Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Oil Control Range

If you struggle with acne and looking for a skincare range to help treat and reduce blemishes and soothe irritations then look no further, the new and improved Eucerin DermoPurifyer range is perfect. The Eucerin DermoPurifyer range was developed to treat symptoms affecting blemish-prone skin by providing effective cleansing and care for acne-prone skin for clearer more even looking skin. The range soothes irritations, calms redness and provides the skin with moisture so you can feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Acne is a very common skin condition. Generally acne-prone skin is much oilier, the juvenile form of acne is associated with intense oil production that clogs up pores with certain bacteria and causes it to be red and inflamed. The adult form of acne does not feature as severe redness and inflammation but may, in fact, be accompanied by more dry-skin conditions.

The Eucerin DermoPurifyer range consists of 7 products: a Cleansing Gel, Scrub, Toner, Mattifying Fluid, Adjunctive Soothing Cream and two new additions to the range a Micellar Water and Skin Renewal Treatment.

Today I will be telling you about five of the seven products and how these products have worked for my skin.

As a teenager I struggled a lot with acne it made me feel self-conscious and I struggled to find effective products for my skin that I eventually turned to Oratane. Oratane is a medication to help treat acne and has terrible side effects, firstly my acne got worse while on Oratane and then my skin became extremely dry and flaky, my lips were cracked and my face felt very sensitive to the sun I felt horrible and looked it too. None of the skincare products that I used to help soothe and hydrate my skin at the time helped, I wish that I had known about the Eucerin DermoPurifyer range then as it helps alleviate the side effects of acne medication.

The acne went away for some time after the Oratane but in varsity it came back again luckily not as severe, at that time I found the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Scrub which helped clear my skin. Since then the formula has improved and I recently got to try the new and improved range. Now that I am older I still get breakouts now and then which leave behind dark marks (Eucerin has a range to use to even out one’s skin tone after using the DermoPurifyer range which I will tell you about soon so keep an eye out for that post) so I couldn’t wait to try the improved range and see how well it works at getting rid of my breakouts.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Oil Control

The DermoPurifyer Oil Control range comes in light green and white packaging, the light green is what differentiates the range from the other Eucerin ranges and is also easy to spot. The entire range is suitable for sensitive skin, has a good skin tolerance, efficiently works on blemish-prone skin, is non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog pores and the Cleansing Gel and Scrub have a comedolytic action which means that it deeply cleans the pores and gets rid of dead skin cells that clog up the pores.

The main ingredients that are found in the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control range are:

  • Salicylic Acid: has antibacterial and comedolytic effects and therefore effectively reduces blemishes and prevents new blemishes from appearing.
  • Licochalcone A: which is an extract from the licorice root and has been shown to soothe irritations and helps to reduce redness. It has a anti-inflammatory effect.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Cleansing Gel

Effective cleansing is a must for acne-prone skin. Therefore, the ideal start is the Cleansing Gel or alternatively the new Micellar Water if you prefer to cleanse without water.


The Cleansing Gel comes in a see through pump bottle that is easy to use. The Cleansing Gel gently and effectively eliminates excess sebum (oil) while removing dirt and make-up thanks to its soap-free formula with 6% Amphi-Tensides soap (gentle cleansing molecules that foams as it cleanses). It leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and supple.


To use you apply a small amount of the product to your hands and work into a lather and apply onto wet face avoiding the eyes then rinse with warm water. I find that if you use too much of the cleansing gel it doesn’t lather up so a pea sized amount lathers up nicely and works well. The Cleansing Gel doesn’t foam up like most face washes but rather has a lather as it is soap-free. The gel has a fresh scent and cleanses my face and neck area well with just a pea size amount.


The Cleansing Gel gently cleanses my skin leaving it feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. It also easily removes makeup, I love how clean my skin looks and feel after using the Cleansing Gel.

The Cleansing Gel is available in two sizes 200ml which retails for R149,99 and 400ml which retails for R229.99. I’ve been using the 400ml bottle which is nice and big and lasts for months as not a lot of product is needed.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Scrub

The Scrub can be used every now and then for additional deep-cleansing effect. I like to use the scrub 2-3 times a week by applying it to wet face and if my skin is acting up a lot I like to use it once out of the 2-3 times on a dry face for an extra deep-cleansing effect to get rid of all the dead skin cells and oil accumulation.


The Scrub comes in a 100ml see through tube. The formula with Lactic Acid and Pore-Refining Micro Particles unclogs pores, reduces blackheads and blemishes and refines skin texture. The scrub has tiny green and white micro particles that gently exfoliate the skin.


I can tell that the formula has changed as the micro particles are more gentle than I remember them to be which is a good thing as it doesn’t damage the skin by being too abrasive but I also miss that abrasive feeling as it felt like my skin was being thoroughly exfoliated and cleansed.


The scrub has a fresh scent like the Cleansing Gel and it feels slightly grainy. To use all you have to do it gently massage onto the face (wet or dry) and rinse thoroughly. Only a pea size amount is needed for the face and neck area as it spreads easily.


My skin feels smoother, cleaner and has a refreshed feeling after using the scrub. This has always been one of my favourite facial scrubs, even though the formula has changed and I preferred the older one I’m still a fan of this scrub.

The Scrub retails for R149,99 for a 100ml tube. It would be nice to see the scrub in a bigger tube and maybe a body version of it for body acne.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Toner

A toner is a second cleansing step as it gets rid of any excess oil and dirt that wasn’t thoroughly removed with the Cleansing Gel and Scrub and it preps the skin for the next step.


The Toner comes in a 200ml see through bottle with a white lid that safely secures the product in the bottle. Once opened there’s a small hole to dispense the product, you can control how much of the product comes through.

