Juicy Lips And Red Seduction

Summer calls for minimal makeup and glossy lips and Kangol is taking us way back with their new Juicy lip gloss which I’m so excited to tell you all about. For a night out Kangol has the perfect red lipstick and nailpolish to match. I am holding onto summer for as long as I can but the new Juicy lip gloss is not only limited to summer it can be used all year round because glossy pouts are always on trend. Red is also always in no matter the season and occasion.

Juicy Lips

Kangol launched four lip glosses in time for summer each tube sporting beautiful eye-catching tropical prints (tropical fruit and flowers) on them and each flavour has cute names printed on the tube: Sunset On The Beach (Mint), Sunshine In My Pocket (Satsuma), Drinks With Friends (Strawberry) and Peace Love & Merry (Passion Berry).


The end of the tube is slanted for easy application or you could squeeze some of the product onto a lip brush or your finger and apply it onto the lips as this allows for a more precise application and less wastage as a lot of the product comes through.


The packaging of these fruity tropical lip glosses take me back to primary school when im sure all of us 80s babies were introduced to lip gloss and applied on so much that it looked like we just ate a huge piece of oily, greasy chicken 😊. Although the packaging is a throwback the formula is not so you won’t have to worry about looking the way we did back then 😉.

All four variants have a juicy delicious scent, let me tell you a bit more about each variant:

1. Mint: this variant is green in colour and has a fresh minty scent. It applies on sheer and has a tingling feeling which acts as a mild lip plumper. I love how this gloss feels on my lips and gives me a natural pouty look.


2. Satsuma: firstly satsuma is a Chinese citrus fruit like a tangerine. So it makes sense that this variant has a yummy tangerine scent and is orange in colour. It applies on clear.


3. Strawberry: so the colour and scent of this variant does not match the name. The gloss is purple in colour and has a juicy grape scent (one of my favourite fruits☺). The gloss applies on clear.


4. Passion Berry: this gloss is red in colour, has a delicious strawberry scent and has a very slight red tint on the lips when first applied, once settled it looks clear on the lips.


Even though all four fruity glosses are different in colour they all apply on transparent with a high shine. Not only do these glosses leave my lips looking glossy but they are also moisturising and don’t leave my lips feeling dry throughout the day. What I love about the juicy lip glosses is that they are thick in texture not too runny that they bleed (but can bleed if not smoothed over the lips with a brush or finger) and not sticky and greasy on the lips like most lip glosses. They deliver a luminous high shine leaving my lips looking pretty and pouty.



These lip glosses can be used on its on, with or without makeup or over a matte lipstick. I really want to try and create some lip art and apply the juicy gloss over so keep an eye out on my Instagram page for this 😉.

With its affordable price tag R59.00 each you can collect all four delicious fruity glosses.

Red Seduction

Red screams elegance, red is the colour that turns heads and grabs everyone’s attention, red alludes confidence, red is overall a sexy bold colour that will never go out of style.


Nothing screams Goddess more than red lips and nails and Kangol has just the perfect shade of red lipstick and nailpolish that would suit people of all skin tones:

  • Scarlet: is a beautiful creamy textured bright scarlet red lipstick. The packaging is glossy black with the Kangol logo on the bottom of the lid in matte black and ‘Kangol Lip Stick’ printed in white on the other half of the tube and the very top of the lid is see through so you can see the shade of lipstick inside the tube. The lipstick has a beautiful vanilla scent, it applies on smoothly and evenly with full coverage as it is very pigment and also stains the lips but can be removed with an oil based makeup remover. I love the smooth creamy texture, it feels so comfortable on my lips and it is not drying on the lips.





  • Firewalk: this is a bright red glossy nail polish that perfectly matches ‘Scarlet’. The nail polish has a thin brush/applicator allowing for precise application. One coat applies on sheer red but two to three coats is perfect for full and even coverage. The polish dries fast which I love and has a stunning glossy smooth finish. Red nails always look so elegant and sophisticated.



  • Matte Top Coat: use the Kangol Matte Top Coat to instantly transform your glossy nails to matte nails. The Matte Top Coat can also be used to create fun nail designs. I have reviewed this product before which you can read about here. Below I used the Matte Top Coat over ‘Firewalk’ and did some flowers on two of my nails which was difficult to capture on camera. Let your creativity flow with the Matte Top Coat 😉.



I love when I can perfectly match my lipstick shade to my nails it makes me look so well put together, like I have everything figured out ☺. Kangol ‘Scarlet’ lipstick retails for R79.00 and both nail polishes are R69.00 each.

Kangol is available exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide.

Which Kangol products will you be getting your hands on?

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