Last year Adventures of Bee and Moe were invited to a Cuticura event where they unveiled their modern new packaging. To be honest I didn’t know much about the brand so I asked my mum if she was familiar with the brand and she told me that as a child her and her family used the Cuticura ointment for almost everything.

We received quite a lot of product to review and wanted to first try each and every product before writing this review so that I can give you my honest opinion on each product which is one of the reasons that this post has taken so long (and we were also travelling at the time). Better late than never😉.

Cuticura is a skincare brand trusted by women for generations and last year revealed a refreshed and modern new look and introduced a few new products. It was important for Cuticura to keep the brand looking modern and attractive, not only has the logo undergone a slight update but the range has been updated to appear more uniform.

Each range in the brand has now been colour coded, the benefits of each product has been highlighted and small images on the packaging have been added to indicate where each product should be used on the body. Not only has the packaging changed to look more uniformed but it is also more educational assisting consumers in choosing the right product for their skin-type and skin concerns.

Cuticura consists of four ranges which are:

  • The Cuticura Hygiene Range: this is the orange range which offers a Body Bar, Face Bar, Face Wash Gel and the most popular product of the brand the Antiseptic Ointment. New to the Hygiene Range is the Cuticura Hand Sanitiser and Hand Wash. With the new additions to this range Cuticura is offering consumers everything they’ll need from a hygiene perspective.
  • The Cuticura Herbal Range: this is the green range which offers the same product line up as the Hygiene Range; Body Bar, Face Bar, Face Wash Gel and the Herbal Antiseptic Ointment. In addition to the range Cuticura recently launched a Herbal Camphor Cream, Herbal Petroleum Jelly and Herbal Hand Wash.
  • The Cuticura Oil Control Range: this range is bright purple in colour and consists of a Body Bar, Face Bar and Face Wash Gel. This range differs to the others as it caters specifically for oily skin. The two new additions to this range is the Oil Control Vanishing Cream and Oil Control Facial Toner. Everything you would need for a complete skincare routine.
  • Cuticura Scrub Range: the final range is blue in colour and consists of a Scrub Body Bar, a Scrub Face Bar and a Face Scrub with Jojoba Oil. A scrub is a fantastic complementary product to add in conjunction to any of the above mentioned ranges.

We received a couple of the products from each range to try and today I will be telling you all about the products that we received and how each of the products have worked for us.

Cuticura Hand Wash

There are two Cuticura Hand Washes each packaging is the colour of the range it falls under so that one can differentiate each range according to colour. Underneath the Cuticura logo on the very top of each packaging (black and white with orange stripe below, flag like logo) the black print on each orange stripe states what the product is, in this case it says ‘Hand Wash’. Each hand wash bottle has a small image of a hand at the bottom indicating that the product should be used only for the hands. The one hand wash falls under the orange range which is the Hygiene range and the other falls under the green range which is the Herbal range, both hand washes are recent additions to each of their ranges. Each bottle is 300ml and comes in pump bottles.



The Cuticura Hand Wash Hygiene is suitable for all skin types, with Germ Protect and soothing Vitamin E (blocks free radicals from the body and has antioxidants properties), it is formulated to gently cleanse and protect the hands from germs, leaving them hygienically clean and healthy.

The Hygiene Hand Wash is an orange gel like liquid, has a liquid gel feel and look, it smells herbal and almost citrusy, the smell is so familiar I just can’t remember what exactly it smells like (now it’s going to bug me for the rest of the day) and a pea size amount foams up well getting rid of any germs and dirt leaving my hands feeling and smelling fresh and clean. I would love to try the Hand Sanitiser from this range as it’s something that Moe and I always carry around with us everywhere we go and use often.


Directions to use both hand washes is to first twist the pump to open (the top of the pump shows which direction to turn the pump to open and to close) and dispense gel into wet hands working it into a rich lather by rubbing hands together and then rinse well.

The Cuticura Hand Wash Herbal is suitable for all skin types, with Germ Protect, Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which works to relieve itching, redness, and burning) and Aloe Vera (healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation) it is formulated to cleanse and protect the hands from germs, leaving them refreshed, clean and healthy.

The Herbal Hand Wash is a green gel like liquid, has a liquid gel feel and look just like the Hygiene Hand Wash, it smells refreshing with hints of Tea Tree and Aloe Vera but has an overall herbal scent and a pea size amount foams up well leaving my hands feeling squeaky clean, refreshed, and leaving my hands smelling refreshingly herbal clean.


My family and I are enjoying the hand washes as they both foam up well, thoroughly gets rid of any dirt on our hands and under our nails leaving our hands and nails feeling clean and germ free. We will definitely be purchasing the Cuticura Hand Washes.

