Nivea Oil In Lotion

Today is the first post of our Winter Skincare series #WinterWithBeeAndMoe where we will be reviewing different body lotions, creams and oils for winter for ladies and gents and I will be telling you which products have worked for my dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. I’m starting off the winter skincare series with the Nivea Oil In Lotion, this was released last year I’ve had these lotions since they were launched but haven’t tried them till recently as last year we were travelling.

The new Nivea Oil In Lotion combines precious oil in a fast absorbing lotion. I mentioned before that I love face and body oils and often mix oils in with my moisturiser so I love that Nivea combined both into one bottle making it more convenient.

Nivea Oil In Lotion comes in two variants: Vanilla & Almond Oil and Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil. Both of these lotions are also available in body creams which comes in tubs. The Nivea Oil In Lotion offers 24 hour deep moisture and is suitable for normal to dry skin. They both come in 400ml baby blue bottles with navy blue flip caps that are easy to open and close well so the product doesn’t leak out, the navy blue Nivea logo stands out against the baby blue bottles. Each bottle has a picture of the flowers that the lotions are scented with (Vanilla and Cherry Blossom). The packaging stands out and the bottles are nice and big, each bottle should last for a month depending on how much product you use.


Both variants work the same the only difference is the different scent and the oil, both contain precious oil (Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil) that is carefully blended for 24 hour deep moisture, without any stickiness. Both lotions transforms dry skin into smooth, beautifully glowing skin and should be applied daily to your whole body.

Nivea Oil In Lotion Vanilla & Almond Oil

This variant relaxes your senses with a rich vanilla scent. It smells so beautiful almost like a vanilla sponge cake and the scent lasts the entire day so there’s no need to apply on a perfume or body spray.

Almond Oil is known for its gentle, soothing and moisturising properties. It helps draw water into the skin and keep it moist, healthy and supple and it is also great for sensitive skin and less likely to cause a rash or other allergic reactions.


The lotion is white in colour, feels smooth and thin in texture but not runny, the thin texture allows for the lotion to spread easily so only a small amount of the product is needed and it also absorbs quickly into the skin. I’m so use to using creams that take forever to absorb into my skin that I actually enjoyed using a lotion for once and applying on the lotion saves more time than rubbing in a body cream or butter. Using a lotion is a nice change. Although the lotion contains almond oil my skin doesn’t feel greasy and oily and the lotion doesn’t make my skin feel sticky. My skin is left feeling instantly hydrated and moisturised. The hydration is long-lasting so there’s no need to reapply the lotion throughout the day, it really does offer 24 hour deep moisture, my skin feels so soft and smooth and doesn’t become dry and flaky and it also smells amazing. Every time the wind blows or I make any movements I get a whiff of the the beautiful vanilla scent.

Nivea Oil In Lotion Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

This variant awakens your senses with a fresh cherry blossom scent. The lotion has a beautiful floral scent that also lasts throughout the day.

Jojoba Oil is known to soothe dry skin, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps with chafing and chapping and reduces redness caused by drying. It also helps in skin repair and damage control and eases the effects of eczema and rosacea.

The oils are not just added to the lotions to add moisture to the skin but they also have healing properties which help to maintain healthy looking and feeling skin from deep within.


The texture of the Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil lotion is the same as the Vanilla & Almond Oil lotion and it spreads easily and absorbs quickly into my skin saving me a lot of time. My skin feels hydrated and is moisturised for the entire day without it feeling oily, greasy or sticky and my skin has a beautiful glow. Even though the lotion contains oil my pores don’t feel clogged instead my skin looks and feels smooth and healthy with no flaking or dryness.


To be honest at first I was scared to use these lotions on my sensitive skin in fear that it might irritate it and cause eczema flare-ups because the lotions are scented but to my surprise the lotions agreed to my skin and I didn’t struggle with any irritation or rashes. I was also concerned that the lotions are suited for normal to dry skin and I have very dry skin but the lotions left my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised for the entire day without needing to reapply it. I love both variants (ok maybe the Vanilla & Almond Oil the most because it reminds me of cake 😊), a plus is that the scent of each variant stays on the skin the entire day so I’m always smelling fresh and delicious.

Even though I love the Nivea Oil In Lotion’s and they deliver what is stated on the packaging I feel that I would use these a lot more in spring and summer as they feel so light on my skin and in winter my skin needs something a bit more rich and creamy, even though rich and creamy means that it takes longer to fully absorb resulting in taking longer to get ready every day but my skin is very dry in winter and I love the rich creamy feel of a body cream or butter in the colder season. I wonder if the Oil In Cream works just as well and if they are richer, creamy and suitable for dry to very dry skin. If your skin is not extremely dry in winter and you don’t need the richness of a body cream or butter then the Oil In Lotion is perfect for you.

Overall I’m very impressed with the Nivea Oil In Lotion’s and pleased that the consistency and results are the same with both variants and the scent of both lotions are not overwhelming but pleasant.

What is your go-to winter lotion?

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