Churchills Bar

Adventures of Bee and Moe recently spent the evening at Churchills a sophisticated and upmarket bar and lounge spot located in Melrose Arch, JHB (Shop 52 upper level, Galleria Piazza). We were treated to a bottle of champagne and a platter for two.

Bringing the ambience and vibe of an upmarket British bar, Churchills promises to be a place for all people to feel welcome. With its stylized British décor, and commitment to quality food and service, Churchills will attract the trendsetters and on-the-rise go getters of Johannesburg’s thriving upmarket scene.

With an array of the finest cigars, one of the largest selections of single Malts, Premium Whisky’s and Champagnes, their guests will not be left disappointed.


This was not our first visit to Churchills Bar, about a month ago we went for their Whisky Tasting night and enjoyed the atmosphere and the music, however this time around we went on a normal night where there wasn’t any special event happening. It was interesting to see how the atmosphere differed to the Whisky Tasting night.


The entrance has a red carpet laid out with black velvet ropes on the sides so you always feel like a VIP guest walking in. The black, gold and red carpet entrance gives the feel of elegance. The gentleman at the front desk was friendly inviting us in and showed us to our table (a whole round cushy booth just for the two of us ☺) where a bottle of champagne on ice and two champagne glasses awaited us. The atmosphere was relaxed with dim lights and the table was lit by candle light making it a very romantic and relaxing ambiance. The music was also very chilled and soft unlike the Whisky Night where there was a D.J playing amazing mixes that made you want to get up and dance the night away.



We went on a Tuesday evening and actually loved the chilled vibe it’s such a great place to relax and have a good conversation after a long day at work. We ordered a platter called ‘Harry’s Platter’ which consisted of lamb loin chops, crumbed chicken strips, onion rings and arancini rice balls served with three dips a sweet chilli dip, a tomato chutney dip and a sweet chilli mint dip (which was my favourite). Just thinking about the platter is making me feel hungry 😊. To be honest we didn’t expect the platter to be filling but the portion size was quite big and so filling we felt like we were going to roll out of there. Each component on the platter was delicious and paired so well with the dips and the champagne, I personally loved the lamb chops and chicken strips while Moe enjoyed the rice arancini balls and onion rings.


The service was exceptional our waiter was always making sure that our champagne glasses were full and always checking up on us to make sure that everything was fine. We were served Graham Beck Bliss Demi Sec champagne which was not dry or bitter but had a beautiful sweet taste with hints of butterscotch, honey and praline. We love a wine or champagne that is sweet tasting and not dry and bitter so this was perfect for us but we couldn’t have more than two glasses as it definitely had us buzzing. The waiter offered to close the bottle for us and take the remaining champagne home which I thought was not possible to do.



It was nice to see how Churchills transformed from the Whisky Tasting night with an exciting night-time party vibe to a relaxed atmosphere. Churchills Bar and Lounge is elegant and luxurious compared to any other bar out there, it is definitely for a mature crowd which we love and will be making our way back for the Wine Tasting night or just to chill, have a good conversation and taste their Lindt Mousse dessert which will hopefully be available the next time that we are there.


Churchills Bar and Lounge is open every Tuesday till Sunday from 3pm till late and closed on a Monday. To book the venue for a special occasion/launch/corporate event or to see what upcoming events they will be having have a look at their website

It’s definitely a place that we recommend visiting the service is fantastic and their food is amazingly delicious.



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