Kangol: Bring On The Night Part 2

About a week ago I told you all about Kangol’s autumn/winter nail polish range which you can read about here and I briefly mentioned that they also launched a new eyeshadow palette, a liquid lipstick and lip gloss for the season. Today I will be telling you all about the new Kangol eyeshadow palette which I know you are all going to love and the matte liquid lipstick and lip gloss.

Remember that even though these products were launched for the colder season it can be used in summer too, I don’t only use certain products or colours in winter (the only thing I change up is my foundation colour, lighter for winter and darker for summer) or in summer it all depends on how I feel and what event I’m going to or what look I’m in the mood for so I’m constantly changing my colour palette to fit my mood and lifestyle. Beauty is not restricted, there are no rules it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself through your makeup.

Kangol Extreme Colour Lip Products 

For autumn/winter Kangol launched two lip products one being a matte liquid lipstick ‘Wine Pout’ and the other a lip gloss ‘Rio Red’. These lip products can be used on their own but look stunning together and create a beautiful colour and glossy finish.


Both lip products come in Kangol’s signature see through, rounded tube packaging so you can see the colour of the product inside, both have doe foot applicators and both products have a beautiful vanilla scent (all Kangol lip products have this delicious scent that makes you want to eat the products). I love the size of the tubes they are always big and contain a generous amount of product. Let me go into more detail on each lip product.


Wine Pout

Wine Pout is a dark brown matte liquid lipstick. The doe foot applicator works well at picking up the product and applying it onto the lips as the formula is not too thick and not thin and runny. The applicator is small enough for the lips so that the product doesn’t go over the outline of the lip when applying it on and you can use the tip of the applicator to first outline the lips and then fill in the lips with the slanted flat part of the applicator.


The colour looks dark in the tube but applies on lighter and more plum than brown. The liquid lipstick doesn’t offer full and even coverage as it applies on quite streaky leaving the lips with an old school ombré look where the outer part is darker than the inner part. The lipstick dries down quick and seeps into the lip lines, it also feels a bit drying on the lips. I find that if I first apply on a lip balm the liquid lipstick glides over it and offers a bit more coverage and doesn’t seep into my lip lines as much but still looks a little streaky as some parts are left darker than others.


Although I’m a bit disappointed with the colour as I was hoping for that beautiful brown shade to translate on my lips and with the coverage I am happy with the wear as it doesn’t smudge, transfer or move around once dry making it long-lasting so there’s no need to constantly reapply it throughout the day. That however makes it difficult to remove, what works well for me is to apply coconut oil onto the lips and gently massage it then wipe with a cotton pad, it works well at removing waterproof mascara too and doesn’t irritate the eyes.

If using ‘Wine Pout’ alone I suggest using a lip balm first so that the formula is not too drying and this allows for easy application and a more even coverage. I prefer using the ‘Rio Red’ lip gloss over.

Kangol Extreme Colour ‘Wine Pout’ liquid matte lipstick retails for R89.00.

Rio Red 

Rio Red looks maroon in the tube with pink and purple glitter but applies on burgundy and has a sheer burgundy tint with a glossy finish and the glitter is not noticeable when applied onto the lips. I was hoping for that intense maroon colour and sparkly glitter to translate onto my lips but I quite like this lip gloss it works well as a lip topper over any liquid matte lipstick or on its own.


All Kangol lip glosses in the long tube have a thicker texture than other lip glosses, I find that the doe foot applicator doesn’t work as well as a brush applicator would as the doe foot applicator absorbs the gloss and I keep having to dip the wand in to get more gloss onto the applicator and onto my lips. Once I try going over a layer of lip gloss on my lips to make the shine and colour more intense the doe foot applicator actually moves or removes the existing layer of gloss rather than adding. A brush applicator in my opinion would work a lot better at picking up more product and allowing for a more full and even coverage.


Even though the lip gloss contains glitter in it, it doesn’t feel grainy on my lips but rather moisturising, smooth and comfortable and the glitter gives the gloss a slight shimmer under the sun which looks really pretty. I love the high glossy shine and the colour on my lips.


‘Wine Pout’ and ‘Rio Red’ look absolutely gorgeous together and compliment each other very well. ‘Rio Red’ over ‘Wine Pout’ creates a stunning wine red colour that looks deeper and richer than any of the colours on its own, its beautifully glossy and has an even and full coverage. Layering both lip products can be a big messy and feathers so it is important to first line the lips with a nude colour lip liner or a lip liner in the colour of either one of the shades of the lip products (I think Kangol will soon be releasing some gorgeous new lip liners from what I seen on their Instagram page 😉). You can also apply concealer around the lips, blend and set with powder to prevent the lip products from bleeding and feathering.


Kangol Extreme Colour ‘Rio Red’ lip gloss retails for R79.00.

Kangol City Lights Eyeshadow Palette 

I’m a huge fan of Kangol I have always been a loyal customer since a teenager. Kangol was one of the first clothing and makeup brands that I have used which is why I always put in a lot of time and energy into creating great content and taking beautiful pictures of their products for each blog and social media post.

One of their products that I’m always going on about except for their nail polishes are their eyeshadow palettes, I’m always recommending their palettes to anyone who wants a great palette with a variety of colours at an affordable price. Prices keep increasing on everything so we often don’t have enough to splurge on makeup but with Kangol you get more for less and a bonus is that they always have promotions when you spend R350 (for R350 you can get a lot of Kangol products) or more you get a free gift (who doesn’t like getting something extra!😉). Can you tell that I’m very excited about the new eyeshadow palette and that I really love the brand? 😁.


