Kangol: Bring On The Night Part 1

For autumn/winter Kangol launched some exciting products, I’m aware that winter is almost over and I’m a bit behind (this year has been hectic and I can’t wait for it to end) but their new products are not only restricted to the colder season. I received quite a lot of products from Kangol for winter so I decided to have two parts to this post by first starting off with Kangol’s nail polish range and next week I’ll have a post on their new eyeshadow palette ‘City Lights’, lip gloss ‘Rio Red’ and matte liquid lipstick ‘Wine Pout’.

With Kangol’s wide variety of nail polish colours and effects there’s a nail polish for every season, every mood and every occasion so you can constantly change up your nails. Darker colours don’t only work for winter but for summer too and vice versa, it really all depends on your mood and the look you want to achieve.



All 7 new nail polishes come in Kangol’s signature square bottle with black lids however, the Gel Effect bottles have stickers on the lids that state that they are Gel Nail Polishes so that you can differentiate them from the standard range. All nail polishes have thin brush applicators which allow for precise application so that you don’t get nail polish all over your fingers and the nail polishes have the perfect consistency, not too thin and runny and not too thick and clumpy which means that they apply on smoothly and effortlessly. All colours are very pigmented, you get the same colour on your nails that you see in the bottle.

Kangol launched two new glossy nail polish shades which form part of their standard range, the two new shades are:


  • Spice Market: this is almost a dusty pink shade with peach undertones, it is pigmented, applies on smoothly and evenly. One coat is enough to get full coverage but I suggest applying on two coats for perfectly full and even coverage.



  • Headrush: this is a deep plum. With all deep dark colours application can get a bit messy if not carefully applied and if you don’t have a steady hand like myself. One coat applies on streaky and two coats gives perfect full and even coverage. This colour is very pigmented, dark and bold. I love the deep plum colour on my nails it really pops and is perfect for a vampy look however, the colour stains the nails and fingers when removing it but I have some tips at the end of this post on how to remove the stains. This shade perfectly matches Kangol’s ‘Rio Red’ lip gloss which I will tell you all about in next weeks part 2 post.




Kangol also launched a full sized (I say full sized as their gel effect nail polishes normally come in tiny bottles) Gel Effect Nail Polish range in five stunning colours which are:


  • Valet Service: this is a deep navy blue. It applies on sheer with one coat, 2-3 coats is ideal for full and even coverage but make sure that each coat is completely dry before applying on another coat to avoid any smudging and clumping. Application is a little messy as with all dark shades and it stains my fingers, nails, under my nails and hands when removing. This is definitely a statement colour and should be worn with confidence.



  • Exclusive: this is a brown nude, it’s very pigmented, one coat is all you need for even and full coverage. This shade perfectly matches my skin tone making it the perfect nude for medium skin toned babes and an ideal everyday nail colour that goes perfectly with any outfit.



  • In Charge: this is an olive green colour, it is pigmented but 2 coats is needed for full and even coverage. There are different shades of green streaks when applying on this nail polish making it a very interesting nail colour. I absolutely love this shade! I love how this colour just pops on my nails.



  • VIP Status: this is a dark nude, brownish, purple colour with grey undertones. This is such a beautiful shade and it is very pigmented. Just one coat delivers full and even coverage but looks even better with 2 coats. This is the perfect nude for dark skin tones.



  • Red Carpet: this is a beautiful candy apple red, application is quite messy as it’s a vibrant shade. It’s pigmented but one coat doesn’t entirely deliver full coverage, 2 coats are perfect for full and even coverage. This shade is difficult to remove as it stains nails, hands, fingers and under the nails. This red really stands out and looks classy yet sexy. This shade of red will look great on all skin tones.



I’ve mentioned a couple of times that when ever I wear any Kangol glossy nail polish I’m always getting asked if I had my nails done with gel nail polish at the nail salon, so I’m beyond happy that Kangol came up with a Gel Effect range which provides more gloss and shine than their normal glossy nail polishes and has a salon quality look and feel without any of the damage and ridiculous price tag. I’m really impressed with the Gel Effect range, my nails look beautifully glossy and shiny that I can’t stop admiring them. Overall all 7 nail polishes have really impressed me and look great on my nails 🙂.

Quick tip: to remove nail polish stains from hands and nails wash your hands and rub your nails with Sunlight dishwashing liquid under warm water. Or you can even soak your hands in a little bit of warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid this will allow the soapy water to get under the nails removing any stains. Sunlight dishwashing liquid works better than hand wash and soap just make sure to apply on a cuticle oil and hand cream afterwards as the dishwashing liquid dries out the hands.

The two new additions to the standard Kangol range retails for R69.00 each and the Gel Effect Nail Polishes retail for R79.00 each. All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths stores nationwide.

Don’t forget to check in next week for Part 2.

Which colours will you be getting your hands on?😉.

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