NIVEA 48h Deep Moisture

NIVEA recently relaunched their body lotions with new and improved formulas.

NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion and Intensive Moisturising Body Lotion formulations are the first body care products to contain the new NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum which will then roll out into the rest of the range. The formulas now effectively lock in moisture in the deeper skin layers for noticeably smoother skin for 48 hours, so not only is the uppermost skin layers hydrated but also deep skin layers. Both lotions are paraben-free and include a unique combination of high-quality ingredients.

What is Deep Moisture Serum? It’s an effective moisturiser derived from the skin itself for superior moisturisation. Precious and unique moisture-locking lipids minimise the loss of water to support intense moisturisation deep in the skin for 48 hours moisture. Finally, added caring oils leave skin noticeably smoother.

I have been using the new and improved NIVEA Intensive Moisturising and Rich Nourishing body lotions this winter and will be sharing my experience with you.


NIVEA Intensive Moisturising Body Lotion

The Intensive Moisturising Body Lotion contains Deep Moisture Serum and Sea Minerals which enhances your skin’s ability to retain moisture, making it healthy and silky smooth. The lotion is suited for normal to dry skin. It offers 48 hours of smoother and deeply moisturised skin from just one application.


The Intensive Moisturising Lotion comes in a white 400ml bottle with blue text and a blue flip cap that is basically the NIVEA logo (round in shape and ‘NIVEA’ is embossed on the cap). The cap is easy to open and close and safely secures the product in the bottle so there’s no leakage. Both the NIVEA Intensive Moisturising Body Lotion and Rich Nourishing Body Lotion bottles feature a 3D pearlescent moisture droplet which stands out and differentiates the lotions from the old formula as the packagings are slightly different. What also differentiates the new bottles from the old ones is that it states on the label in silver text under the 3D moisture droplet that is contains Deep Moisture Serum.



At the back of all NIVEA lotions and creams it indicates the moisture level/skin feeling (measured in droplets from 1-5) that the product offers for the skin starting from light to rich. The Intensive Moisturising Body lotion is light which is indicated by one droplet on the Skin Feeling level.


The lotion is white in colour, has a slight pleasant scent that is not overpowering. It is very thin in texture and has an ultra-light formula allowing it to spread easily and also making it fast-absorbing so there’s no need to wait for it to dry down before getting dressed, the lotion has a slight shine on the skin when applied but then dries down in seconds to a matte finish. My skin instantly feels moisturised and soft and the lotion feels very comfortable on my skin as its light and doesn’t have a sticky or greasy feeling.


The hydration is not long-lasting as the lotion is thin and light so it needs to be reapplied throughout the day, it would be better to use this lotion in summer. I love the NIVEA Intensive Nourishing Body Lotion but my very dry skin needs something more rich and nourishing for winter so I’m saving this one for summer.

NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion

The Rich Nourishing Body Lotion contains Deep Moisture Serum and twice as much natural Almond Oil than the older formula,  Almond Oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids that result in nourished and incredibly soft feeling skin.  The formula with Almond Oil is uniquely caring for dry to very dry skin locking in deep moisture. The lotion offers 48 hours of intensive moisture care transforming very dry skin into deeply moisturised and noticeably smoother skin. It reduces the roughness of dry skin in just one application.

The NIVEA Rich Nourishing Lotion has been successful since it was launched in 1963 and here’s why:

  1. The paraben-free lotion features a creamy and nourishing water-in-oil technology different to most of the other products currently on the market.
  2. In 1963 it was the first liquid body lotion ever to be launched.
  3. It provides the skin with intense care, deep moisture that leaves the skin incredibly smooth, a texture that is a joy to apply, and the unique and well-known NIVEA scent.

For these reasons, it is NIVEA’s No.1 Body Lotion and is loved by women everywhere.


The Rich Nourishing Lotion comes in a 400ml blue bottle with white text and a round flip NIVEA logo cap that works well and doesn’t easily break, safely securing the lotion in the bottle. The Skin Feeling of the Rich Nourishing Body Lotion indicates with five droplets that it is rich.


The lotion is milky white in colour, whiter than the Intensive Moisturising Lotion and has the signature NIVEA scent (such a pleasant scent) if you use any NIVEA products you will recognise this scent anywhere. It has a thin but creamy texture, the creaminess of the lotion means that it takes longer to absorb and a lot more of the lotion is needed to spread. If the lotion is not rubbed in properly it leaves behind a slight grey shine, once completely absorbed into the skin the lotion leaves behind a slight shine making my skin glow and look healthy.


The Rich Nourishing Lotion instantly hydrates and moisturises my skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft to the touch. It feels light on my skin without feeling sticky, greasy or oily but nourished and my skin is left with a beautiful healthy glow and feels healthy too. Water just rolls over my skin when trying to wash my hands after applying on the lotion which means that it locks in the hydration and moisture in my skin. The hydration is long-lasting so the lotion does not need to be reapplied.


I really love the NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion as it gives me the hydration and nourishment that my very dry skin needs for winter. What’s more surprising or rather impressive is that I’m getting all this hydration and richness from a lotion which I would normally get from a body cream or butter. This is my favourite of the two lotions for winter, both lotions have been very gentle on my skin as they did not irritate my skin or cause any eczema flare-ups. Both are great lotions and I highly recommend them as they deliver what is promised.

The NIVEA Body Lotions retail for R38.99 for a 250ml bottle and R49.99 for a 400ml bottle. They are available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

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