Sierra Tequila + GIVEAWAY

Merriment & Co (Merchants, Marketeers and Manufacturers of Fine Spirits, Wine and Champagne) have recently brought an amazing new Sierra Tequila range to South Africa and we were lucky enough to receive a bottle. You could win 1 of 2 bottles of Sierra Tequila so carry on reading to find out how to enter 😉.


Sierra Tequila is distilled from hijuelos (baby agave plants) that are cut by hand from mature plants which are grown in large fields in the highlands of Mexico. No artificial fertilisers are used and each plant is carefully tended by the jimadores (fieldworkers) who have a proud tradition of caring for their plants with their hands and their hearts all the way from planting to harvest.

Making Sierra Tequila Europe’s number 1 Tequila brand.

The Merriment & Co range includes:

  • Sierra Tequila Silver: Europe’s most popular choice, is a rested clear tequila with a fruity, fresh aroma dominated by notes of chilli, pineapple and green apple. Great for Margaritas or as a shooter with some salt and lemon.
  • Sierra Tequila Gold: The award-winning Sierra Reposado Gold is distilled twice in copper stills and then matured for nine months in toasted oak barrels to give it its distinctive gold shimmer and an irresistible freshness and fruity flavour with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and fragrant herbs. Reposado is the tequila of choice among Mexicans. It is great on its own or to make Tequila Sunrise and Margaritas.
  • Sierra Tequila Spiced: Sierra Spiced was not chosen just because the bottle has a black hat (although it is pretty cool) but rather for its festive, sweet blend of Reposado Tequila with orange and cinnamon flavours. Simply irresistible and a completely new Tequila experience. This is great as a shot on its own, over some ice used in a Tequila Sangria.
  • Sierra Tequila Café: the dark night shot of the Sierra range, Sierra Tequila Café fuses the elemental forces of handcrafted Sierra Tequila Blanco (not available in S.A) and Mexican coffee and crowns them with high-quality vanilla. Blue agave plants from the highlands, volcanic soil, double distillation in copper kettles and the knowledge of three generations of the same Mexican family preserve the fruity tequila taste while the full-bodied coffee and smooth vanilla turn this drink into a real highlight for the taste buds. This is great on its own, with fresh milk or mixed in hot coffee and desserts.


All four variants are great on its own as shots, poured over some ice and sipped or used in a cocktail. Each bottle sports a cute sombrero (a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat typically worn in Mexico) lid. The Sierra Tequila Spiced and Café bottles are different to the Gold and Silver bottles.

I chose the Sierra Tequila Spiced to try as the flavours and bottle really stood out for me. Each bottle is 750ml, the Spiced and Café bottles are different to the Gold and Silver bottles as they have a beautiful tribal (aztec) design on the front and back, the lids (sombrero’s) are black whereas the Gold has a gold lid and the Silver has a red lid and the Spiced and Café bottles have a tag around the neck which states what flavour it is and when turned around it has a picture of the ingredients.


When I first opened my gorgeous bottle of Tequila I noticed that there’s a normal cap embedded into the sombrero lid so the sombrero stays on and won’t fall off and get lost. Immediately when opening the bottle you get the strong smell of tequila followed by a sweet citrusy scent and hints of cinnamon.


The Spiced Tequila is unlike any other tequila I have ever tasted, it has the strong taste of tequila without the bitterness but the burn is definitely still there. I first sipped on the Spiced to really get the different dimensions of flavours of the tequila rather than having it as shooter. I could first get a very strong taste of the tequila gold and then a lovely sweet orange taste that lingers in my mouth and lastly hints of cinnamon.


The tequila feels warm going down my throat and I can also feel it in my tummy its more of a warm sensation rather than a burning one which I experience with most tequilas. My ears immediately got hot too, this is definitely the perfect drink for winter as it will warm you right up and it has orange (source of vitamin C) and cinnamon (source of antioxidants) which is great for combating the flu. Ok ok! don’t listen to me about using this as a flu remedy just saying that the warmth and ingredients is the perfect combination for winter and might help prevent or combat the flu 😉.

The Spiced Tequila is sweet tasting so it’s perfect to throw over some ice and sip on its own as you can savour the beautiful flavours but it can also be drunk (I’m pretty sure it’s drunk no pun intended or drank?🤔 maybe the little bit of tequila I had is starting to kick in) as a shooter and will be perfect to use in cocktails with ingredients that will really bring out the orange and cinnamon flavours. How delicious would a tequila sunrise be? I’m definitely going to try it this weekend. If you choose to have it as a shot, instead of having a slice of lemon like it’s normally done I suggest a slice of orange to enhance those flavours.


Even if you’re not a fan of tequila maybe because of the bitterness or the day after I think the Sierra Spiced Tequila will really change your mind and see tequila differently because it’s full of delicious sweet citrusy flavours, I can’t make any promises about how you will feel the next day. The stunning unique bottle is also great to display in your bar at home.


Now for some exciting news… We are giving away 1 of 2 bottles of Sierra Tequila the winners can choose which one they want. To enter all you have to do is complete the easy steps below on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Like and share the pinned post
  • Comment which flavour Sierra Tequila you would like to win under the pinned post
  • Mention a friend/s you would share your bottle of Sierra Tequila with

We will be checking that you have completed all the steps, if all the steps are not completed your entry won’t count. The competition is open to South African residents only. The competition will run until the 10th of May 2018. We will announce the winners on Facebook and Twitter. The winners will have 24 hours to respond with their details if they fail to do so we will choose new winners. Good luck 🍀.

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  1. Seshnie Govender says:

    Sierra Tequila Café is singing my name


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