Yardley London HD Concealers

Banishing dark circles and imperfections while combating redness and getting a healthy glow is easy to achieve with the new Yardley London HD Concealer Pens. Last year Yardley London launched eight HD Concealer Pens which come in six different shades for every skin tone, one Anti-redness (green) concealer and one Highlighting pen. The concealer shades are: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Warm, Medium Dark and Dark.


The Yardley London HD Concealer Pens blend away imperfections, under eye dark circles and blemishes with a mattifying cream-to-powder finish. The Anti-redness Concealer works at covering up redness such as acne, sunburn, visible veins, any redness around the nose and mouth area and under the eyes. The Green Concealer is used under foundation while the others can be used before and/or over foundation.

The HD Highlighter is used to emphasis and highlight features of the face to give a natural glow by applying it to the bridge of the nose, the brow bones, the cheekbones going along the temples of the head, inner corner of the eyes, cupids bow, the centre of the forehead and you can also apply it onto the chin.


The pens are so versatile not only can they be used to conceal imperfections but they can also be used to contour and highlight and they are thin and easy to use allowing for precise application. The packaging is simple, white pens with pull of lids, the top half twists allowing for more product to come up and the very bottom of each pen indicates the colour of the concealer. The formula is silky soft and easy to blend and offers medium to full coverage. Each concealer is pigmented so coverage is definitely buildable. The concealers and highlighter have a creamy texture but has a matte finish making it easy for foundation to glide over it.


I tried to use as many of the shades as possible to show you how versatile the pens are:

  • Medium: Before applying on foundation I applied the ‘Medium’ shade under my eyes to conceal my dark circles. When choosing a concealer for concealing dark circles around the eyes always go with a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Always apply the concealer in a triangular shape, it’s so easy to “draw” the concealer on with these pens. Once applied blend with the tip of your finger, a beauty blending sponge and/or a concealer brush. The ‘medium’ shade blends in well and gives a soft natural finish.


  • Anti-redness: I then applied on the Anti-redness concealer (green). I applied it around my nose, mouth, chin and on any red spots. After applying it I then blended it out, making sure it is not completely blended to a point where it is no longer visible because then it defeats the purpose, the green needs to be visible in order to cover up any redness. Once the foundation is applied over the green the green is not noticeable.


After concealing and colour correcting with the HD concealers I then applied on the Yardley London Even Complexion foundation in the shade ‘Caramel Fudge’ and blended it. You can see in the above picture that once the foundation is applied over the Anti-redness concealer you can’t see any signs of it.

  • Dark: I then used the ‘Dark’ shade to contour. With contouring always use a shade or two darker than your skin tone. ‘Dark’ is the darkest colour in the HD concealer range. I applied it under my cheekbones, along my jawline, along my hairline, along the bridge of my nose and on the curve of my chin. I then blended it using a brush but a beauty blending sponge works well too. Contouring gives the face a more defined chiseled look.


  • Light Medium: After contouring I then highlighted with the ‘Light Medium’ shade. I applied the ‘Light Medium’ shade just under where I contoured under the cheekbone above the jawline, the bridge of my nose, the centre of my forehead and on my chin. It can also be applied onto the cheekbone and under the eyes. I blended it with a brush.


  • Medium Warm: I used the ‘Medium Warm’ shade to clean up any brow products that were applied out of the brow lines. The ‘Medium Warm’ shade is the same colour as my skin tone so it is perfect to clean up any accidents when applying on makeup. I also use this shade around my lips to prevent my lip product from bleeding and I use it to clean up under or around my winged eye if any accidents were made, I do this by dipping a small straight or slant brush into the product and applying it and blending it onto any smudges. You don’t need to use a brush you could also just draw over any mistakes and blend it. I then set everything by applying the Yardley London Even Complexion pressed powder which I will have a review up for you next week so keep an eye out for that 😉.


  • Highlighter: My very last step is applying on the HD Highlighter. I applied it onto my brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eyes, cupid’s bow and chin and blended it with my finger as the highlighter is soft and creamy and blends well. The HD Highlighter gives a soft natural golden glow, it can be used without any foundation because it has a creamy formula and matte finish so it gives a soft natural look. The glow is soft and subtle, the Highlighter is not very pigmented or buildable but the glow can be seen, it looks very natural. The HD Highlighter is also perfect to use when traveling as you don’t need to carry any tools such as a blending brush or beauty blending sponge, I love that you can swipe, blend and you’re good to glow!



Concealer can also be used to prime your eyelids before applying on eyeshadow, you would use the same shade as your skin tone or to intensify the colours of your eyeshadow you would use a very light concealer. Pat and blend some of the concealer onto the eyelids using the tip of your ring finger and wait a minute for it to set or set it with a translucent powder before applying on eyeshadow.


I used six out of the eight concealers, the shades that I didn’t use are ‘Light’ and ‘Medium Dark’ but I will definitely be trying these shades out on clients. The concealers feel very light on the skin and even after foundation is applied over them or they are applied over foundation they still have a soft natural lightweight feel and doesn’t feel like layers of products on my face. The matte finish doesn’t look dry and flaky and my face looks flawless and natural as if nothing was applied.


I love how quick and easy these concealers are to use and they are so soft and smooth making them easy to blend. The formula and results are amazing.


The Yardley London HD Concealer Pens retail for R109.95 each.

Have you tried the HD Concealers yet?

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  1. Charliestar says:

    wow, the finish on your skin is flawless! So jealous of your complexion!

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