Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair, mermaid hair or unicorn hair has become a huge trend and I have always loved experimenting with colour. I’ve always wanted to do something bold and crazy with my hair but scared of the damage that it might cause since I have dark brown hair and in order for those beautiful bold colours to show on my hair I need to go blonde and after my last experience of going blonde where my hair turned out a gross green colour and was very dry, damaged and broke easily I was terrified. Once the colour started to grow out I had to cut my hair really short (I loved the short hair though but also love having long hair) and now that my hair is growing long and healthy I didn’t want to put my hair through all the strain and damage again.

I recently received the new Joico Color Butters which is a colour depositing treatment that lasts up to 10 washes. I received all 6 of their unique rainbow pigments which are green, blue, titanium, purple, red and pink. Katy Perry recently used the Joico Color Butter in the pink shade. This was the perfect excuse for me to finally go rainbow but the problem is that in order for the colours to show up on my hair I had to pre-lighten it but the plus side is that the Joico Color Butter is also a hair treatment. My bad experience with going blonde was done by someone who claimed to be a professional and bleached my hair twice one day after the next which I’m sure you are not supposed to do and didn’t warn me about the damage it would cause.


So I once again collaborated with Fashion Squared Hair And Beauty Salon you can read all about my first experience with them here. I trust their work and know that they are professionals at what they do and will always put their client and the safety/health of their hair first.

Before telling you about my rainbow hair process and how the Joico Color Butters have worked on my hair let me tell you a bit more about Joico Color Butters.

Joico Color Butter

Joico Color Butter is both a conditioning treatment and hair colour available in 6 colours, each colour comes in a 177ml tub which has a label wrapped around each tub in the colour of the product inside. Each tub has a black lid with a colour swatch on the top of the lid giving the accurate representation of the colour result on the hair. Colour results are softer and muted on the hair and not the exact colour as the actual product but as the swatch on each lid.


The depositing treatment is a brilliant, ultra-moisturising hybrid to amp up the richness of high-beam hair colour or add a pop of colour to blondes who want beautiful bold vibrant hair. Formulated with Joico’s state-of-the-art-technology including restorative Arginine, and powerful Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex to strengthen and repair hair- color butter is designed to fuse fun and fashion with serious care.

Color Butter offers a rich-yet-weightless treatment that gives you the pop of a temporary colour with intense conditioning benefits that can reduce hair breakage by over 44%.

What made me love this product as soon as I received it is that it claims to quench dehydrated strands which have been coloured so that it looks gloriously glossy and silky to the touch as it strengthens weak, pre-lightened hair, restoring vital moisture levels that leave hair frizz free and amazingly responsive to styling.

It overall delivers colour and treats pre-lightened hair which is amazing and just what I needed to achieve a healthy rainbow look.

Joico Color butter’s are great as a colour refresher to touch up or refresh any faded hair colour, top coat or treatment for dry damaged hair where colours tend to fade quickly or to create a whole new look by applying it onto light to dark blonde hair. The possibilities are endless.

Color Butter can be used on extensions, wefts or wigs as long as it’s 100% human hair. Color Butter is formulated to fade from the hair within 5-10 shampoos, if you want to remove it quicker then you can use the Color Intensity Color Eraser.

The Ingredients In The Joico Color Butter’s And How They Work

Joico Color Butter contains:

  • Kukui Nut Oil: A prized moisturiser from the Hawaiian Kukui Nut or Candlenut tree. It is rich with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, this powerful oil moisturises dry hair while improving elasticity and shine.
  • Shea Butter: A powerful moisturiser widely used in skincare, Shea Butter is produced from Shea-Karite tree nut, which is native to tropis of East and West Africa. It provides extraordinary moisturisation and helps restore elasticity and shine
  • Direct Depositing Dyes: The same true pigments found in Joico’s best-selling Salon Exclusive Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Crème Colors: These vibrant dyes recharge faded hues and rev up dynamic colour.
  • Joico’s Exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex And Quadramine Complex: A blend of smart, hair-identical keratin actively “seek out” and lock in on damaged sites providing around-the-clock hair repair and protection from the inside out. It targets damaged areas of hair from cuticle to the cortex, repairing damage, increasing strength, making the hair less prone to damage.
  • Arginine: Depleted from the hair during the pre-lightening process, Arginine is the amino acid most responsible for hairs ability to stretch rather than break. It is included in the Color Butter as it helps shield and protect fragile hairs protein and lipids rendering it stronger and more responsive. It strengthens the hair replenishing Arginine lost during the Pre-lightening process.

How To Use Joico Color Butter’s?

  • Section hair and apply evenly to each section.
  • Apply to wet or dry hair using gloves.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse well.

