Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Wash & Lotion

I’ve always been a fan of Johnson’s baby products as I have sensitive, eczema-prone skin and their baby range is mild and gentle on my skin so when I received Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body products which are for adult skin I couldn’t wait to try them out. I trust Johnson’s product’s but at the same time I was a bit concerned that the Vita-Rich products would irritate my skin as they are fragranced however, I decided that these products would be perfect to review for my winter skincare series so I put them to the test this winter. The products that I received are: Johnson’s Vita-Rich Brightening Body Wash and Johnson’s Vita-Rich Soothing Body Lotion.

Both the Body Wash and Body Lotion come in simple white oval bottles, each label has a picture of the fruit or flower extract that the formula contains. The Body Wash has a picture of a Pomegranate with a splash of water (showing that it’s a body wash) and the Body Lotion a picture of a Rose in cream (showing that it’s a lotion). What differentiates the body wash from the lotion other than the splash of water and cream on the labels are the colours of the lids, all the Johnson’s Vita-Rich body washes have a light pink lid and the bottle is 250ml in size while the body lotions have white lids and the bottles are 400ml in size.


The bottles are easy to grip despite their oval shape, the Body Wash bottle doesn’t slip out of my hands when using it in the shower and the flip caps on both bottles are easy to open and they safely secure the product in the bottle so there is no leakage making it safe to travel with. When flipping open the caps you immediately get a whiff of the products, they both smell amazing! Good enough to want to eat.

Now I will be telling you what each product offers and how they have worked for my dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin this winter.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Brightening Body Wash

The Body Wash is infused with skin loving Pomegranate Flower Extract and moisturising Glycerin. Its rich velvety formula actively hydrates and helps brighten skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft, revitalised and looking healthy.


The Body Wash has a delicious Pomegranate scent that leaves my skin and bathroom smelling amazing. The wash is shimmery pink in colour and has a gel look, a small amount foams up well on my loofah and is enough to use on my entire body.



The Body Wash gently cleanses my body leaving it feeling thoroughly clean and smelling Pomegranate fresh, unfortunately the scent doesn’t last the entire day on my skin but lingers in my bathroom for the whole day. My skin doesn’t feel dried out after using the wash and luckily it did not irritate my skin.

I love a product that also enhances one’s natural beauty however I have been using the Body Wash for a while now and have not seen any major brightening results but I love the wash not only for its incredible scent but also because it foams up well and it’s gentle on my skin not causing any flare-ups.


For best results it is recommended to use the Body Wash with your favourite Vita-Rich Body Lotion.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Soothing Body Lotion

The Body Lotion is infused with skin-loving Rose Water and nourishing Shea Butter. Its unique formula actively hydrates and soothes skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft, revitalised and noticeably healthy-looking. It offers 24 hour moisture for all day softness.


It is recommended to use the Body Lotion after using your favourite Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body Wash which I have been doing.

The lotion has a very thin texture, it is milky white in colour and has the most amazing rose scent. It smells like actual fresh rose’s! The lotion feels soft and smooth and feels cold upon application so it is best to warm it up in your hands before applying it onto the skin during winter. The coldness of the lotion is perfect for hot summer days it would definitely help cool the body when applied.


The Body Lotion spreads easily because of its thin texture so not a lot is needed, it is also fast-absorbing, leaves my skin glowing and smelling like rose’s but sadly the scent is not long-lasting. The lotion feels light on my skin without feeling sticky, my body feels soft and smooth but unfortunately the lotion is not very hydrating and nourishing for winter and the little hydration that it does offer doesn’t last for 24 hours. After a couple of hours after applying on the lotion my skin becomes very dry and itchy and the lotion needs to be reapplied.

The Body Lotion does soothe my skin thanks to the coldness of it and the Rose Water in the formula. I didn’t get any skin reactions from using the lotion only the itchiness once the hydration wore off but nothing severe so it is gentle on my skin. I like the Body Lotion but would rather use it in summer as it’s thin in texture and light on the skin, for winter my dry skin needs a cream that is thick, creamy and nourishing.


I’m actually impressed with both the Body Wash and Lotion as they were both gentle on my skin and smell absolutely amazing. It makes me want to try out the entire Johnson’s Vita-Rich range, I’m sure that all the variants smell just as amazing and the creams would work better for winter.

Have you tried any of the Johnson’s Vita-Rich Body products? If so which is your favourite variant?

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