Cuticura Body Products

The two Cuticura Body Products which we received as part of our goodie bags/press packs are the Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment which forms part of the orange range (hygiene) and the Cuticura Petroleum Jelly which forms part of the green range (herbal). The packaging of each product is the colour of the range that they fall under and the orange stripe under the Cuticura logo states what each product is (‘Petroleum Jelly’ and ‘Antiseptic Ointment’). The Cuticura Petroleum Jelly has a small image of a Body indicating that it is used for the body while the Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment does not have an image indicating which part of the body it can be used on.



The Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment which we received comes in a box containing a 50g tin, the ointment is available in three different sizes: 10g, 20g and 50g. This is the ointment that has been used for generations by South Africans and the ointment that my mum told me about that they used as kids.


Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment may be used for the treatment of rashes, blackheads, pimples, chafing (scrapes or scratches), nappy rash, minor burns, scalds (burn or scorch with hot liquid or steam), chilblains (painful itching swelling on a hand or foot caused by poor circulation in the skin when exposed to cold), eczema, rough chapped hands, brittle nails, aching feet, dandruff, dryness and minor irritations of the scalp. This is really an all-in-one ointment that can be used on any part of the body and should be added to your first aid kit and taken wherever you go as it might come in handy in any situation.

To open the tin I twist and lift off the lid rather than struggling to lift it off, twist and lift is easier for me. The ointment is green in colour and has a strong herbal antiseptic scent, the ointment itself is soft and creamy in texture but slippery and oily upon application.


To use on rashes, blackheads and pimples one first needs to wash the irritated area, rinse, dry well then smooth on the Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment, massaging gently into the skin. I like to use this the same way for minor scratches, cuts, bruises, mosquito bites and massaging it onto my painful feet after soaking them and drying them off. We took this ointment with us to Malaysia, and it came in handy, we applied it onto itchy mosquito bites and it really helped to soothe the itchiness and prevent it from further swelling. I also fell down in the streets of Malaysia and applied the ointment onto my cuts and bruises on my knee and leg, it stung a bit but helps as an antiseptic.

To use on very sensitive skin like mine one should always first massage the ointment in the palm of the hand into a soft cream rather than directly applying it on like you would when treating cuts and bruises etc. The texture slightly changes from an oil to a slight cream, smooth it onto affected area and allow the ointment to remain for several hours if possible overnight.

I use the above technique when applying the ointment on itchy eczema rashes on my legs and arms. The ointment burns/stings a little bit upon application but gives immediate relief and soothes my skin so I no longer feel the urge to scratch. I usually apply it on at night and leave it on overnight, it doesn’t get rid of the rashes all it does is work as an antiseptic acting as a guard preventing any germs from entering the open rashes and preventing it from becoming inflamed and further infected as I don’t scratch it throughout the night.

The ointment is oily on the skin and works as a perfect protective barrier preventing any germs from entering, irritating and inflaming the area that needs to be treated it is also very soothing. I would also love to try the Cuticura Herbal Antiseptic Ointment from the Herbal range.


The Cuticura Petroleum Jelly is suitable for all skin types, with Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera it is formulated to moisturise and protect the skin helping to lock in moisture to keep the skin healthy and looking at its best.

The Petroleum Jelly comes in a green 250ml tub, the jelly itself is green in colour, has a soft petroleum jelly texture and smells like a mixture of Camphor, Menthol, Tree Oil and slight Aloe Vera, overall it has a herbal scent like the above mentioned products. It has almost a thick texture.


The petroleum jelly is perfect to use on very dry skin as the texture is thick which leaves the skin feeling moisturised, hydrated throughout the day and silky smooth to the touch. Only a small amount of the petroleum jelly is needed as it spreads well and evenly, it however does not quickly absorb into the skin and needs to be rubbed in a couple of times. The jelly has a slight oil and greasy finish, not only is this product perfect to use on the body but also on dry cracked feet, both my mum and I like to massage the petroleum jelly to our dry feet at night and wear socks, in the morning when the socks are removed our feet are soft and smooth. With winter approaching this is the ideal body product to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated without having to reapply it throughout the day. The Cuticura Petroleum Jelly should be applied daily for best results.


A quick tip for summer: rub a small amount of the petroleum jelly to the legs and collar bones then apply on a powder bronzer, highlighter, or any shimmer eyeshadow over to give a natural glowy look or apply glitter for a bold festival look.

Cuticura Face Products

We received five Cuticura Face Products each from a different range. The Cuticura original Face Wash which forms part of the orange range (hygiene), the Cuticura Face Wash Gel Herbal which forms part of the green range, Cuticura Face Wash Gel Oil Control which forms part of the purple range, Cuticura Face Scrub which forms part of the blue range (scrub) and lastly the Cuticura Facial Toner which forms part of the purple range (oil control).