Always wear gloves when applying and rinsing the Color Butter. Cover clothing during application if product comes in contact with tile or porcelain, wipe up immediately to avoid staining.

Colours can be mixed together to create a custom shade (titanium and pink makes a gorgeous steel violet shade, titanium and red makes a metallic red, green and blue makes a stunning turquoise and titanium and blue makes a denim colour). Colours can be diluted with your favourite Joico conditioner for a more pastel shade and to deepen the shades you can repeat an application 2-3 times. Apply the first application, process and rinse the hair, repeat this process 2-3 times to deepen your Color Butter results.


Rainbow Hair Process And Outcome

Before going into Fashion Squared Hair and Beauty Salon to have my rainbow hair done I was drooling over pictures of rainbow hair done by Guy Tang who is a colourist and creates the most amazing rainbow, mermaid, unicorn hair. I saved some of the pictures of his work as reference.


I was lucky enough to have Wayne as my stylist as I had a great experience with him the first time I went in for my hair, I also knew that my hair would be left in brilliant trustworthy hands and he always makes me feel comfortable by explaining the entire process and outcome and always letting me know what he is doing to my hair and why (all stylists should always talk their clients through the entire process so that they know what’s happening to their hair before it’s too late and irreversible). I also finally got to meet the owner of Fashion Squared Hair and Beauty Salon, she is such a sweet and friendly person who made Moe and I feel welcomed and also gave us a slice of really delicious carrot cake 😊.

I showed Wayne a picture of what I would like done to my hair, it was a complete rainbow look on the entire hair and he explained to me that going that extreme would cause a lot of damage to my hair as I would have to go very light and it’s a long process, so we opted for some rainbow highlights instead. I have to admit I was kinda sad but I also didn’t want my hair to get damaged. I was hoping to go full blonde so after the rainbow colours had washed out I could experiment with each colour and wanted to create Kim Kardashian’s pink hair but the health of my hair comes first.


Wayne first lightened a couple of pieces/sections of my hair, he said that they needed to be yellow in colour in order for the Joico colours to show vibrantly on my hair as white would make the colours look translucent. So we waited until my hair was the desired yellow colour, once it was I had my hair washed and then the fun began.


We opened each tub of Joico Color Butters, they all have a beautiful sweet scent that makes you want to eat it, the Color Butter’s have a soft creamy texture like a normal hair conditioning treatment.


Wayne applied the Joico Color Butters to my hair, different colours spread out throughout the bottom part of my hair and on my side fringe (the highlights are done underneath and can be hidden with the top layer of my hair when needed), we also created different shades by mixing some of the colours together. Like the beautiful turquoise shade in the front of my hair was created by mixing blue and green together. The Joico Color Butter states that it should stay on for 5 minutes but obviously the first set of colours stayed on a bit longer but this did not affect the intensity of the colour. After all colours had been applied my hair was then washed and blow dried.



I really love the outcome, each colour looked exactly like the colour swatch on the lid of each tub. My hair didn’t feel or look dry and still looked healthy. I like how spread out the colours are at the bottom. I wasn’t sure if the colours would be true to the colour swatches on the lid and was pleasantly surprised that the colours caught onto my hair and looked so vibrant. The colours which are a lot more bolder and brighter are the green and red, the titanium is not that visible as it blends in with my dark hair and doesn’t show as silver (which I was hoping it would). I’ve read that semi-permanent dyes often rub off onto clothing, towels and pillowcases that is not the case with the Joico Color Butters none of the colours transferred to any of my clothes, or when towel drying my hair and on my pillowcases.



After about 4-5 washes the colours have faded and needs to be retouched I’m thinking of making all the pre-lightened strands one colour once all the colours have washed out completely. I also see that some of the pre-lightened hair is almost white in colour so I’m a bit worried about walking around with yellow and white strands.

Some pieces of my hair feel abit dry now (mostly the white pieces) but I’m hoping after I re-apply the Color Butter it will help hydrate my hair and make it look more vibrant. I only touched up the front colour ever since I’ve had my hair done professionally and I found that the Joico Color Butter’s really do help with the dryness of the hair and help hydrate it as it looked much more healthier after I retouched it.

After having the products put onto my hair at Fashion Squared Hair and Beauty Salon I still have over half a tub leftover of each colour that I can play around with.

If you are not yet following Fashion Squared Hair and Beauty Salon please do on Facebook and Instagram and pay them a visit at Fourways Valley Shopping Centre to have your hair and nails professionally done 😉. Joico Color Butter’s are available at salons countrywide give Joico South Africa a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Would you rock rainbow hair? If you do decide to Joico Color Butter’s are the way to go, bold colour without the full commitment of permanent colours and treatment all-in-one which really works well.

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