Kangol: Nails Did

We all love having stunning nails but going to the nail salon is pricey I would much rather use the money to buy something that’s needed in the home. Kangol recently launched a nail care/nail treatment range which is affordable so that none of us have to break the bank trying to keep our nails looking fresh and beautiful.

The range consists of: Nail Growth, Quick Dry, Cuticle Oil and a Hand and Nail Cream, everything you need for healthy looking nails and hands.

The Nail Care range is easy to spot, three products come in nail polish bottles (Nail Growth, Quick Dry and Cuticle Oil) which are all clear with pink lids and enclosed in a clear box, with a big black title on each box stating what the product is and each product is colour coded: Nail Growth is purple, Quick Dry is blue and Cuticle Oil is green (I love how the pastel shades work so well together in the range). Underneath each bottle there is a sticker stating what the product is but be careful the sticker comes off easily so always place the bottle back into the correct titled box so that you know what each bottle contains as it’s not printed on the actual nail polish bottle. The Hand and Nail Cream comes in a white and pink 30ml tube. The theme of the range is white/clear and pink making it easy to spot and differentiate from the other Kangol products.



I’ll be telling you all about each product in the order that it should be applied.


Kangol Nail Growth

I have a difficult time growing my nails lately as they are weak, brittle and break very easily. My nails tend to grow to a certain length and stay there, any longer and they break so I’m always looking for new nail growth treatments and also tried nail growth supplements but nothing seems to help so I couldn’t wait to try the Kangol Nail Growth hoping that I would have better luck with it.


The Kangol Nail Growth assists with fragile, split and broken nails. It should be applied to clean buffed nails as a base not over as a top coat. It also protects the nails from staining and nail polish from chipping.

The Nail Growth has the same texture as a clear nail polish and the applicator is a normal nail polish brush applicator. It applies on clear and glossy, I like to apply on one coat if I use it as a base underneath a coloured nail polish so that it is not too thick and two coats if I’m wearing it on its own.


I find that it chips easily and needs to be reapplied once or twice a week. My nails were growing when I reapplied it but I’ve been so busy with packing, moving and unpacking that I forget to touch it up regularly so my nails are still quite short. I like that it dries quick and that my nails look glossy and pretty when wearing it on its own and that it doesn’t make my nail polish peel off when using it as a base.

Kangol Quick Dry

A lady is only weak when she’s waiting for her nails to dry that is why Quick Dry products were invented to take the wait out of drying.


Kangol’s Quick Dry should be applied over freshly painted nails for quick drying time, it allows the nail polish to dry quicker so that you have more time being a boss lady.

The Quick Dry has the same nail polish brush applicator but the texture of the actual product is very thin and watery. One drop on each nail spreads throughout the nail coating the entire nail without having to use the actual brush to brush it on, so the applicator is not needed I think a dropper would’ve worked best.


The product is more of an oil than a top coat which I initially thought it would be, it has a very oily feel and finish on the nail which doesn’t dry. I find that this product does not work instead my nail polish formed bubbles and smudged rather than dry, it was also a very messy process and my mani was ruined so I had to start over without using the Quick Dry.

Kangol Cuticle Oil

I always apply a cuticle oil this helps prevent the skin around the nails from peeling, that little skin burns when you pull it off and makes you feel like you’re pulling off the skin from your entire hand, you all know what I’m talking about. For me cuticle oil is an essential part to any manicure especially in winter as our hands and cuticles become very dry, I always keep cuticle oil next to my bed and apply it before I sleep so that my cuticles are hydrated and moisturised making my mani look great too.


Kangol’s Cuticle Oil formula contains almond and avocado oil which both have excellent moisturising properties. Cuticle oil is the second last step of a manicure it should be applied once the top coat has dried, a few drops should be applied to the nail and cuticle to help soften and hydrate. I like to apply one drop to each nail and cuticle and massage it in then apply a hand and nail cream.


The Cuticle Oil is slightly yellow in colour and has the same brush applicator, once again I think a dropper would work better but I don’t have any problems with the brush applicator. The oil is thin in texture and one brush of the product on each nail coats both the nail and cuticle. It has a slight oil finish but doesn’t leave my fingers feeling very greasy and oily like most cuticle oils do. My cuticles feel hydrated and moisturised and also look very healthy after applying on the cuticle oil. This is one of my favourite products from the range.

Kangol Hand and Nail Cream

I can’t stand the feeling of dry hands I always have hand cream on me so that it’s ready to use every time I wash or have my hands in water. I go through hand creams like crazy so I really appreciate receiving the new Kangol Hand and Nail cream. It is always important to keep your hands hydrated, moisturised and soft, as adults we are always meeting new people be it at work or at a social event and we greet and introduce ourselves with hand shakes and who wants to shake someone’s dry rough hands? Not me that’s for sure.


Kangol’s Hand and Nail Cream smells like vanilla and almond milk, it’s divine! The packaging is cute and small and fits into all my handbags including my tiny clutch bags. The cream itself is not thick or runny but the perfect in between consistency. A pea size amount spreads easily and is enough for both my hands, the cream leaves my hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.



The Nail Treatment products except for the Hand and Nail Cream are R89.00 each.

I’m not sure if the promotion is still on but when you spend R300 or more (ignore the R350 in the picture below) on Kangol products you will receive a free Nail Kit. The Nail Kit contains everything needed to look after your nails from nail clippers to a cuticle pusher and it’s the perfect addition to the the nail treatments, I love that is it small and compact so you can pop it into your handbag.


Kangol recently launched a Gel Nail Polish Range that forms part of their new Autumn/Winter line. The products are amazing I will post my review on their Autumn/Winter range soon so keep an eye out for my Kangol: Bring On The Night blog post. I just know that you are all going to love the products and the beautiful Autumn/Winter shades.

All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide.

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