The Toner clears the skin and provides intensive cleansing for the T-Zone and other problem areas. The formula with Lactic Acid gently unclogs pores without over drying the skin.

It is thin and runny in texture and has a fresh almost aloe-vera scent which is quite strong, more intense than the other two products. To use you just moisten a cotton pad and apply to affected areas, do not rinse. The toner should be used after cleansing with the Cleansing Gel, Scrub and/or Micellar Water. I like to pay extra attention to my T-Zone as this is the area where my skin becomes most oily and breaks out the most. The toner has a slight tingling/burn feeling when applied which doesn’t last long only for a second. It’s best to avoid the eye area as it will burn.


The toner cleanses my skin well as I can see the residue on the cotton pad afterwards, it also feels like it is drying out my pimples with the tingly burn feeling. My skin feels cleansed without feeling dried out, has a pleasant refreshing feeling and it’s ready for the next step.

The Toner retails for R149,99 for a 200ml bottle which lasts long as only a few drops of the product is needed.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Mattifying Fluid

After cleansing the skin needs care. During the day the Mattifying Fluid should be applied together with the Eucerin Oil Control Sun Gel-Cream SPF50+ which you can read about here.



The Oil Control Mattifying Fluid comes in a white and green box containing a white 50ml airless pump bottle. The Mattifying Fluid delivers 8hours anti-shine effect and works against blemishes and excess sebum helping to regain control over demanding, blemish-prone skin. The formula contains Salicylic Acid, Licorice Extract, Sebum Regulating Technology which diminishes sebum and Mattifying Particles which provide skin with 8 hours anti-shine effect without clogging the pores.



The Mattifying Fluid is yellow in colour, has a slight fresh scent like the rest of the products. To use gently and evenly distribute to well cleansed face, it has a very light, soft and smooth texture, 4-5 pumps is enough for the face and neck area. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly leaving my face feeling soft, smooth and matte.


I like to use this product in the morning as it provides 8 hours of oil-free matte skin and works perfectly as a primer if you decide to apply on makeup. The Mattifying Fluid soothes my skin but it isn’t very hydrating and works better in summer as it’s very light on the skin and the matte and anti-shine effect doesn’t last the entire day, it would’ve be been perfect if it lasted for 12 hours rather than 8 but at least it kept to its promise of 8 hours.

To be honest this is not my favourite product from the entire range as I don’t get the hydration that I need and after the oil-free and matte effect wears off my skin becomes extremely oily making it prone to breakouts.

The Mattifying Fluid retails for R199,99 for a 50ml bottle.

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control Adjunctive Soothing Cream

At night the Adjunctive Soothing Cream can be used for an even more moisturising and soothing effect or the Skin Renewal Treatment which I will tell you about soon so keep an eye out on the blog for a review on the two new additions to the DermoPurifyer range. The Adjunctive Soothing Cream is proven effective when used in conjunction with prescribed acne medication, providing intense yet gentle hydration.



The Adjunctive Soothing Cream comes in the same packaging and size as the Mattifying Fluid. The cream helps soothe the skin and helps alleviate the side effects of acne medication such as Oratane (this is what I needed back then). Its intensively hydrating, non-sticky formula helps soothe irritations, reduces tightness and helps regain control over demanding, blemish-prone skin. The formula contains Symsitive which helps calm irritations directly at the source, Licorice Extract and Ceramides which support facial skin’s protective barrier and reduce moisture loss. Results are smooth and supple skin after first application.



The Adjunctive Soothing Cream is light yellow in colour, lighter than the Mattifying Fluid and has a slight scent that is different to the scent from the rest of range. The cream is slightly thicker in texture compared to the Mattifying Fluid and it is creamier. It spreads more so not much of the product is needed, 2-3 pumps is enough for the face and neck and is fast-absorbing. The cream instantly hydrates and moisturises my face without feeling heavy, it feels light and nourishing.


It states on the bottle that the cream should be applied every morning or as often as needed, I however feel that the cream is rich and should be used at night rather than morning as the richness of the cream can cause the skin to get oily during the day resulting in more breakouts.

The Adjunctive Soothing Cream is one of my favourite products from the range is soothes and calms my skin resulting in breakouts looking less prominent. My skin feels soft, smooth and healthy right from the first application. The hydration and moisture is long-lasting without making my face look and feel oily, greasy and without causing any breakouts.

The Adjunctive Soothing Cream retails for R199,99 for a 50ml bottle.

It is important to use a great quality, high SPF sunscreen in conjunction with the range and if on any acne medication as the skin becomes very sensitive. The best sunscreen to use is the Eucerin Oil Control Sun Gel-Cream SPF50+ it’s formulated for acne-prone skin and leaves the skin protected with a matte effect so there’s no oiliness and greasiness, it also makes for the perfect primer if you decide to wear makeup.

The Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control range works wonders and results can be seen after 4 to 12 weeks with continuous use. I have noticed a difference when using this range, my skin is less oily around my T-Zone and I have less to almost no breakouts even during ‘that time of the month’. My skin use to break out a lot in summer because of the heat and excess oil around my T-Zone and I use to get terrible period acne but when using the range there’s almost no breakouts maybe one or two pimples once a month but not like how it use to be.

The pimples that I had have left some dark marks around my mouth area but I will be trying out the Eucerin Even Brighter range soon to reduce the appearance of the marks and even out my skin tone. The Eucerin Even Brighter range can be used after the DermoPurifyer Oil Control range once the acne has cleared up to help reduce the appearance of the acne mark’s/scarring.

If you struggle with acne I highly recommend the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Oil Control range.

The range is available from Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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