Kangol’s latest eyeshadow palette comes in a very eye catching box which is different to the their other eyeshadow palettes. The box is purple and blue with a skyline print, underneath the box are swatches of the shades you can find inside, the old packaging had circular swatches of the shades on the side of the box. The new packaging also has tips on how to apply/where to place the eyeshadows and what colours are more flattering for you depending on your eye colour and lastly a diagram of an eye that is labeled so you know just where to place a certain shade or effect of eyeshadow. This makes it great for beginners, you no longer have to feel intimidated by eyeshadows and can apply it on like a pro thanks to the instructions, diagram, great formula and tools provided. The palette equips you with everything you need like a big clear mirror and a double ended brush. Talk about thinking everything through to make our lives more convenient and applying on makeup easier.


Kangol added a lot of detail into the packaging as you open the box you are met with a cute print on the inside. The palette itself hasn’t changed it’s still their signature silver tin box and inside has a nice clear mirror, a double ended brush, one side of the brush is flat to apply on the eyeshadow and the other is fluffy to blend it (always remember blending is very important), the brush is soft, does not feel scratchy on the eyes and works well at picking up and applying on the product and also blending it perfectly so there’s no need to go out and buy new brushes to use with this palette. Kangol has you covered!




The ‘City Lights’ palette contains 12 gorgeous pigmented and easy to blend colours for autumn/winter from blue, greens, purples and browns but the lighter shades will work well for spring/summer and the darker shades for a night out. There aren’t any matte shades to use as a base or transition shade which I think all eyeshadow palettes should have but you can use one of the matte shades from any of the other Kangol eyeshadow palettes as a base and transition colour. All 12 colours have a shimmery effect, the beige colour which is the lightest colour in the palette can be used as a base colour. All colours are pigmented, feel buttery soft and smooth not grainy and blend well. There is some fall out with some colours but to prevent this always pick up a small amount of eyeshadow with your brush and dust off excess product on the brush before applying by simply tapping the brush on the top of the palette, you can always build the colour by layering it and/or patting it on with the flat brush or with the tip of your finger.

I created two looks with this palette one look using the first half (left) of the palette and the second look using the second half (right) of the palette so you can see how all the colours look on the eye, I also used the lip products so you can see how they go with the eyeshadow. Before showing you my looks I want to tell you a bit more about each individual colour. The colours don’t have names so I’m going to describing them from left to right.


  1. This is a stunning metallic royal blue with silver shimmer. This is one of my favourite colours it’s perfect to create a smokey eye and to line the upper and lower lashes.
  2. This is a metallic dark green that has silver shimmer. It’s dark and intense. When applied it looks the same as the next shade.
  3. This green is similar to the shade next to it even though it looks slightly darker it looks the same when applied on the eye.
  4. This is a grass green colour with some gold and silver shimmer. It’s perfect to use on the lid.
  5. This is a light green colour with gold and silver shimmer. It’s perfect to use on the lid and outer corners of the eyes to highlight the eye, which I’ve done in my first look.
  6. This is a shimmery dark brown colour, it has silver shimmer. This chocolaty brown is great to use on the crease and to create a smokey eye. The shimmer is not so intense when applied to the eye.
  7. This is a shimmery beige colour, the lightest colour in the palette making it the perfect colour to use as a base before applying on any of the other colours and you can use it to highlight the brows by applying it under the brow arch/brow bone. It looks almost white on the lids.
  8. This is another one of my favourite colours it’s a beautiful light shimmery purple, it has silver shimmer. Its looks so pretty on the eyes and makes my hazel eyes pop. This colour needs to be applied on with the tip of your finger or packed on with the flat brush to get that vibrant purple to show beautifully on the eyes. This colour is perfect to use on its own or when creating a cut crease or halo look, it needs to be the accent shade.
  9. This is also one of my favourite colours it’s a shimmery mink and looks pretty and shimmery on the lid. It’s perfect to use as a transition colour, on its own or to highlight the eyes by applying it to the inner corner of the eyes.
  10. This is a purplish brown shimmery colour, it has silver shimmer. This colour is not so intense on the crease so would work well on the lids.
  11. This is a burgundy shimmery colour, it has silver shimmer. This shade can be used as a transition colour as it’s not too dark and not too light but would also work well at defining the crease for a subtle smokey look or contour.
  12. This is a mauve colour, brownish grey with silver shimmer. It looks dark in the palette but it doesn’t translate to the eye it’s a bit lighter and would work well to contour the eye by applying it onto the crease and blending upwards and out.

At first I thought the colours on the right were brown but when swatching them the brownish looking colours are actually more purple with hints of brown. I love the shades in the ‘City Lights’ palette, each colour looks perfect on its own and looks great together and with a white base they would look more intense and metallic.  The only problem I have with this palette is that it needs one or two matte shades to use as a base and transition colour.


I mentioned that there is some fallout when applying on some of the colours, here are some tips on how to prevent that from messing up your makeup look.

Quick tips: first apply on your eyeshadow before your foundation, the foundation will cover any fallout or you can pack on some translucent loose powder under the eyes (this is called baking) and once you’re done applying on your eyeshadow you can dust off the excess powder from under your eyes with a powder or fan brush, any fallout will be removed with the excess powder.

Below are the two looks that I created, the first look is with the green, blue and brown shades on the left of the palette and on my lips I’m using ‘Rio Red’.




The second look I used the purple shades from the right of the palette and I’m using both ‘Wine Pout’ and ‘Rio Red’ on my lips.



Which is your favourite look the green or purple?

The Kangol ‘City Lights’ Eyeshadow Palette retails for R159.00 which is so affordable considering that it provides you with all the necessary tools and the quality is amazing. All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths stores nationwide.


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