Revlon Kiss Balm

Today I would like to introduce you to my latest addiction the new Revlon Kiss Balms! Revlon recently launched six ultra-hydrating lip balms: Tropical Coconut, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple, Fresh Strawberry, Sweet Cherry and Berry Burst. Each balm smells as delicious as their names sound.


Revlon Kiss Balm is a small chubby ultra-hydrating lip care crayon, its hydrating formula is infused with natural fruit oils: raspberry seed oil, pomegranate oil and grapeseed oil for soft kissable lips. The Kiss Balm comes in six delicious flavours each leaving a sheer tint of colour on the lips. Not only do the balms offer lasting hydration and have a delicious juicy scent but they also offer SPF20 protection, all in one mini lip balm. The balm was created to nourish and protect the lips leaving it feeling moisturised, renewed and smoother with a sheer wash of colour making it the perfect all year round lip product especially if you don’t want to wear any makeup but want a slight tint and gloss on the lips.


The six irresistible flavours are:

1. Tropical Coconut: The balm is off white in colour (like the inside of a coconut) it has a heavenly coconut scent, it smells sooo good I could almost eat it! This is actually one of my favourite scents from all six variants as it reminds me of piña colada’s and white sandy beaches. Tropical Coconut is clear on the lips with a slight glossy finish.

2. Juicy Peach: The balm is peach in colour and has a yummy peach scent. This balm reminds me of the big peach shaped and flavoured sweets that I use to eat as a kid. Juicy Peach is sheer peach on the lips.

3. Crisp Apple: The balm is red in colour and has a delectable fresh apple scent which I am obsessed with, I can sniff it all day long it smells so good. The balm is sheer red on the lips.


4. Fresh Strawberry: The balm is light pink in colour and has a delicious strawberry scent and gives the lips a nice sheer light pink wash of colour. I love the soft pink colour on my lips.

5. Sweet Cherry: The balm is dark pink in colour. I love cherry scented products just as much as I love coconut scented products! This balm has a scrumptious cherry scent and leaves a sheer pink wash of colour on the lips.

6. Berry Burst: This balm is purple in colour and has a divine berry scent leaving my lips with a slight purple tint. Berry Burst and Sweet Cherry is a lot more pigmented than the other four variants in the range.


Each chubby crayon twist tube is the same colour as its corresponding fruit name and has a picture of the fruit on the tube. Each balm glides on smoothly giving the lips a slight tint that does not stain the lips. The balms have a slight glossy finish and does not feel sticky, greasy and uncomfortable on the lips but is rather lightweight and comfortable. The formula, texture and finish is consistent with each variant.


Normally with deliciously scented balms I find that they leave my lips feeling and looking more dry but that is not the case with the Kiss Balms as it instantly leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated throughout the day. The balms can be used everyday, all year round. I used these balms on my summer vacay at the beach as it is hydrating and has a very subtle tint and looks natural on the lips, I also use them at gym and when going out, they look perfect with or without makeup and they are perfect for any occasion.


I love the scent of each balm, the scent doesn’t fade away when applied to lips and they have a yummy fruit flavour (I like to lick my lips when I apply on a lip balm that smells so delicious 😊), the balms are small which make them perfect for taking on holiday or popping into your pocket, handbag, clutch bag and gym bag. I’m obsessed with these balms not only because of the delicious scent, long lasting hydration, sheer tint, slight gloss finish, sweet taste and soft kissable lips but also because it protects my lips from the harmful rays of the sun with its SPF20 protection.


Below are cocktail recipes inspired by each Revlon Kiss Balm variant, feel free to save the picture, zoom in and create the cocktails 😉.


The tinted lip care crayons pack a powerful punch with all its amazing benefits. With its affordable price tag R59.95 you can collect all 6 sheer, fruity shades! Which is your favourite?

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  1. Seshnie says:

    All.look.aamazing..cant wait to go out and get mine

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