmer in all three lipsticks is subtle not very intense like a metallic but sparkles in the sun and in certain angles. The glitter is fine not chunky so the lipsticks apply on smoothly and not clumpy or uneven, if you press your lips together it does feel a little grainy but not uncomfortable or very noticeable. All three lipsticks last a couple of hours but the glitter tends to gather to the lip lines when it starts to wear off, it doesn’t look bad all you need to do is to reapply the lipstick and it’s back to normal and thankfully the glitter doesn’t mess around the lips.


I love all three colours and the shimmer is not overpowering but subtle and beautiful making the lipsticks perfect for everyday use and for any occasion.

The Limited Edition Shimmer Lipsticks retail for R85.00 each.

Kangol has really outdone themselves this year, they have had one of the most exciting product launches and I see that more exciting products are launching soon such as bright bold nail polishes (love!), a body balm which I swatched in the shop and O.M.G the shimmer and scent of this body balm is amazing, bright bold coloured lip creams (so beautiful especially the blue and lilac), a new perfume and an eyeshadow palette containing stunning shades (soo exciting!). I’m absolutely loving all the bright bold shades launching for summer and I never shy away from them.

Spend R350 or more and receive a stunning pair of cat eye shaped sunglasses for free. Black and white options available whilst stocks last. The black sunglasses has greenish blue lenses which matches perfectly with the green face gems as you can see below and the white sunglasses have yellow lenses.




All products are available exclusively at selected Truworths stores nationwide.

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