Dove DermaSpa

Dove DermaSpa is a collection of sumptuous body care products that combines a luxurious home spa experience with expert dermatological care. The Dove DermaSpa body care collection consists of velvety lotions, pampering hand creams and silky oils all enriched with Cell-Moisturisers. Cell-Moisturisers are key moisturising actives that work at the heart of skin cells delivering beauty benefits and leaving the skin full of moisture.

The Dove DermaSpa collection comes in four different ranges each for a different skin type and offer different beauty benefits. The ranges are: Goodness³, Cashmere Comfort, Uplifted+ and Summer Revived.

I received a couple of the Dove DermaSpa products from three of the ranges:

  • From the Goodness³ range: a Body Cream, Body Lotion and Silky Body Oil,
  • From the Cashmere Comfort range: a Body Butter and
  • From the Uplifted+ range: a Body Lotion.


When I received the products I immediately fell in love with the stunning packaging of each product. The creams and lotions have a luxurious soft velvety feeling packaging while the oil comes in a see through bottle showing off its beautiful golden shimmer.

I will be telling you all about each range, the products and how they have worked for my skin.

I’m starting off with the tubs. I love body creams and butters for winter as I feel that they offer long-lasting hydration for my skin in the colder months.


Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Body Cream

The body cream falls under the Goodness³ range which is suitable for dry skin, it is Dove’s  first spa-like treatment to blend omega oil and Cell-Moisturisers. The silky rich cream transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways: for even-looking, luminous skin, that feels velvety soft. I’m always looking for products that work at evening my skin tone as I have mark’s on my body from eczema rashes, so I couldn’t wait to try the products from the goodness³ range.


The cream comes in a 300ml white velvety soft tub with a shimmery gold lid, the gold packaging is what differentiates the goodness³ range from the other Dove DermaSpa ranges. The cream is white in colour and has a rich fragrance with creamy vanilla, musk and succulent coconut. The cream has a luxurious silky soft and smooth thin texture, it’s not runny and quickly and easily absorbs into my skin. Only a small amount of the product is needed as it spreads easily.


My skin instantly feels hydrated and moisturised. The cream leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft with a beautiful luminous finish. I love that the cream doesn’t feel oily, greasy and sticky but comfortable and light on my skin at the same time rich and moisturising. You can see in the picture below just how beautifully the cream gives my skin a healthy glow after it has been rubbed in.


I’m so in love with how healthy my skin looks and feels after using the cream and the hydration and smooth feeling lasts the entire day so there is no need to reapply the product. The cream is so rich and hydrating, after applying it to my body and then washing my hands the hand wash won’t foam up like it usually does and the hydration from the cream is still there. What makes me love this product even more is that it is suitable for sensitive skin and you all know how much I go on about how dry and sensitive my skin is.

Dove DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort Body Butter

The body butter falls under the Cashmere Comfort range which is suitable for very dry skin, the Cashmere Comfort range is comforting,  intensely soothing and helps restore very dry skin leaving it feeling as soft as cashmere. The body butter penetrates deeply into the cells, it helps restore nourishment from within, enhancing the skins barrier function to keep your skin full of moisture. The result is smoother, restored skin that’s cashmere-soft.


The body butter comes in a 300ml same velvety soft white tub as the body cream from the goodness³ range, it has a blue lid with a touch of gold which differentiates the Cashmere Comfort range from the rest of the DermaSpa ranges. The butter is white in colour and is fragranced with warm, comforting notes of vanilla, spices and amber, it smells absolutely divine! The butter is thick in texture and feels buttery soft and creamy, it takes longer to fully-absorb into the skin and a little more product is needed than the goodness³ body cream as it doesn’t spread as easily because of the thicker creamier texture.


Once the body butter is fully absorbed into my skin it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised which lasts for the entire day so there is no need to reapply it. My skin is instantly smooth and cashmere soft and doesn’t flake or dry throughout the day, the lovely smooth feeling is consistent from first application right through to the end of the day. The body butter gives my skin the same healthy glow that the goodness³ body cream gives my skin.


My skin looks healthy and feels hydrated. The body butter feels light on my skin even though it is rich and creamy it doesn’t leave my skin feeling uncomfortable. I love the extra moisture and richness that the body butter provides for my dry skin without it feeling oily or greasy and doesn’t leave any residue. The Cashmere Comfort body butter is a delightful treat to my very dry skin.


I’m always using body creams and butter as they are richer for my skin but I also enjoy trying out body lotions as they absorb quicker saving me time and energy rubbing it into my skin and they are easier to travel with as they don’t take up much space like a tub does. The Dove DermaSpa body lotions are quite small for body lotions, at first I thought that they were hand lotions.


Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ Body Lotion

This body lotion falls under the Uplifted+ range which is suitable for all skin types, it is Dove’s first spa-like lotion to blend satin gel with Cell-Moisturisers. This lotion gently moisturises and replenishes skin, giving the skin a pick-me-up to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Indulge and uplift your skin full of moisture every day. I’m getting older so I feel that it’s important to use skincare products which help improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness so that I don’t look like ice-cream melting from a cone on a hot summer day lol.


The body lotion comes in a velvety soft smooth 200ml flat tube that has shiny green and blue wording and a light green flip cap that is easy to open and close without any leakage of the product. The light green is what differentiates the Uplifted+ range from the other DermaSpa ranges. The lotion is slightly blue in colour it’s almost unnoticeable, it has a weird soft smooth gel and creamy texture and a very weird lumpy look, it looks almost like sour milk. The lotion has a gorgeous light fresh scent of water lilies and cucumber, for some reason the scent reminds me of the ocean. The body lotion is thin in texture and light allowing it to spread easily and to quickly absorb into the skin, not much of the product is needed, a little goes a long way.


