TRESemmé Platinum Strength Co-Wash

I recently received the new TRESemmé Platinum Strength Co-wash from Rubybox to try out for 2-3 weeks. I replaced my usual shampoo and conditioner with the Co-wash. Firstly I have never heard of a Co-wash product before receiving it and secondly I have tried all the TRESemmé ranges besides the Platinum Strength range so I was keen but sceptical to try this product.

Let me tell you exactly what a Co-wash is then I will tell you all about my experience with the product.

What is Co-wash?

Co-wash is a cleansing conditioner at first I thought it would be a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner (which I’m not a fan of) but it’s not. It has a shampoo-free formula that gently cleanses and refreshes your hair without stripping or depleting it’s natural oils and nutrients. It contains no nasties such as sulphate, parabens and dyes. Co-wash uses a conditioning formula to gently cleanse your scalp and hair and because it is so gentle on the hair and scalp it can be used more often than a shampoo however, it is suggested that you use a shampoo after every second or third co-wash.

The Platinum Strength range strengthens and protects the hair from damage for strong and resilient hair. The Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner is expertly crafted to protect your hair from damage, for stronger more manageable and beautifully healthy hair. The renewing complex reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer, restoring the hair and protecting it against future damage.


The Platinum Strength Co-wash comes in a 750ml white bottle with a black and lilac label which differentiates the range from the other TRESemmé ranges. The bottle has a small black cap that you press down revealing a small opening to dispense the product. I still think that TRESemmé should use pump bottles as the bottles are big and can slip from your hands when trying to dispense the product in the shower.


The Co-wash has a thick consistency of a conditioner and doesn’t foam up. It has a beautiful, pleasant, not overpowering sweet floral scent that stays on the hair till your next wash/co-wash.


I was sceptical about the co-wash as I prefer products which foam up as I feel like it is thoroughly cleansing my hair, I felt that a cleansing conditioner couldn’t do that for me and instead it would make my scalp and hair look and feel oily but the co-wash proved me wrong.

To use you apply a generous amount of the product to wet hair, I like to first start by massaging it onto my scalp and then apply more to the rest of my hair and give it a gently rub then rinse thoroughly and brush my hair through before towel drying and styling. I found that because it doesn’t foam up I needed a lot more product for it to spread equally throughout my scalp and hair, my hair feels so soft after rinsing out the product, it is so much more easier to comb through and there is hardly any hair left behind on my comb (just a few strands) than when I use a normal shampoo and conditioner… so there’s less breakage and fallout. Washing my hair takes half the time than it would by using a shampoo and conditioner as its now only one step to clean and condition my hair. You can swop out your shampoo and conditioner for the Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner on days where your hair needs a more gentle nourishing cleanse. I have been using the co-wash straight for 2-3 weeks even though it is recommended that I use a shampoo in-between uses but I’m absolutely loving the results.

The first time I used this product I decided to see how it works on my natural curls as it is recommended for curly hair. At first I used my usual shampoo and conditioner, towel dried my hair and applied on a little bit of hair mousse and dried my hair on low heat. The end results were frizzy and dry hair, my curls were not defined there were some straight strands, some curly and some wavy but my hair felt clean but did not look hydrated and healthy.

Then I used the co-wash, I used the same curling mousse on my hair that I used the first time and  then dried my hair on low heat while scrunching it which I also did the first time for a fair comparison. The results were softer, hydrated, more defined curls that look and feel healthy not dry and dull. You can see the results for yourself below.



Next I wanted to see how the co-wash would work if I blow dried my hair straight. After towel drying my hair I applied my usual TRESemmé Shine Oil. I was so scared that my hair would look flat and oily after my blow dry. My hair felt so soft from the co-wash that blow drying my hair was quicker and easier as my hair was more manageable and easier to brush through as there were no knots. My scalp was not oily at all, normally after a couple of days after washing my hair my scalp becomes oily and flaky but I did not experience any of that after a couple of days of co-washing. My hair was sleek, felt silky smooth (I couldn’t stop touching my hair), extremely soft and shiny and overall looked and felt healthy and my scalp and hair felt thoroughly cleansed… no itchiness and smells amazing all week long. You can see the results for yourself below.



I’m so impressed with this product and will definitely purchase it and try the other co-wash ranges once my bottle is finish. The product also made my temporary colour last longer than it usually does when I use shampoo. The co-wash is so gently yet effective and gives my hair the hydration it needs whether it is naturally curly or blow dried straight.

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