The Cuticura Face Wash is suitable for normal slightly oily skin. Even though the packaging of all the Cuticura products have changed the original face wash packaging remains the same with the old navy blue, white and orange logo and navy blue writing on the packaging, the orange stripe on the logo does not state what product it is like the other products do. The small image of the face indicating where the product should be used is also different as it’s placed on the bottom right of the tube and different looking to the rest as it’s blue in colour whereas the others are orange in colour and are centered at the bottom of the tube. The writing at the back of the tube is also in navy blue whereas the other face washes print and instructions at the back are in their corresponding colour and it is more centred and better laid out.


The Deep Penetrating Cuticura Face Wash Control has a unique formulation which contains antiseptic Irgasan (antibacterial and antifungal agent). Cuticura Control is a deep cleansing formulation that removes dirt, grime and make-up which may cause problem skin by clogging up the pores. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and clear and is recommended for daily cleansing.

The original Cuticura Face Wash comes in a 150ml bottle but somehow looks slightly longer than the other face washes and the face scrub (as you can see in the picture of the face washes and scrub lined up). The face wash itself has a gel look and feel and is green in colour. It has a herbal almost leafy scent (it’s so difficult to describe the scent of each Cuticura product as they all smell different but herbal).


The face wash can be used on the face, neck and back (I’m guessing you would use it on your back if you have oily acne prone skin on your back). The face wash should be used morning and night instead of ordinary soap. Instructions on all three face washes is to first wash your hands thoroughly using the face wash. Dispense a small amount of the face wash into the palm of the hand and work into a rich lather using warm (not hot) water. Apply onto face, then rinse thoroughly with warm and then cool water. Gently dry with a clean towel.

All three face washes foam up well (I couldn’t get a good pic of how foamy it gets) and a pea size amount is enough to wash both the face and neck area, try avoiding the eye area as it can burn. All three face washes gently remove make-up and leave the face feeling fresh clean and smooth not dry and tight. My skin feels clean after using all three face washes as there is no make-up or dirt residue left behind on the cotton pad when I use the toner after cleansing.


The Cuticura Face Wash Gel Herbal is suitable for all skin types, it has a unique formulation which contains Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera. The deep penetrating formulation gently cleanses and purifies the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.


The Herbal Face Wash comes in a 150ml green tube the orange stripe under the logo states that it is a ‘Face Wash Gel’ and there’s a small image of a face at the bottom of the tube indicating where the face wash should be used. The face wash has a gel look and feel, it’s clear in colour and has a refreshing Tea Tree and Aloe Vera scent.


This is my favourite face wash from the three as it works well for my sensitive skin. A pea size amount is all that is needed as it foams well and it is enough for both the face and neck area. It leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed.

The Cuticura Face Wash Gel Oil Control is suitable for normal to oily skin and can be used in conjunction with the Cuticura Facial Toner Oil Control. Cuticura Oil Control Face Wash Gel has a unique formulation which contains Lemon Extract (prevents acne, detoxifies skin, brightens skin and controls oil) which cleanses and mattifies the skin. This deep cleansing formulation gently removes excess oil while retaining the skin’s natural moisture, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and clear.


The Oil Control Face Wash comes in a 150ml purple tube, the orange stripe under the logo states the it is a ‘Face Wash Gel’. The face wash has a gel look and feel, it is light purple in colour but looks almost clear and has the same herbal scent as the rest of the products but with a slight citrus lemon scent.


The face wash foams up well like the other two, a pea size amount is enough for both the face and neck area. It gently removes any make-up and excess oil from my skin leaving my skin feeling thoroughly clean and matte throughout the day without making it feel dry. I find that you should always use a small amount of each face wash as it won’t foam up well if a large amount is used.

All three face washes work so well and are very gentle on the skin.


The Cuticura Face Scrub is suitable for all skin types. The face scrub has a unique formulation which contains Jojoba Oil (anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and can control acne) and Herbal Extract (boosts skin cells and has moisturising and hydrating properties). This unique formulation gently exfoliates the dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and moisturised.


The Face Scrub comes in a 150ml blue tube, the orange stripe under the logo states that it is a ‘Face Scrub’ and at the bottom in the centre of the tube there is an image of a face indicating where the product should be used.

The scrub is white in colour and has lots of tiny sugar like particles rather than exfoliating beads like other scrubs have (the beads are not eco-friendly). It has a pleasant creamy Jojoba scent. The scrub looks and feels like a face cream and it is moisturising compared to any other exfoliator I’ve tried. A pea size amount spreads on like a cream, it doesn’t foam or lather up and it is enough for both the face and neck area. The sugar particles feel like they are actually exfoliating my skin they are not too rough and not too gentle, it’s just the way I like my exfoliator to be.


