Clere Radiance 5 Oils

Last year Clere Radiance launched a 5 Oils Body Range, the range consists of a Body Lotion, Body Crème and Body Oil. The range offers a unique blend of 5 Oils, Glycerin as well as Vitamin A & E and Superfruit Serum for radiant, soft and even skin. Not only do the products provide nourishment and moisturisation but they enhance ones natural beauty by helping to even out ones skin tone.

The 5 oils blend consists of:

  1. Olive Oil: to help unclog pores. Olive oil doesn’t clog pores and deeply penetrates into the skin providing a cleansing effect,
  2. Castor Oil: to remove impurities and restore skin’s natural moisture balance,
  3. Coconut Oil: to soften the skin as it’s an excellent moisturiser,
  4. Argan Oil: to hydrate and soften skin, it is also high in Vitamin E and
  5. Magnolia Oil: to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Pure Glycerin plus Vitamin A & E and Superfruit Serum (works at restoring and repairing skin from deep within) with antioxidants also help to nourish, moisturise and reduce the visible signs of aging for soft, beautiful and even-looking skin. The quick absorbing, non-greasy formula is suitable for all skin types and is also ideal for stretch marks. The products delivers even toned matte skin as well as nourished and radiant skin.


I love trying out body products which offer skincare benefits, I feel that it’s a plus instead of using many products on my body to address each skin concern which can be time consuming and expensive so using one product that does it all is so much more convenient. After attending the launch of the Clere Radiance 5 Oils range and listening to what the products have to offer I couldn’t wait to get them on my body and see the results for myself.

Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Lotion

The Clere Radiance 5 Oils range is suitable for all skin types. The lotion intensely moisturises and nourishes the skin and keeps the skin feeling soft and looking even toned.


The body lotion comes in a light pink 400ml bottle with blue text on the label, what differentiates this range from the other Clere ranges (all Clere Radiance ranges packaging are pink in colour) is the picture of a drop of oil with splashes of cream (on the body crème tub the droplet is falling into the cream and on the body oil bottle it’s just a drop of oil) on the labels and on the oil droplet it states “5 Oils”. The bottle has a flip cap which opens and closes easily but the cap is a bit flimsy as it started to break on the sides after one use of the lotion so I would be scared to travel with it as it might spill in my luggage.


The lotion is white in colour and has a beautiful floral scent, the lotion is slightly thicker than other lotions and has a smooth creamy feel. It doesn’t absorb instantly because of the thick texture and it doesn’t spread easily so a lot more than a pea size amount is needed.


My skin instantly feels hydrated and moisturised with a slight oily finish but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, greasy or sticky but feels light on my body. My skin feels silky soft and smooth and smells amazing. The lotion creates a barrier, when I try washing my hands after using the lotion the oil doesn’t come off and the water and soap doesn’t seep into my hands or foam up so the moisture and hydration is locked into my skin. The hydration doesn’t last long so the lotion needs to be reapplied after a couple of hours.

Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Crème

The body crème intensely moisturises, richly nourishes and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking even toned.


The body crème comes in a pink 450ml tub with a twist lid. The label has blue text on it with the signature oil droplet that differentiates the range from the others.


The crème is white in colour, has a smooth, creamy, buttery texture and also has a floral scent like the lotion but the scent is more intense but not overpowering. The crème has a thinner texture compared to the lotion because of the thinner texture it is fast-absorbing and not much of the product is needed as it spreads easily.


My skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated after applying on the crème and my body has a beautiful floral scent that lasts throughout the day with a matte finish. The hydration is not long-lasting so the crème needs to be reapplied.

Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil

Clere Radiance Body Oil contains Rehydr8+ which is a non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula that rehydrates and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking even toned. It combines 5 Oils (Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil & Magnolia Oil), Vitamin A & E, Glycerine plus Superfruit Serum with antioxidants. It helps to moisturise and nourish skin, helps to reduce the visible signs of aging and it’s suitable for massaging onto stretch marks to reduce their appearance.


The body oil comes in a pink and white box that has a see through piece on the side so the bottle inside the box can be seen. The oil comes in a 150ml see through bottle with a pink label and pink screw on and off lid. Although the lid looks secure the oil does leak out a bit. When the cap is removed there’s a tiny hole to dispense the product. There is some separation of the oil so it needs to be shaken well before use.



The body oil is yellow in colour, has an Olive Oil scent and it is thin in texture. The oil separates quick so needs to be shaken before every application. Quite a bit of the oil is needed to spread throughout the body, the oil is fast-absorbing. The body oil leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not really moisturised with a slight oil shine/finish that is not uncomfortable and greasy but the oil is light and comfortable on my skin. The oil leaves behind a weird watery residue so it wouldn’t be safe to put on light coloured clothing in case it stains or seeps through the clothes.


The hydration is not long-lasting so the body oil needs to be reapplied throughout the day. The oil can be used alone, I recommend that you use it in conjunction with the lotion or crème for extra hydration and moisture.


The 5 Oils that this range contains are mostly the same oils that I usually use to create a hot oil treatment for my hair to hydrate and soften my hair when it’s dry, dull and heat damaged, so I will try using the body oil on my hair and let you know how it works as a hair mask/treatment.

Unfortunately the Clere Radiance 5 Oils range does not provide me with long-lasting hydration and moisturisation as it’s suitable for normal skin types and not particularly for dry skin which is one of my main skin concerns especially in winter. Sadly the products didn’t work for my dry sensitive skin as they were too harsh for my skin (I think it might be from the fragrance rather than the formula as the oils alone are great for skin conditions) and caused eczema flare-ups so I wasn’t able to use it long enough to see any change in my skin tone and to see if it worked at lightening my stretch marks.

I have given the products to my mum to try out as her skin can tolerate the products and if there are any visible results I will post it up onto my social media pages to keep you updated on how the products work from long term use. If you don’t have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin like myself then I’m pretty sure that these products would work well for you, not only in winter but also in summer as the products are light on the skin.

Have you tried the Clere Radiance 5 Oils range?

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  1. Thembelihle says:

    Where do I found this clere products? I need it


    1. Hi Thembelihle you can find them at Clicks and Dischem


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