Yardley Intense Lash Mascara

Take your lashes to the next level with Yardley’s Intense Lash Mascara. Mascara is often referred to as the “little black dress” of make-up it completes any look whether it be a natural look or a full face glam, mascara makes the eyes pop and look more awake and sultry. No look is complete without a coat of mascara.

The Yardley Intense Mascara is not just any mascara, it is a volumizing mascara with semi-permanent tinted complex that gently tints your lashes while you wear it, results can be seen within 2 weeks. Ultra black carbon pigments provide an intense and dramatic look, while peptides help strengthen and protect lashes.


The Yardley Intense Mascara contains Walnut Oil which is known to promote hair growth which means that the mascara also assists with the growth of your lashes, it is paraben free, and the longwearing formulation won’t fade or flake, ensuring intensely lush lashes throughout the day.

The packaging is sleek and eye catching with its curvy shape and gold text against the black 8ml tube. The wand is thick and flat on two sides and rounded at the top, the flat sides have extremely tiny bristles which are almost unnoticeable while the other two sides have tiny bristles but not extremely tiny like the others. It’s an odd wand and if you don’t completely remove any excess mascara off the wand applying it on can get a bit messy and leave you with clumpy lashes. The wand is flexible at the neck so it’s easy to maneuver to those tiny inner corner lashes but because the tip of the wand is rounded and has no bristles it’s a bit difficult to coat all the tiny lashes and if you’re not careful it can mess your lids and eyeshadow.


The mascara itself is dark black in colour and it’s the perfect consistency, not thin and not too thick and it doesn’t have a strong scent like a lot of mascaras have which can put me off a mascara.

If the excess mascara is removed from the wand before applying it on then the results are beautiful separated longer lashes thanks to the teeny tiny bristles. The mascara doesn’t dry down quickly so you can layer it on without it making your lashes look spidery and clumpy, even though it takes a little long to dry down it doesn’t smudge. I’m so impressed with how dark this mascara makes my lashes and how it beautifully separates my lashes and gives it some volume, gorgeous curl and opens up my eyes. You can see the difference in the picture below.


The Yardley Intense Lash Mascara feels so comfortable on my lashes as if I haven’t applied anything and it doesn’t smudge, fade or flake throughout the day keeping to its promise. I have used the mascara for two weeks straight and to be honest I haven’t noticed a major change in the colour of my lashes only when I apply on the mascara my lashes are then darker. The Intense Lash Mascara is perfect for an everyday natural look and you can skip the eyeliner as the mascara makes the eyes look darker and naturally more awake it’s also perfect for a full face glam adding intensity and seductiveness to the eyes, it completes any look and it makes lashes look so intense with the dark tint yet natural with the gorgeous separation, curl and volume it gives to lashes.



This has become my favourite mascara, I’m actually a fan of all Yardley mascaras and find myself reaching for them more often than any other brand. Yardley also has a great variety of mascaras to choose from for all your lash needs.

The Yardley Intense Lash Mascara retails for R149,96 and is available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgar’s, Foshini and leading Pharmacies nationwide.

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