I was recently given the opportunity to have treatments done at WAXIT. I have never waxed before other than my brows and upper lip which I often do at home but I have always wanted to have a Hollywood (everything off down there) done but chicken out many times. Now that I was given the opportunity to go into WAXIT for some treatments I decided why not get the Hollywood done, once my treatment was booked I couldn’t chicken out.

WAXIT is a wax bar dedicated solely to smooth skin. It’s a refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smooth.

A place where men and women alike can go to wax it expertly and discreetly, free from the intrusions that come with visiting full service salons.

And because they’re masters of sleek and silky, they focus only on fuzz. No manicures, pedicures or facials, just high quality waxing. When it comes to their craft, only the best will do. Which is why their master WAXITologists use only the best imported waxes.

Whether it’s low-rise jeans, itsy bitsy bikinis or button downs, WAXIT makes sure you achieve your best look – smooth.

I decided to go in for full legs wax as it’s winter now and I’m mostly wearing jeans so I could let the hair on my legs grow out for the treatment and a Hollywood. I thought about doing my underarms but I had events to attend and wasn’t going to attend them looking like King Kong so yeah I wasn’t going to let my underarm hair grow out for the treatment.

I went to WAXIT in Kyalami Corner Shopping Centre even though it’s far from where I stay it’s still closer than the other 3 WAXIT branches (WAXIT Lonehill, Douglasdale and Menlyn Maine). I have never been to Kyalami Corner Shopping Centre before but had no trouble finding it and finding WAXIT. I was so nervous going in as I didnt know what to expect.

WAXIT is a nice clean peaceful wax bar, the receptionist was really friendly and made me feel welcomed, I didn’t have to wait long to have my treatments done. The WAXITologist was also very friendly which put my mind at ease, she was easy to talk to I explained to her that this was my first time waxing and she made me feel comfortable.


The treatment room is small and cosy with a heated treatment bed that kept me warm during the waxing. We first started off with my legs.


Full Legs Wax

Warm wax was applied onto my legs I won’t lie it was painful removing the hair it stung like hell, my toes were also waxed which I didn’t really feel. Waxing the bottom part of my legs and the bottom back part was painful and made my toes curl so that made me extra scared about waxing down there. The top part of my legs (thighs) and the back part was not painful at all and went quicker.

Wax roll on was used for my legs, the entire time I was thinking that I need something like that in a small version for my brows and upper lip (I probably had those thoughts because I thought it’s so cool and easy to use or mainly to keep my mind off the pain..maybe both😊).

Hollywood Wax

A Hollywood is having all the hair removed down there and in between the butt cheeks. After having the lower part of my legs waxed I was terrified of getting the Hollywood done.

I was sooo scared about this part, I read that it is painful and that one should pop a pain tablet or have a glass of wine before going in for a Hollywood. I didn’t do either and was kinda regretting that I didn’t, my tummy started cramping from the anxiety but I pulled through.

Before getting waxed I was told to remove my undies and to wipe up down there with wet wipes that were provided. I was asked to open my legs to the side and then warm wax was applied down there it felt so strange and I was so shy about having someone see all my lady bits. My palms were sweaty from anxiety. The WAXITologist spoke to me throughout the entire procedure to get my mind off everything, it helped a little. When she pulled the wax removing the hair it stung so bad but surprisingly it wasn’t as painful as having my legs waxed, but the painful part was yet to come!

After doing the top flat part and the sides she then went in between in the middle (the soft, tender parts), it was the most weird feeling ever when the hot wax was applied there (the wax no longer felt warm but slightly hot in those areas) and when she removed the wax and everything else from in between it felt like she removed EVERYTHING skin and all! It was so painful and all I could do was laugh..laugh very loudly that she even started laughing with me. That was the most painful part. Getting the hair removed from in between my butt cheeks wasn’t painful at all and went quick.

For the Hollywood a runny wax was used so that it gets into all the curves.

When I went home I had a look at everything and was pleased that all the hair from my legs was removed and it felt so silky soft and smooth. All the hair down there was also removed I was a bit worried that some spots would have been missed but she got everything from in between too. It felt soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I have very sensitive skin and was scared that I might break out into a rash or have some redness or swelling after the waxing but thankfully that did not happen.

The smoothness lasted for a week I thought it might last a little longer. I normally have to shave my legs every second day so was happy that it lasted for as long as it did.

I will definitely go back and have my legs and the Hollywood done again even though it’s painful its bearable, I really like the outcome and how quick and easy it is. I also felt very comfortable at WAXIT they are professionals at what they do and are very friendly which definitely put my mind at ease the place is also very neat and clean as a germaphobe I always look at such things. They don’t reuse sheets and gloves are mandatory for the WAXITologists. They also sanitise their rooms between each appointment.

WAXIT also sells products to help maintain the silky smooth feel and to prevent or help with ingrown hairs.


To find out what services WAXIT offers have a look at their site: http://www.waxit.co.za/services/womens-services/.

Do you prefer to wax or shave? And have you ever had a Hollywood done?

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