NIVEA Repair & Care Range

NIVEA recently launched a new Repair & Care range, with Dexpanthenol and NIVEA’s unique Deep Moisture Serum, to offer 72 hours of relief for very dry and rough skin. Winter is never good to my skin, the air becomes drier and I take really hot showers and always have the heater on which leaves my skin severely compromised. My skin becomes extremely dry, itchy and I often get eczema rashes that leave behind nasty scars so when summer comes I’m self-conscious about my legs as I have all these scratch mark’s and eczema scars from winter so boy was I excited when I first received the new range I felt like NIVEA heard my cries for help.

Now you can take back control of dry skin that feels tight, itchy and uncomfortable, NIVEA’s Repair & Care range consists of a lotion and rich body cream that has a richly moisturising formula specifically formulated for extra dry and rough skin. The new range offers 72 hour skin relief, deep moisture and repair leaving skin hydrated and giving it back the glow that it loses in winter.

The NIVEA Repair & Care range contains active ingredients which are:

  • Dexpanthenol which strengthens the skin’s barrier, restores its natural balance, soothes rough dry skin, helps to calm irritated areas and makes it instantly look and feel well cared-for after just one application. Dexpanthenol has been a trusted ingredient in wound healing for over 50 years. When applied to the skin this richly moisturising ingredient immediately gets to work inside, helping the skin’s natural regeneration process and protect itself from dryness.
  • In addition, NIVEA’s innovative and uniquely caring Deep Moisture Serum is added to the formula providing moisture derived from the skin itself to support intense moisturisation, even in the deeper layers of the skin. It consists of precious and unique moisture-locking lipids and added caring oils to ensure that moisture-effect lasts longer.

As a result skin feels relieved from tightness and is noticeably smoother, both instantly and in the long term with regular use.

The white, red and blue packaging of the NIVEA Repair & Care range stands out and differentiates it from the other NIVEA ranges. The blue and red cross on the packaging already tells us that the range works at repairing the skin. Now I will be sharing with you my experience with the Repair & Care range.


NIVEA Repair & Care Lotion 

The NIVEA Repair & Care Lotion comes in a 400ml easy to use pump bottle. The top of the pump is the NIVEA logo, it is round and blue with ‘NIVEA’ embossed on it. To use all you have to do is twist the head of the bottle until the pump lifts up then pump it a couple of times to dispense the product. To lock the pump so that there is no leakage twist the pump to the left.




I have mentioned in my last NIVEA post that all NIVEA lotions and creams at the back of the packaging indicate the moisture level/skin feeling (measured in droplets from 1-5) that the product offers for the skin starting from light to rich. The Repair & Care Lotion is close to rich which is indicated with four droplets on the Skin Feeling level.


The lotion is milky white in colour, has the perfect consistency, not too thin and runny like most lotions and not too thick, the lotion has a soft smooth texture. It has the signature NIVEA scent that is not overpowering. A little spreads easily and it is fast absorbing leaving my skin feeling instantly hydrated and moisturised. The hydration is long-lasting so the lotion does not need to be reapplied throughout the day.


I’ve mentioned that I like to have really hot showers in winter so my skin feels extremely dry and tight afterwards, this lotion instantly reliefs the tight feeling and dryness upon application leaving my skin feeling soothed with a slight shine giving it a healthy look and feel. My skin is no longer dry and dull and the lotion doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on my skin. Although it feels light and comfortable on my skin it’s very nourishing and hydrating like a body cream or butter which is very impressive. My skin feels soft, smooth and nourished from within for the entire day.

For boosted effects apply the lotion to damp skin after showering, as it will absorb more easily and lock in more moisture.

I absolutely love how healthy my skin looks and feels when using this lotion, it is hydrating and nourishing for winter and light and moisturising for summer.

NIVEA Repair & Care Cream 

The NIVEA Repair & Care Cream comes in a 300ml tub with a twist lid, when the lid is removed there is a silver foil seal preventing people from poking their fingers into the product in store and keeping it clean and hygiene. I was surprised that the tub was filled to the brim when I removed the protective seal.




I love body creams and butters as I feel that they give me the richness and hydration that my body needs in winter. The skin feeling of the NIVEA Repair & Care body cream indicates with five droplets that it is rich, this can be found underneath the pulled back sticker situated under the tub.


What makes the cream different to the lotion is that in addition to Dexpanthenol and Deep Moisture Serum, the Repair & Care cream has added 5% Urea. When my skin acts up whether it be my face or body I always use creams which contain Urea as it treats dry rough skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Urea has the ability to retain moisture by binding to water, so it locks in moisture helping the skin to repair and protect itself against dryness and prevents moisture loss. Urea also helps soothe and relieve the itchiness associated with dry skin and helps strengthen skin’s barrier.

The cream is white in colour, has a soft smooth texture and creamy consistency, slightly thicker than the lotion. It has a pleasant NIVEA signature scent with a slight musk scent making it a little more intense than the lotion but its not overpowering and the scent doesn’t irritate my skin. Surprisingly the cream is fast-absorbing but doesn’t spread easily because of its creamy texture so a lot is needed, my skin immediately feels hydrated and richly moisturised. The hydration is really long-lasting so the cream does not need to be reapplied throughout the day only if needed on very dry body parts such as knees and elbows.


The cream is light on my skin so my skin doesn’t feel uncomfortable, sticky, oily or greasy just healthy and nourished with a beautiful healthy glow. It also offers instant relief from dryness and flaking. For best results I use the cream overnight when skin is in its “repair mode” and wake up to skin that feels healthy and supple.

Both the lotion and cream have really impressed me I have not experienced any dryness, itchiness and eczema flare-ups when using these products. I love that both the lotion and cream are hydrating and depending on how your skin feels you can choose how much richness you need by either using the lotion or cream. If your skin is dry and you are looking for something that is light, soothing and comfortable on the skin then I suggest using the lotion but if your skin feels severely dry, itchy and you need something rich and nourishing to relieve the dryness and itchiness then I suggest using the cream. Or you could use the lotion during the day as its light and non-greasy and use the cream at night to deeply nourish and repair the skin.


The NIVEA Repair & Care range has become my favourite range for winter as it delivers what it promises. I highly recommend this range to anyone who struggles with very dry skin and/or any skin conditions.

The NIVEA Care & Repair Lotion retails for R69.99 for a 400ml bottle and the cream retails for R69.99 for a 300ml tub.

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  1. Ifeoma Kate says:

    How can I get this Nivea Repair & Care body lotion please?

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    1. Hi there, you can purchase it at Clicks and Dis-Chem.


    2. Peace says:

      I will like to buy the product 72hr nivea for dry skin

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi there, you can purchase it at Dis-Chem and Clicks


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