My skin feels hydrated after applying on the lotion but it doesn’t have that luminous glow that the body cream and butter gave my skin. The lotion doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky and greasy. My skin looks matte and the hydration doesn’t last long so the lotion needs to be reapplied every couple of hours.


The Uplifted+ body lotion is very light on my skin and doesn’t offer me the hydration and richness needed for winter, I would rather use it in spring and summer as it feels light and it has a summery fresh scent making it perfect for hotter days. It also helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness so it’s perfect to use in conjunction with exercising and eating healthy as it would boost those firming results. I’m enjoying using the body lotion as a hand lotion instead.

Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Body Lotion

The body lotion falls under the Goodness³ range which is suitable for dry skin. The lotion has omega oil for velvety soft, even-looking and luminous skin. All products under the goodness³ range transforms skin in these three beautiful ways. Pamper your skin full of moisture every day.


The body lotion comes in the same flat velvety soft and smooth 200ml tube as the Uplifted+ body lotion. It has shiny gold and blue wording on the packaging with a shimmery gold flip cap that opens and closes easily. The lotion is slightly yellow in colour and has a scrumptious creamy vanilla, musk and coconut scent. The body lotion looks like sorbet and feels soft and smooth, it is thin in texture but not runny and spreads easily which means only a small amount is needed. The lotion is fast-absorbing and leaves a slight glowy finish not as luminous as the body cream and butter.


My skin instantly feels hydrated and moisturised without any stickiness and oiliness. The lotion feels so light and comfortable on my skin and the hydration lasts for the whole day so there is no need to reapply the lotion. My skin also feels velvety soft and is silky smooth after using the lotion. I’m impressed with the way this lotion makes my skin look and feel and that it provides me with long lasting hydration and moisturisation making it perfect for this cold season. I would love to see the lotions in bigger tubes as they don’t last as long as I would hope.


Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Silky Body Oil

This beautiful body oil forms part of the  Goodness³ range which is suitable for dry skin. The unique blend of omega oil and Cell-Moisturisers transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways: for even-looking, luminous skin, that feels velvety soft. I’m obsessed with shimmer and body oils and absolutely love that Dove has combined both my obsessions into one product. When summer comes I’m always taking out my body bronzes and shimmery body products to give my skin a healthy looking glow and to transform my pale winter skin into bronzed goddess status. This product got me extremely excited when I received it that I had to take it with me on my trip to Malaysia last year so that my skin looks healthy, even and luminous while on holiday.


The body oil comes in a long 150ml see through bottle, the label has shiny gold and blue text, the lid is white in colour and twists off and on safely securing the oil in the bottle, the oil doesn’t leak out which I was worried about when taking it with me to Malaysia. When the cap is removed there’s a tiny hole to dispense the product which works perfectly as not too much is poured out so it’s easy to control the amount of oil you want to use. The oil is shimmery gold in colour and has an indulgent fragrance of vanilla, musk and coconut. The body oil is not too thin and watery or too thick in texture, only a small amount is needed as it spreads easily, it takes a while to fully absorb into the skin.


The Dove DermaSpa Silky Body Oil leaves my skin feeling hydrated, it doesn’t feel sticky and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores. The oil has a slight oily finish with a slight golden shimmer that’s not overwhelming, the golden shimmer is subtle and gives my skin a healthy golden glow. Even though it’s an oil my skin doesn’t feel greasy, uncomfortably oily and the oil doesn’t feel heavy and thick on my skin but light. It can be used on its own or over a body lotion, cream or butter. I prefer to use it over a body lotion as the oil is rich and a lotion is thin and light.


I absolutely love the gorgeous scent and beautiful healthy glow that I’m left with when using this oil, it doesn’t stain clothes but just to be safe I like to wait a few minutes to put on my clothes after applying on the oil. I took the oil with me to Malaysia as I wanted a nice healthy glow but only used it for one day, the oil is so rich and moisturising and it was so hot and humid in Malaysia that it just felt very uncomfortable and made me feel extra hot. I prefer to use the body oil in winter as I also tried using it when I got back and it was summer here but it’s just too rich for hot summer days no matter where in world you are. Below I tried to capture the beauty of the oil under the sun.


The oil is perfect for dry winter skin and looks stunning under the winter sun. Maybe if the oil was a lot thinner in texture and not as rich it would work for summer it would also be nice to see a thinner texture oil in a spray bottle for quick and easy application during hot summer days. I’m so in love with the Silky Body Oil my skin feels silky soft and smooth and has such a beautiful subtle golden glow and my skin is hydrated for the entire day so there’s no need to reapply the oil. It has such a luxurious look, feel and scent that I just want to bath in it!


I honestly love the Dove DermaSpa collection the packaging screams elegance and looks like something you would find in a luxurious spa. I like how Dove made it easy to differentiate each range under the collection with the different colours of the packing and also each range/colour it suited for a certain skin type making it easy to choose a product for your skin concerns and beauty needs. Majority of the products worked so well for me and none of the products irritated my skin or caused any rashes because the entire collection is suitable for sensitive which allows me to have more options when choosing a product for my sensitive skin.

Which Dove DermaSpa product/s will you be getting your hands on for winter? 😉

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  1. veebeecouture says:

    I love Dove so much! This range looks amazing, I really wanna get my hands on it! xx

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