To use squeeze a small amount of the exfoliator onto the palm of your hand rub both hands together to get the product evenly on both hands then massage it onto wet face and neck avoiding the eye area. Rinse with clean warm water. For enhanced cleansing, use in conjunction with the Cuticura Face Wash range. Gently dry with a clean towel.

I actually quite like the creamy texture of the exfoliator most exfoliators slightly foam up resulting in drying the skin or have a gel feel. This exfoliator not only gets rid of all the dead skin cells but also leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised afterwards. I also like the sugar particles they are slightly rough but not too abrasive and feel like it’s really getting in there and getting rid of any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and deeply cleaning my pores. I like to use it 3 times a week sometimes on wet skin for a more gentle exfoliation and sometimes on dry skin for a more intense exfoliation if I feel that it is needed. I also use a tiny amount to exfoliate my lips before applying on a matte lipstick so that the lipstick/gloss applies on evenly and smoothly and the dry cracks/skin won’t show or will no longer be there. I squeeze a little onto my index finger and rub it onto my lips not roughly but gently and then rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a dry face cloth this gives it an extra exfoliation. It leaves my lips feeling smooth, soft and moisturised just like it leaves my face feeling after using it.

I would love to see a body version of this product one day, I know that Cuticura has the exfoliating body bar and face bar but I like the tube and creamy version a lot and feel like it might be more convenient to use and perfect for getting rid of dry dead skin cells and add moisture to the body in winter, hint hint Cuticura 😉.

To be honest I’m not a fan of the scent of most of the Cuticura products but Moe loves it, I do however love the scent of the Face Scrub.

The Cuticura Facial Toner Oil Control is suitable for normal to oily skin, it contains Witch Hazel (best acne remedy, reduces inflammation, decrease oil and redness and lessens bacteria growth on skin while speeding up healing process of scars, scabs and infections) and is formulated to remove dirt and excess oil, leaving the skin feeling clean and matte.


The Facial Toner comes in a purple 125ml bottle, with the orange stripe under the logo stating that it is a ‘Facial Toner’, at the bottom in the centre of the bottle there’s an image of a face indicating where the product should be used. The toner is thin and watery in texture, it is clear and has a strong Witch Hazel scent.

The Cuticura Facial Toner should be used after cleansing with the Cuticura Oil Control Face Bar or Face Wash. Wipe face with a towel then dampen a piece of cotton wool (I prefer using a cotton pad as I feel like there is less wastage of the product as a chunk of cotton wool soaks up most of the product and a cotton pad is easier to use, won’t waste the product and won’t leave pieces of cotton wool behind on the face) with the Cuticura Oil Control Facial Toner and gently wipe over face and neck avoiding the eye area as it does burn the eyes (I’m talking from experience). Use every morning and evening.

The Facial Toner is very effective as I see that it removes any make-up residue that the face wash has missed, you can see this on the cotton pad when using it. It gently cleanses my skin prepping it for my moisturiser. My skin feels matte and oil free without feeling dry. I like this product a lot and feel that it works well without irritating my skin, this is definitely a product that I will be repurchasing and I also like the size of it making it perfect to take with me on holiday without occupying to much space in my make-up/toiletry bag.

The Cuticura products are very effective and also affordable, not one of the products that I have reviewed here are over R40.00 making it a brand that is easy on the pocket in these trying  economic times that we are faced with today.

Have you tried any of the Cuticura products? If so which is your favourite?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Babalwa Sola says:

    I am using Cuticura face wash, face bar soap, scrub, ointment and facial toner since January 2019 and there’s a huge difference on my face, I no longer have dark spots and pimples, my skin is lighter, I get more compliments from my people they say im glowing and look younger.

    Thank you to Cuticura products.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hadio says:

    I was using Cuticura ointment ever since I was 15years of age. Currently I’m on my late thirties & I stopped using it in my early thirties because, I believe something did change in the manufacturing of the Cuticura Ointment .
    For instance the smell of the Cuticura Ointment that I could smell when I opened my Cuticura Ointment was no longer there. I believed that the very same smell is what made the Cuticura Ointment effective. I stopped using it when I realised that it was useless for me to use it.
    I must admit, I was nothing without my Cuticura as it kept my skin flawless without spots, marks and pimples. Many people complimented me on my flawless skin & would tell them about Cuticura Ointment.
    I was extremely disappointed when Cuticura changed one of the ingredients in the Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I personally haven’t used Cuticura since childhood so I wouldn’t be able to tell if the formula has changed. I know that brands often try to improve their formulas maybe contact the brand and let them know that the new formula is not effective as the older one and if they can suggest an alternative product in their range for you to use. Have you tried any of their facial skincare ranges like any of their face washes, face scrub and face creams?


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